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  1. The light flittered across the floor in the moment of movement, levian was silent yet he yearned to scream out in pain and desperation to be saved from the thing that had him in its grasp. It shocked him that such things could exist, but he had no name of the monster that was Torturing him, but he knew its face. Purple eye bored holes into his soul as fangs popped through the layers of his skin, blood leaked out and down his neck, but he felt no pain. It was a numb sensation and he felt like he was about to fall asleep, yet great clarity was brought to him, so many mysteries that had been haunting him now became clear, he understood so many more things. He did not want it to end like this, he did not want a death sentence by some unnamed monster. And as his emotion ran raw something clicked in the damned monsters head, it detached itself from him and gave him a cruel smile, a smile that sent shivers down his already cold body "death would be a gift little boy.... so torment I shall give you" it was a sooth feminine voice that had spoken to him, but he was reminded of what monster lay before him as it sunk its teeth back into his flesh. But this time it was different warm waves ran though his body, he felt alive..... but empty, almost as if something he once had left him.

    A burning sensation took him by shock as his eyes widened in fear, the pain was so immense he would rather died then feel it again, It tormented his body, sending it on a frantic ride to escape. And then it all stopped, everything went black, all noise seemingly disappearing in white noise, purple eyes boring through his soul as he fell down int sleep.
    Levian awoke with a jolt, a hand shooting up and touching his neck, odd...... no bite mark, had it been a dream. He had though it real, it sure had felt real "hello" he tested his voice, it made him fill with joy as it echoed back to him, but why would he not get a response, after all it was just a dream. " or was it..... oh poor little lev, you did not want to die so I gave you something worse then death..... but something-unexpected happened, a gift that none of your kind has yet to come by has been given to you, you lucky boy" fear stroked the nape of levians neck, the dream was reality, and reality was that the monster that had attacked him last night was a young girl.... with purple eyes "who are you? What have you done to me!" His voice wavered and cracked in fear, he knew he was showing signs of being weak, but what was he to do, last night that thing had killed him. But he was alive, he could not be dead for he was still breathing, he was still standing.

    "Unfortunately for you, you shall know be my slave, cant let this power leave my side" the voice filled the room with a tense feeling, almost as if constricting all life from it, he didn't like the way she spoke of him, as if he was a tool to be used. He hated her for what she had done to him, he knew not of what she had truly done, but he knew he would never be the same. And he hated her.... no it for that, a tingling sensation ran up to his palm, and a amber glow emanated from his pal, levian was shocked by this. But not afraid, the light gave him courage, gave him hope. "You dare even try to go against me, child you do know who you are facing don't you" she spoke as if she was god "no, but I know what your gonna be" and as the words left his mouth the glowing and tingling sensation grew.

    Heat, all that was left of his sensations was heat, hot humid air suffocating him. Yet it was raining, cold rain against his hot body creating steam. He had just been inside his home, and know he was outside, the neighborhood loners crowding around him. There heart beats erratic. He was alone away from the monster, but he had no idea how this had happened.
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  2. Mereana could the gazes of the town citizen boring into her as she walked, their eyes watching her every move. As her heels clicked all the cobblestone, the only other sound was the occasional brush of a broom. She continued onward though, paying no mind to the lower class citizens that fill the street. They had probably never seen a Noble even dare to step foot in the dirty hole they called a neighborhood. She could ignore the smells, the vile, and the dirt seeping into her for one thing.


    For too long she had been kept inside the Estate, her parents paranoia gaining the best of their thoughts one again. "Too dangerous," they would say as they denied her the privilege to leave. Weeks at a time she would be kept inside, away from parties, friends, and even fellow Royal Families in the vampire society. There was one thing that she had missed the most though.

    The hunt.

    Done was she with the bloodied wine that they would serve her, tiding her over through each meal. It was like being famished and only eating a piece of bread. It could only take the edge away. So at the moment they deemed it safe enough to leave, she found herself going to her usual hunting grounds. She took the ally ways once she reached the end of the street, passing by the unappealing, dirty street urchins. After a couple of more ally ways, she reached a small village. It was filled with farmers that worked in the fields just outside the city walls that were towering beside her. As Mereana looked up at the sky, it had darkened since she had left. Folding up her parasail, she tucked in under her arm and walked into the village. She stopped just before entering and breathed deeply.

    The scent of blood automatically filled her senses, taking her by storm and surprise. It was weak though, mostly likely just a cut or scrape of the hand. The more focused she became, the more clearly she could her a steady heartbeat from across the way.

