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  1. So... I'm not exactly an active member anymore but I think I will do just one roleplay for now. Don't really have any ideas and I can play either gender.

    I guess I would be fine with a slave thing or school thing. I really don't like male x male or anything with demons and angels in them.

    Any ideas?
  2. Perhaps you could do a slave x master rp, where they gradually fall for each other. Even more, perhaps it is a male slave x female vampire.
  3. That sounds interesting to say the least. Assuming you would be my RP partner, which character would you like to play? And does it have to be a vampire? I'm not very knowledgable with the whole vampire thing.
  4. It does not have to be a vampire, I was just throwing that out there.
    I would pair with you, most defiantly!
    So, if you wouldn't mind, I prefer the slave role.
  5. Well I haven't exactly done this kind of role playing a lot so taking the lead could be difficult but I can try the master if you insist. What about a supernatural being. Even a made up one? That way we don't have any set rules to follow.
  6. True thing, I can do that! And as for being master, it is really simple. Just tell the slave what he/she is doing. That is really all it is too it.
    And now we can discuss your character (I'm human) so as a supernatural being, you could be something like an angel or demon.
  7. "I really don't like male x male or anything with demons and angels in them." The last part of my first post. I'm not a fan of demons and angels.

    We can name it later if we must, for now we can just say she is not natural. (You wanted the master to be female yes?)

    Ok so let's have them meet young, he doesn't know anything other than her and her life. Maybe he was a gift to her from her parents? Anyways he is still her slave and maybe she treats him more as a pet? Can we age them at like 16/17/18?

    Anyways let's have them both live a very sheltered life. So their kind of on the innocent side.
  8. I think I got it. So my character would be a slave given to her as a birthday gift and he knows not much else other than being a slave. So he ends up growing up with her, under her leadership!
  9. Yeah, that's the general idea. Are we going to make character skeletons or just jumping right in? (And can you please make the thread)
  10. (I'll make it!)
    That's up to you. Which do you prefer? And if we do jump in, I'd like a name of your character.
  11. Well normally I would insist on a character skeleton but because I'm just getting back into it I would rather jump in.

    A name? Well I don't want it to be anything fancy, Anne? Sarah? Chelsey? Any of the three, I'm not good at names...
  12. Mistress Anne? Sounds good!
    Is he a sex Slavs or just a slave in general?
  13. General slave, she got him at a young age so they are more than just master and slave but also childhood 'friends'. Known each other for a while and such.
  14. You pretty good with titles, I like it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.