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  2. Name: Ryan
    age: 16
    type: normally a energetic character with a craving for adventure, but with being dammed from heaven he has become closed off and somewhat aggressive only opening up to those who he can trust. (so he's a bit of a jackass in the beginning!)

    Ryan yelled as he fell from heaven into the pits of the earth. When he finally hit the ground is was into a creek somewhere in a forest. Coughing and spitting up water he tried to get up but couldn't, the impact took a lot out of him. His back was pale and bloody from where his white wings we're removed which left two huge gashes. Groaning in pain he looked up to the heavens with tears in his eyes remembering the last thing God said to him, "There is no room in heaven for misbehaving angels, your wings are a sign of purity and justice which you have acted of none now you must bare the mark of black for entirety." and with that he was sent down. Confused and wishing to die Ryan closed his eyes and began to cry into the creek not even bothering to move out of the shallow water.