    When she discovered the owner of the blood, it was a young man. He appeared to be in his late 20s and had the clothes befitting a blacksmith. He was leaning on a wall to a taller building, digging what seemed to be metal from his hands. 'What was he doing in these parts?' The thought passed by before it was shoved to the back of her mind. With the scent of blood only growing stronger, The blonde girl straightened up and took a step toward him. "Are you injured, good sir?" Her velvet voice called out to him. His head shot up and upon seeing her appearance and her attire, blushed. "N-no. It is nothing. T'is just a scratch M'lady." The droplets of crimson leaking from the hand he hand closed in a fist spoke otherwise. "Are you sure?" She took walked up till she was in arms length, "Let me see." Before he could protest, she grabbed the hand and opened it.

    A pool of blood had gathered in the palm of his hand, the excess leaking off the sides. Her form stiffened at the sight, and without a thought she brought the hand sideways to her mouth and tipped it in. All sounds of fear and discomfort emitting from the man were drowned out by the singing inside her. The feeling was like no other. The rush it gave didn't compare. All the planning she had given to the moment were discarded as she yanked herself to him and sunk her fangs into his neck.

    For several minutes she drank, drinking till there was nothing left to drink. As his lifeless body drooped, Anna licked the wounds, healing them instantly before dropping the body to the ground. She did her best to clean off before setting off back to the estate.

    As she made her way down the same street, she could still see people crowding the walkways. It was even more packed than earlier, and looking closer she could see there was a celebration of sorts going on. Scrunching her nose in distaste of the closeness they were to her, she moved her way past them. Just as she reached past the masses, she heard gasping. It was coming from the edge of the crowd. Slowly making her way toward the sound, she discovered the strangest thing.

    It was a older boy, only looks 20 or 21. He had blue-black hair and was wearing clothes befitting someone of higher class. The boy was gasping as he backed away from the crowd, till he was against the wall. Just when she was to ask him if he was alright, she caught glimpse of something that made her freeze.

    It was a Seal.
  3. His breath itself made the air thick with steam, he felt as if his body we on fire, flames and all. And the sound of beating, a loud drumming noise originating from no where, but coming from everywhere, he looked up at the people around him....and he knew were the beating was coming from, it as if by instinct that he knew what he was hearing. There heartbeat, their life and blood running through their skin, he had no way to describe the way he was feeling other then desire. The way their blood ran through their veins made him intoxicated with need, he wanted to go away but all of his sanity was being drummed out by the beating of the hearts around him. Standing he looked on upon the crowd, there was more people in the distance, most likely celebrating the annual feast. "Please........" he tried to speak but his voice caught and contorted, "stay away........PLEASE stay away!!" His voice filled the space around them with dire need and desperation, but no one listened to him, they actually did the opposite. They disclosed to him, one man even reaching out to touch his shoulder, as if to reassure him he was ok. But as the man's hand contacted levians skin he drew back in pain. People gasped as the man lifted his hand to inspect it....... it was only flesh now, no skin lay on the Palm side of his hand "oh....oh god, look at his hand... what did that guy do to him" the crowd looked Johnstown, but found him gone, disappearing off into the backseat of the streets.

    Levine ran, he ran until his legs were sore and his one's shaky. But even then he was not tired, he was full of energy, power. It felt good, yet it scared him. What had that monster done to him, what made it wanted with him, levians mind floated in a pool of thoughts wandering to and fro ideas. It made him feel sick. Thinking back Levine recalled attacking the monster, he had retorted against her in some odd way, but what had that been. His hand shooting up towards his face, levian inspected his hand, especially his Palm. A large glowing sphere with the embers of a fire writing something out in a untangible language, it made his body shake with fear, he wanted it of, but each time he rubbed at it it grew brighter emitting a bright amber light.

    It was the light he remembered, it was from the night he saved his own life from something very dark. But something deep inside him told him he had no life anymore, it was gone with the night know, and it would never come back. This though shook levians reality, shook it to the core, he felt as if... no knew that he would never be the same, so many things pointed to this, and many more would pop up as he fell down this dark hole he was put in.

    Turning he realized he was not alone, a man and a women looked upon him, there eyes. Red. He took a step back and stumbled, falling to his assistant he quickly looked up. There was no one there anymore, he listened for the sound of a heart beat, but nothing could be heard. Silence embodied what he was know, as he lay there on the wet and cold stone ground, that was what he was to be know, it was the only way to live. He was a monster know, he knew this for some unexplained reason, he knew if people knew about his existence that they would get hurt. Levian didn't want this, he hated the fact that he would have to hide for others sake, for his own sake. And in this he found the world to be unfair, nothing would ever go his way only less he told it to. Standing he walked out of the little walkway, and he walked back out into the city, thousands of drums beating there tune at him. What annoyed him was the fact that there were not all in sync, it made his head hammer with annoyance, and he wanted it to stop.

