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  1. OOC:

    Come one, come all! To the Threadbear Travelling Circus where you will see spectacular performances that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat! With death defying acts, you will regret if you miss out. This Saturday, at your local ball park!

    This very poster can be found almost everywhere. The circus wasn't very well known, but then again, so what? Though, the circus held a secret. Each and every member of the family had a special ability, one that made them different from the others. With these powers, every being is able to put up their own unique acts, or help backstage as stage hands.


    - This RP is set in the 1800s, please don't forget that.
    - I really don't care how many characters you wish to RP. Have as many as you want.
    - Please pay attention to what characters there already are. I mean, really. There's no sense in having, say, eight tight rope walkers.
    - Your character can be anything, with any powers. Just please don't make them too powerful, it wouldn't be fair.
    - I believe that is it. If I add anything else it will be in the OOC thread. Kay, I think that's all.
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  2. The sun lowered slowly over the distant mountains. It was very late in the afternoon as the train eventually rolled to a stop. Agnis searched the area, grinning as she stepped off the train before it was at a complete stop. She wanted to look around and explore so much, but she knew that she couldn't. Once the train stopped, the work begun. The Big Top had to be set up, as well as the food tent, medical tent and personal tents. Some people shared, others didn't. It all depended on how much space there was. Once the train stopped, she tore her eyes away from the sun, running to the nearest car and pulling out boxes. She didn't look it, but she was definitely strong.

    Erik dropped his hat on his head, not liking the idea of being seen without it. Stepping away from the cars, he surveyed the landscape, making sure there was enough room. It seemed this place was a lot larger than they were used to. Meaning they could spread out more. Turning to face his family cheerfully he stated. "Set up quickly and then sleep well. It's a big day tomorrow!" and with that, he disappeared, like always. little did they know, he was actually checking the area for anyone on their trail. He couldn't have anyone finding out that the circus wan't a human. That would mean disaster.
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  3. Evangeline watched as Erik disappeared yet again and sighed. Wondering what she should do, Evangeline came to the conclusion that she should make sure no one got hurt during the process of making the Big Top. Getting up she made her way around the others checking everyone was being careful and helping with one or two things as she walked about. I should get the security checked soon... Nodding she began to make her way to a quiet place to check all the things were set up as planned.
  4. Agnis hummed as she worked, moving boxes, setting up tents, hammering in pegs and tying ropes. The next step was the Big Top, her favourite. Walking up to the two large poles, she placed her hand on the first, closing her eyes. She waited to hear the signal that it was safe before extending the pole into the sky, lifting up on side of the tent. Her power was very helpful in putting up such a large tent and of course bringing it down again. Smiling, she looked up to make sure it was stable before moving to the next, doing the same as before.

    Erik reappeared in the local town, searching around to make sure no one had noticed his sudden appearance. The magician removed his hat to scratch his head. "I'm getting old," he muttered. "Didn't mean to go this far," he sighed, picking a direction and somehow knew that it was correct. He started back towards the circus, meanwhile keeping an eye out for followers and suspicious people.
  5. Evangeline jumped from one roof of a carriage to another as she looked around keeping an eye out and looking at the security. Noticing Erik she decided to go and tell him that everything seemed to be in order. Landing silently on the grass behind him, Evangeline looked at the magician and gave a small cough.
    "Sir... Everything seems to be in order..."
  6. Erik blinked, doing his best not to jump from the surprise. He certainly wasn't going to show much of his thoughts. Putting on a smile, he turned sharply and look at Evangeline. "Perfect, perfect," he murmured, nodding his head. "It's seems the area around here is safe from, well, followers, too. This should be a rather relaxing weekend, compared to others."
  7. Evangeline nodded silently and looked around, her ears listening to anything she would be able to hear, her eyes looking around or any sign of strange movement and her nose smelling the air for anything out of the ordinary. Overall, her senses were on overdrive.
    "It seems so..."
  8. Erik grinned. "Well, why don't we head back to the others and help set up what is left, shall we?" he asked, holding out his arm like a gentleman for her to take.
  9. Evangeline looked over at Eric and gave a small smile linking her arm with his and nodding.
    "We shall then..."
  10. "Perfect, my dear friend!" Erik chirped, leading her back towards the rest of the circus. Once they had stepped out into the open, and let her go and faced her. "Now, don't be afraid to help out or anything, they'd love some help."
  11. Evangeline looked at the others and then back at Erik, sighing she gave a small nod and made her way towards a female who seemed to be having rather fun making her way around the tent pegging one peg after the other. Giving a small cough she looked at the girl shyly and then tilted her head to the side ever so slightly.
    "... Uhm... Can I help you...?"
  12. Agnis blinked, looking up at the other girl and offering a huge smile. "Of course!" she chirped, standing and holding out the hammer. "Please peg in the, er, pegs. I'll start tying the ropes!" she replied, tilting her head ever so slightly.
  13. Evangeline nodded straighten her posture and taking the hammer off of the other female she began to peg down the pegs. It wasn't too hard, she might look weak but Evangeline had the strength of ten men in her and she was able to easily fix the pegs up one after the other.
  14. Agnis hummed again, tying the ropes tightly and every so often glancing over at Evangeline. "So, why did you ask to help?" she asked. "That's sort of unlikely from you."
  15. Evangeline looked at her and told her exactly why.
    "Erik told me to come and help."
    Pegging down one of the last pegs she looked at Agnis waiting for her to finish up.
  16. Agnis nodded slightly, watching the girl for a moment. "Kay... Done?" she asked, having tied the last rope beforehand.
  17. Evangeline looked at her and nodded, "I am done."
  18. "Good, good," Agnis muttered, looking around. "You set up your tent now, before it gets too dark," she murmured.
  19. Nodding her head, Evangeline headed off to fix up her own tent and managed to do so quickly. Sighing she looked at the inside of her tent and then felt her spine tingle a little. Stepping outside she noticed that the moon was full and bright. It wasn't because she was a werewolf that she needed to change into her wolf form but it was because the moon when it was full beckoned new werewolves to arrive. Rushing to Erik so that he would know that she was going to disappear like every full night moon, she headed to his tent.
  20. (Sorry for the late)

    Okami finished placing his tent right before it got midnight, he sat on a chair right next to his table were his blades were on, he patted Kiba's head as he got ready for the next day.

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