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  1. So, I just wanted to make sure before I go posting more threads in Iwaku..
    For like the forums for world building and such, what exactly would go underneath each prefix that is now set? Workshop, Expansion, Resource, and Challenge...
    I can assume what some of those are for, I just want an in depth explanation of what each prefix would be associated with :D oh, and please..?
  2. Well, don't take this as 100% set in stone fact because this hasn't been cleared up for certain by anyone yet (@Diana pls), but going by how they were used in the old system...

    Workshops are guides on certain topics. They explain the how and why of something, often being a matter of opinion in nature, though explanations of objective things like grammar rules also fall under this heading.

    Expansions are simpler things that help you add extra things to your world/character/whatever without have heaps of explanation. They could be something like "make a spell using this template" or "create a town, covering these specific things." They're geared around having the reader create something for actual roleplay/story use.

    Resources are for things that might come in handy for people of the site, but which aren't guides or expansions or challenges; it is also the prefix used if you're supplying something that you did not make yourself, say and informative image explaining medieval weaponry, that may be useful for people. It's sort of the catch-all for everything that doesn't fit under the other headings. Anything from a listing of what certain font colors look like on each background to character skeletons for people to use to links to a series of videos on how to make great maps could be labeled as a resource.

    Challenges are creative exercises meant for practice, broadening ones skills, or simple amusement. They task the reader with doing something specific (fill out a questionnaire, write a short story, etc) but aren't usually meant to be creations for use in a roleplay like you get with expansions.
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  3. Thanks so much! I will keep all of those in mind when creating new threads! :D
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