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  1. Is there a list of all of them and what forums they're in by any chance?
    The FAQ has the tags, but not the prefixes.

    I know most of the prefixes seem self-explanatory, but I wasn't sure what "First Response" meant and instead of coming here to just ask what that meant, I may as well ask for a description of all of them... You never know.


    PS: Seriously what does "First Response" mean?
  2. Thread prefixes vary from forum to forum. For example, in the group forum there's:

    Open Sign Ups: Means the group is open to new players.

    Closed Sign Ups: Means the group is closed to new players.

    Bio and Jump In: Means bios are required like any other roleplay but players don't need permission to post IC.

    No Bios: Means player can reply IC without a character sheet or permission.

    In IC One x Ones I'm pretty sure First Response is the only prefix and that means the starter of the roleplay will accept the first person to reply IC as their partner, like a jump in roleplay.
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  3. Announcements:
    SITE UPDATES - Info about a site update, usually impending
    SPECIAL EVENT - We're going to do a special thing, here's some info

    Help Desk:
    BUG - The site is doing a weird thing
    HELP - I have a problem/question
    IDEA - I have a suggestion
    RESOURCE - Things to help solve problems/questions

    General's prefixes are self-explanatory.
    Use Random if you're Gwazi shitposting.

    Roleplay help's prefixes pertain to their content. For example, a discussion on character races would get the RACES tag. Resource is a resource.

    Refining writing, developing worlds, characters, etc.:
    EXERCISE - This is a prompt for you to answer
    LESSON - This is a guide/workshop about something
    PROJECT - This is an interactive ongoing collaborative thing
    RESOURCE - A resource. Simple information (like color lists) or an offsite guide to something

    Character Portraits is self-explanatory. As are Media Shops and Showcasing.

    All of Roleplay search should be self-explanatory.

    One on one in character:
    First Response tag, as far as I am aware, is for those who will accept the first responder as their partner, as Noctis suggested.

    I think that's pretty much everything.
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  4. I'll put word in for it since we're updating it anyway but unfortunately I can't make promises :)
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