Three Wishes.

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  1. I'm sure there's been probably a million threads about this, but with the influx of new members I'd like to know.

    If you had three wishes, with the only restriction being that you couldn't wish for more wishes, what would they be?
  2. First - I'd wish for money. Lots and lots of money so I wouldn't have to worry about working again for the rest of my life.

    Second - I'd wish for the power to time travel.

    Third - I'd wish my wife had unlimited wishes. Since I can't wish for more wishes I'll wish she had as many wishes as she wants.
  3. 1. To have my house bought and paid for.

    2. To have a brand new vehicle bought and paid for.

    3. 1000 Dollars a week for the rest of my life. :D
  4. 1. Live forever

    2. Unlimited funds

    3. Cyborg Girlfriend
  5. 1. Be able to bend reality to my will.

    2. Be able to cross dimensions at will.

    3. Most likely i would keep this in reserve for when i was bored of existing but to be able to restart everything.
  6. See, I'm always paranoid that the wish giver works as a lawyer and will find ugly loopholes for all my wishes... worse I'm looking at the wishes so far and finding loopholes.
  7. 1. Be the proud owner of a TARDIS (with a Sonic Screwdriver included, of course).

    2. Own the most amazing team of actual Pokemon, that would obey my every command.

    3. Be a master of all Magic-types. DOOM SPELLS FTW.
  8. I was waiting to see who would post in this before I gave mine, and I have to say I'm with Diana on this one; except it'd be 3000 a week instead.
  9. 1. For everyone to find balance in their lives.

    2. For everyone to find purpose and happiness.

    3. For everyone to realise their potential and function at their best.

    I'm just fine with where I'm at, so the wishes would be for the world.
  10. What happens to the people who like to kill other people?

    As for me, I'd love to be able to live long enough to see what happens to humanity. I wonder how long it will take before we become a regular space faring civilization? However, living that long means giving up some of your own humanity in the process, such as seeing loved ones die and all that. So it's a rather tough question. I might ask for immortality, but how might I live forever? Should I build in an escape clause so I can die? If I was omnipotent I would not need to see how civilization turns out; it would be far too beneath me.

    I am quite happy with myself, and although I could be smarter, I am not comfortable with altering my mind.

    I guess what I would wish for is the ability to 'get' concepts. It would make picking up math and physics a lot easier, and then I could do something with that.

    Maybe I'd go for longevity too.

  11. They'd be neutralized by people who wish to save. I did mention balance after all.
  12. 1. A gigantic mansion that's payed for

    2. 2000 dollars a week for the rest of my life (WITHOUT SOME CRAZY PEOPLE TRYIN' TO ARREST ME)

    3. 2000 dollars a week for my Mom for the rest of her life (She could use it OTL)
  13. The paradox would cause reality to implode!!

    You should make sure it accounts for inflation.
  14. Wish #1: To be a scientist so I can find a cure for cancer. Or at least try to. I have little faith in my smarts, so hell, I'll just wish to be medically intelligent so I can contribute usefully to society. v__v

    Wish #2: A flawless, functional clone of myself. I will leave my clone to live my unhappy life while I set out to do what I've always dreamed of. xD That way, everyone still wins. There's still a Fluffy for friends and family to boss around, yell at, whatever... And I get to finally do what I want without being chastised.

    Wish #3: A talking panda bear sidekick named Pogo.

  15. SO scary, right?

    I've never been able to figure out what I would do if I had three wishes. Always be able to have good food to eat? Good company to dine with? Maybe not feel so guilty about doing whatever I want? Who knows? I can't even decide what I'm going to do throughout the day.
  16. Don't mean to be a negative nancy, but finding a 'cure for cancer' is impossible .. there are so many types of cancers with their own unique origins and infections. The best you can hope for is a comprehensive diagnostic system with targeted treatment.

    Also, what would it be like to sexy yourself up?
  17. 1.) To have Money. Lots of Money. For important Money like Businesses.

    2.) To stop Violence with more Violence and less Violence.

    3.) To be able to fly. Ha. Flying. That's a Classic.
  18. With magic, Unanun, NOTHING is impossible.
  19. Depends on how you define "Cure" when it comes to cancer. We can genetically alter are fetuses these days to adjust hair and eye color. Plus a huge list of things that I believe are impossible to adjust - like the chance of them being straight, good at sports and other things.

    Cancer is "cured" everyday when people survive it. Unfortunately that survival isn't as high as we'd like to be.

    Than you have the scientific break throughs that happen all the time. One of the top leading hopes for a chance to "cure" cancer is to use parasites that would target the cancerous cells and devour them and than quickly expunge them before they start to devour good cells.