Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days

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  1. [​IMG]

    The Beach (open)

    Submarine (open)

    Welcome to the Island of Survival.
    You have 365 days to survive.
    Before you all die.
  2. Okay, that's not it. You were chosen. 8 people where from each city.

    Rivergaze(taken by Jerem)
    Rander City

    Las Vegas (taken by Jae)

    Those are the five cities.
    You are sent to the Island of survival.
    Boys have a knife. You're wearing a green cotton t-shirt and brown shorts with a pair of regular black tennis shoes.
    Girls have a flashlight. You're wearing a green tank top and brown shorts with a pair of regular white tennis shoes.
    You are put on a submarine and driven to the island.
    Each person must find 1 partner.
    Together, you are dropped off somewhere on the island.

    I am Jae Sentri, 16, from Las Vegas.

    Which City are you yet..
    Who are you?

    Character sheet-

    History: (optional)
    Personality: (optional)

    This will be filled with constant action.
    Beware: If you go online, you may come back to find a bunch of posts..

    I am making a group where any events that are important will be summarized so while you're offline you don't have to go back and read everything ^-^

    I will be posting my own CS soon.
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  3. *Name: Jerisaac
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Short, slender boy. Has a mexican background, so he has a somewhat of mexican accent. Black hair, tanned skin, dark yellow eyes.
    Gender: Male
    History: (optional) Jerisaac was born in Mexico and raised in Spain. When he was 13, his family moved to America for work. His dad was succesful and got a job. When Jerisaac became 15, his dad said he had to find some work. The only work available was a folder wich said: Test your courage and strenght on this beautiful beach!"
    Personality: (optional)* Jerisaac has a kind personality, but can be a real pain sometimes since he is very hyper at times. He loves animals and Mexican food.
  4. EDIT ON CS~ I forgot the city part...hehe...*facepalm*
  5. Name: Jae Sentri
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    City: Las Vegas
    History: When she was 3, her parents died. Her neighbors raised her like royalty, she was spoiled...however, she did not act that way. Most people did not realize that she could get everything she wanted, but she did not ask for anything but the bare minimum of what she needed to survive. She is thought to not be very intelligent in the survival area, so many believe she will be the first to die off.
    Personality: Shy, calm in most situations but if you find a way to tick her off she has a BAD temper. She does not know how to control her anger. She's very affectionate and likes to help others.
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  6. Your appearance x3 Also.. Jerisaac now lives in Rivergaze. Hehe Jerem + Isaac = Jerisaac
  7. Okay, haha, that's awesome ^-^

    Thanks for reminding me on the appearance..i guess the picture didn't show up the first time only~~she will not have the earrings or headphones and she'll be in uniform..but that's how she looks
  8. You arent the earring type of girl are you? Hehe, i like that.
  9. I have my ears pierced (apparently I'm not a girl unless I do? Long story short- ten year old fooled by parents) but I never wear earrings.they're weird
  10. Hehe.. yeaahh even tough im not a girl, i also find them weird.
  11. Lol. ^-^
    Why poke holes in your ears just to stick a piece of metal in?
    It's a lot of maintenance and can get infected and stuff and urrrg...I'd rather not have holes, thank you. ^-^
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