    Taking a look up and down the street, he noticed that the crowds were not as thick here, but there was just as many people. They were all in their homes, hidden away behind rock and wood. Protected by their sheets and fireplace, if he had that what would he be doing right know, he had no answer to this though as it became clear he would never have this type of protection, "excuse me kind sir" a women's soft voice spoke to him, he turned to see a young lady, at least fifteen walk up to him "you look like you need some help, here take this!" As she stepped closer to him she handed him a loaf of bread, did she think him poor.
    She saw something in him, it was surprising what the human mind could interpret through just looking at one's face, but at least it did it right. He gave the girl a smile "thanks" his voice soothe almost... silent. And as she walked away he took a bite of the bread, it was fresh and warm, and it filled him with a sense of joy. He swallowed it and felt it drop down to his stomach, pain took him then, starting from his stomach to his head. And he felt all the food he had in his stomach come up and out,spewing across the floor tinged with a dark red, which he thought to be blood. It took him by surprise, this action his body had chosen to enact, was he sick. He pondered the idea and thought of taking another bite of the bread, but as he brought it up to his lips he felt himself almost vomit, guess no food for today.

    Tears streamed down levians face as he realized the impact the monster had made on his life, things he took as normal would no more be plausible in his life, his lifestyle itself seemed to shift and turn, and if he did not change with it he knew that there would be consequences to pay. He hated this fact, it drove him mad to think that he had to change his entire life style for one dampened female monster, who most likely was dead know, at least he hoped for this. For if she was alive he felt as his existence would be endangered.
  4. What she saw next was the most unbelievable thing. The crowd had pressed into him, even after his pleas for space. The minute one of the townspeople touched him, the skin from his hand burned completely off. Never before had she seen that happen with a turned vampire, which was what he appeared to be. His manner was tense and shaking, and he was obviously overwhelmed by the sound of heartbeats. For most, the sound is able to be drowned out unless you will it to appear, but for newborns it's nearly unstoppable.

    Usually Mereana would give no thought to the pathetic thing. It would be just another newborn, but the seal and the man's hand proved there was more to be discovered of the man. Before she could get him away from others, he took off running. Insulting him under her breath, she picked up her skirts and sprinted after him. After she had gotten past the crowd, she stopped realizing she had no clue where he went. Getting to a more quiet place, she listened. She drowned out the sounds from the celebration and honed in on a single person. After going through a cat meowing and two couples arguing, she finally heard a right sound. He had more than likely ate something, tried to fill the ache and emptiness of his stomach. Though it was worthless to try and eat food.

    The body of a vampire was dead, and that means no organs working. The girl frowned. Never before had she tasted the sweet smelling fruits and meats, and never before had she tasted wine. She had on occasion pretended to if they were at a party, but that was as close as it would be to the truth.

    The vampire made her way to the boy slowly as not to spook him. When she had a clear view of him, she muttered a quick binding spell. The seal on the left side of her neck hummed with approval, a sense of power running through her veins. The boy snapped his gaze up as he felt his body stop all movement. "I'm only doing this so you don't run. It's hard to make out you from all the people," she stepped closer until she could see his Seal fully. "Hmm... Interesting." Her head tilted as she tried to decipher what it really was.

    He froze as she walked right in front of him, stopping when they were almost nose to nose. "What are you?"
  5. Tears rolled down his face as his body ran cold and hard, he could not move but he could speak "what am I??? What am I !!! What are you!?" He voice was loud and booming, his body twitched, he was angry at life , at her. The seal on his hand grew brighter and he tug at what held him there, it was a great energy that held him down, but he would never just give up. And as he struggled he could feel heat wash over him in waves, the water on the ground evaporated and the stone floor became red hot but as he resisted his body ached, he couldn't move any more. He fell to the floor wanting to protest but his voice was only a croak, he wanted to cry but when his tears touched his face they turned into steam and left him with pain and pity, he felt weak and useless "why can't I just be normal" he looked at the women that stood in front of him, she seemed stronger then him. But something inside made him wanted to be more.

