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RP thread life is one month.


RP partner search thread life is one month.


Isn't it a hassle to remake new search threads each time? Why can't we just make the life longer or something or make it able to edit so we can at least copy and paste with the formatting?

I'm sorry, I'm just so annoyed that every time I want to bring my partner search thread back to life, I have to make a new one because the thread is locked. URghhsldfslkefSDFESdflskjmlwes


Going in to request to reopen a thread is a complete hassle, too, not to mention more work on the admin's part.


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To be fair, not everyone reuses their request threads and extending the period would only mean clutter, and if you do need a thread revived, all you need to do is post a link in thread moderation and one of Iwaku‘s many Staffers and CVs will see to its moving o.o


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The vast majority of threads that are archived stay archived, and aren't rebooted. When it comes to one-on-one partner requests, the issue of no replies is sort of an exception, and it's certainly worth considering a longer graveyard cycle there, since most replies are handled in PMs preferentially.

But part of why we still do that is because we want members to be reading fresh requests that are likely to be written by authors who are still interested in new partners. If prospective partners have to sift through a sea of inactive, uninterested, or full-plate writers in addition to the usual issues of compatibility and genre and themes, it really bogs down what is already an unforgiving mechanism. :s

A thread revival request takes us about two minutes to do once we become aware of it, and there are enough staff and CVs active around the clock that usually we pick it up within the hour. Don't worry about us. Request away! :3


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Why don't you just bump your topic once a month with something like "Still seeking players"? O__O That is totally allowed! And a smart thing to do cause it lets other roleplayers know that thread is still active. (For reasons that Sammy explained!) Additionally, all donating members have a "bump" tool so they can bump the thread whenever they want without making a post, too in case that is ever an option.
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