Three Elements

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  1. Three Elements
    Hey there! DarkJae here, with a new Creative Challenge idea!
    I give you three elements, of some sort,
    and you write a plot based off of it! How's that sound? Well...let's start!

    Element 1:

    Element 2:
    Element 3:

    These are your three elements. Think, Research, Relax, do whatever it is that makes your best plots...And write!
    See you next week in..

    Three Elements
  2. So.. I just post here? Gah idk. Im new here, dont hate.
    The planet is basically a wasteland but not. The world is flooded. No one knows why but it just is, The American government had found a way to continue humanity. They built buildings in the sky above the clouds; no one has ever even dreamed of it until now. But what happens when a strange plague hits, everyone just.. kills themselves. Some people are immune to this but some are not.. But they aren't immune to the hostile ghosts that dont go when their bodies are dropped down to Earth.

    Its not the best, its late here..
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  3. Yup, that's exactly what you do!

    That's a great plot idea! *claps* wonderful. Honestly, that sounds like a fun idea...haha ^-^ Amazing job!
  4. Yay :3 I accomplished something!

    Thanks really.
  5. You did really great, just being honest ^-^ No need for thanks
  6. Well.. thank you!

    (Im just rebellious at heart)
  7. Rebels! *highfive* Have a wonderful day ^-^
  8. A master of death poisoned the water with shadows that, after unimaginable pain, kill people from the inside out. It's first victim is a young girl who's dieting wish is to save her land. Know the spirit of the girl is the only thing that can save them all but the Death master has trapped her in a cage crafted from the blood of a thousand demons, can she be saved before it's to late.