    Shifting were he lay he tried to turn from the lady beside him, he didn't want any part of her, he knew he was different but he didn't expect attention from change, his limbs protested as he started to crawl away "please... I don't even know what I am any more" his emotion ran his body raw, to many things happening at once it was all to much. Levian knew that if he kept this going he would all but be a pile of nothing by the morning, he felt the shift in his attitude and determination, and with one heaving push he got up, the bonding energy that had constricted his movement now gone, he felt good other then the fact that he acted like three different people at once "you know... I sound like a wimp" he really was not talking to the girl in front of him, he was talking to himself. Confirming that fact that he had gone desperately low, and that was a place he would never go again.

    The feeling of anger swelled in levians chest once more, and with swift movements he pinned the girl to a wall, he hoped he would have the strength to keep her there, for he felt as if he was dealing with someone much older and stronger then himself "I don't know what I am.. or what you or, but I am at least going to get to know your name" he felt this necessary, his attacker had bound him and was most likely going to interrogate him, know it was his turn. "Also what is it that you want with me" his voice was stern and loud, he was curious as to the reason he was not drawing a crowd, or why no one was trying to stop them. But this would help him, it would give him more time to find the answers.

    He noticed something different though this girl... this monster didn't seem as intense as the one who had attacked her, it made him curious. If he had defeated someone stronger then the one he was facing right know why was he having trouble with her, what was about her that was different enough to cause him to weaken. A question popped into his head, 'who is Elvis Claire' but he could find the grounds to say anything, why would she know anyone by that name, and why would she tell him? Maybe because he had her against the wall inn a threatening manner, or maybe she was the type of girl who gave away secrets. But he decided to not say anything, he did not need to know what that name meant yet.
  6. An elegant eyebrow cocked as she felt herself being turned and pinned against the stone wall. Her gaze was as calculative as it was bored. Though she was sure she could beat a newborn in a fight, she was not sure of what the strange power he possessed could do.

    He seemed to have much more body heat that a normal person, but the fact that he even had a temperature was strange. Being dead, either from being born or bitten, they didn't possess any life inside them. Not even fire wielders could have the heat of fire.

    As his face changed, she could tell he could notice how much his instinct was telling him that she was an elder, someone that he would certainly lose to. She had to commend his bravery and gusto in the situation. He had broken free from the bonds, pinned her against a wall, and ignored the scent of the fresh blood inside her.

    After he spoke of not knowing himself and asking her name, Mereana decided it was time to regain her ground. Grabbing ahold of the one wrist the pinned her, she gave it a hard squeeze. Forced to draw back, she took the chance to take a few steps back from him. Raising up tall, she spoke, "My name is Mereana Elswood of the Elswood Estate. I saw your troubles and came to.... help, young one. Your powers are raging and I couldn't have you stupidly risking our discovery."
  7. "im not young" he tried to retort, but it only came out to make him seem more childish, he let out a sigh and even in a humid weather his breath caused the air around him to change into steam, he was burning up and he knew not of the reason, and it was driving him crazy, turning towards mereana and wondered if she was any different from the other beast that had attacked him, maybe ... maybe not. But he would have to take his chances with this one, she was the only hope he had, the only hope he would ever get most likely, he hated this fact. He did not like it when he had to depend on other for help, he liked it when he could all his own stuff by himself, but he would have to deal with it. He tried to fathom the idea of having powers, it sure did not seem like powers, more of a curse. But maybe it had its advantages, maybe he could use it to better himself. This kind of thinking brought him to a dark place, where his emotions whipped up and down, it almost made him feel queasy and sick to his stomach.

    "what do you mean our discovery, theirs more of us. How many more damned monsters are out there?" what he really wanted to know was how he could kill them, how could he kill himself, he did not want to be this damned beast, he didn't want these powers, they seemed a curse and if he were to use them he believed his soul would be sent to damnation. The answers were right there he was just not getting them, in plain site yet so far away, he hated it when answers were just on the tip of his tongue...... he always lost the answers. Pacing to and fro until levian noticed something, the smell of burning, it smelled close..... it was him, as he looked down he set his eyes upon his burning clothes, they were piecing off and floating of into the distance, but it was a slow burn and he believed that his clothes would stay for another five minutes or so, but this brought fear to him, he would be nude in the middle of town.

    "OH SHIT....ummmm how do we fix this.... I don't want to be nude, that would be bad...shit" his voice was full of worry as he paced from one place to another, if these clothes burnt of what clothes would work for him, or maybe he just needed to learn how to control his body temperature, if only he knew how! turning to mereana for answers he walked up to her giving her a thorough shake " what the fuck did that lady do to me" he was saying this even though he new she did not know whom he was taking about, but he was to panicked to care.
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