Thread of Fear (Veiwer Discretion Advised)

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  1. It is October guys and you all know what this means...with Halloween around the corner it's time to embrace the darkness and prepare for the scare!

    Videos, Images, articles, etc.

    Bring it!

    Note: Some content in this thread may be considered NSFW
    Veiw and watch at your own discretion.

    Let the Horror Commence

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  2. Creepy indeed. I watched the whole thing and it created such a mind numbing feeling that it was almost entering a "nightmare state of mind." Very cool. probably watch it again. (No, I'm not insane... ^.^)

  3. Here ya fear lovin' crazies. Watch this. goes with the other stuffs.
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  5. This intro was too damn long. But thank you for this.

    also have a this.

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  7. OMFG I KNOW, I enjoy the dudes theories and all and I really like Aika village, but its the same intro every time and it take like an entire minute XD
    OOOOO I just watched Eric lol I can't stop I'm addicted to this creepy and scary gaming stuff atm.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  11. May mother Death embrace us with her cold dead hands
    Father time shall have no hold on us
    We prowl the streets as we litter the darkness
    Though we might hide from those who are called normal
    Showing them the error of their ways is our goal
    This is October and our month indeed
    We shall shine so darkly in the full moon's light
    The children of Death is what we are
    Father time keeping us Immortal
    Keep one eye open when you sleep
    You never know where we shall creep
  12. I remember this!

  13. LMAO​
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  15. I am so excited about this season more than ANY other season of AHS ever.

  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I want one of these things hella bad!



    My tinypic captcha was "Reap what you Sow". 2spooky4me