Three Word Story

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Locke Cole

Original poster

Okay, I don't know if Iwaku has done this before for board games, but I joined in on this type of thing on another site and it was a blast, so I thought I'd see how it goes. I'll explain simply here. This is NOT supposed to make sense, though it's suppose to be written as a story. One person, however, is not defining the story in any way or predetermining the outcome.

All you do, as I will start out at the bottom of the post here, is write three words to go with the words already written. So, for instance, if I write "The dark cave" then someone else could write "was in the" and so on and so forth. Or, you can really go anywhere with it ... "His pocket had" and then "a gaggle of" and ... "lizards inside it."

You can't go back and change grammar or punctuation or anything like that in the prior comments, so all of you that are OCD like me have got to just deal with it. Punctuation, however, does not count towards being one of the words, so add it in wherever you want in your own three words. The point is to just make a totally random, silly story that will probably make absolutely no sense. Let's just see how well people like it!

The spooky hotel
with evil intent.
With a sharp
and stab things.
killing it instantly.
*um yeah they did do this it's called the never ending story*
(Well we're having fun on this one and Shadow Ike is a party pooper.)

With a laugh
So he decided