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Greetings and salutations! As is plain to see, I'm creating a roleplaying partner request thread, in hopes of getting someone who'd be willing to roleplay with me! First, a little about myself:

-I'm a 26 year old male in real life
-I prefer to play a male character opposite a female (at least for one x one's)
-I've been roleplaying for a while now. I'm breeching double digits now, I do believe.
-I love the fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk genre's, as well as slice-of-life style stories.
-I'm not really a fan of anything historical, playing a cannon character from any type of story, or anything similar.
-I RP in either first or third person.
-I'm open to RPing on messengers. Just ask!

So, that's pretty much a summary of me without going into a whole lot of detail. But, lets get to the good part!

Story ideas:

1.) The War Eternal


In creation, two Gods formed our world from their own flesh. The two prime realms were created: The physical realm, or 'Outer Universe', and the spiritual Realm, called the 'Inner Universe'. The gods then left the world to its own devices, even as the inhabitants call out for aid against a coming darkness. But humanity, despite its hardships, flourished in this new and scary world. They were given all they needed to survive: quick wits, intelligence, and abilities that transcended imagination to hold their own against the onslaught of the dark creatures that invade their world daily. Their efforts, however valiant, will do but so much. For something lurks just past the horizon, something that will change the world forever...

Main points to consider:

-Darker storyline
-Steampunk/Fantasy mixture

Plot idea: Essentially our characters are thrown into the mix of a cosmic war. No one is aware of a reason why the Gods do nothing to aid us, whether they're sleeping, or afraid of the creatures invading the world is unclear. I've left this plot a little on the vague side: I prefer to come up with the details of the plots with my partners.

2.) The Last Terran

Origin: Earth was decimated by war, famine, and toxic waste. In a desperate attempt to save their people, the Terran armada left earth in search of a planet that could sustain their over-populated world. However, as the Terran's soon discovered, there were forces at work in the galaxy that would not make it easy, and after a brief struggle, the worst case scenario occurred: the total annihilation of the human fleet. Afterwards, the humans remaining on earth were dealt one last, crushing blow: The remains of their entire fleet were dropped on the planet, obliterating what little the humans had. It is believed that humanity is a dead race, and their planet is now used for disposing of the galaxy's garbage....

Main points to consider:

-Sci-fi/Mecha style setting
-Survival rather than war
-Desperation/negative odds

Plot idea: Essentially, one of the two of us would be the 'Last Terran', and would come across an object that could help turn a galactic struggle on it's head depending on which side they choose to be on. Again, made purposefully vague as to prompt us both to dialogue and discuss plot and path choices for characters and such.

So, that's it for now! I'll add more plots as I go along, but feel free to PM me and also feel free to add or subtract from plot ideas as you see fit!

I look forward to hearing from potential candidates soon! :D


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I am interested in The Last Terran.
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