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  1. Will you volunteer?
    6:00 PM, Dec 21, 2012
    Rm 314, Caskett Apartment,
    Baker Street, Parcel City

    Pieces of white paper containing the above information has been circulating aroung a certain high school in Parcel City. Nobody knows where it came from. Nobody knows what it is for.

    Some students believe it's a recruitment ad of one of the many underground gangs in the city. Some teachers think it's a secret social experiment by university students. You might have your own theory.

    Three days to go until Dec 21. Will you volunteer?

    So, I've never finished all of the roleplays I've ever joined (Iwaku or otherwise). Often, my fellow roleplayers just fade away. I have to admit, I'm guilty of leaving a few roleplays myself.

    I'm trying to design a roleplay which can easily be finished. To do that, I may have a lot of restrictions:

    • I will need only three roleplayers besides myself.
    • These RPers should be confident enough to post actively at least around the month of Aug.
    • The timeline of the story is short. Hopefully this means it has a better chance of finishing.
    • As much as possible, posts should contain at least two paragraphs.
    About the roleplay:

    • Expect the story to be "mysteriously realistic". There might be hints of "fantasy" or "sci-fi" but I have yet to decide.
    • I am the game master. I add the details necessary to the plot. You will maneuver around the according to the setting restrictions (i.e. no superhuman abilities).
    I am putting this in "Interest Check" because I want to know if there's anybody out there who is willing to follow the above rules and is up to the challenge of finally finishing an RP.

    Once again, will you volunteer?

    **Questions and critiques are also welcome.

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  2. I'd be more than happy to volunteer. The same thing happens to me quite often, so I understand wholeheartedly. I'll be able to do at least a 1-4 post a night max, and if it's the weekend the sky is the limit. May join your quest in finishing an rp?
  3. I volunteer, I am able to post quite often and this seems like a great roleplay
  4. That's awesome!!! I'll put this in the sign-ups and reserve a spot for you guys. *excited*
  5. Sweet, can you either PM me the link or put it here
  6. Will do. I'm already working on the the Sign-Up thread. Everybody here will automatically have reservations.
  7. OOC and Sign-ups

    ^ For future reference.

    ---Darn sucky internet, making me look bad.
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