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  1. Not sure if this capability is available or not but is there a way that a thread owner can grant permissions over the thread to another partner? I mean like in the one on one role plays. Is it possible to have both participants have control over the overview page, etc? As of right now, I only see that the person who created the thread can make changes to the overview page.
  2. Currently, no. There can only be one owner of a thread unless one of your partners happens to be Staff, who can then use their Staff permissions to make additional edits.

    Staff used to have an option to change the author of a post, but it was seldom used and I don't even think it's available anymore. Even if we did still have it, changing the author would then make you (or the original author) unable to make further changes because it'd no longer be your post.
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  3. As another note!

    Whenever we manage to get a new Groups system up and running, it should hopefully allow for this, since groups are allowed to have multiple owners.
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