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  1. Hey, a Redstar Bedroom 1x1 roleplay I've been playing with a new partner has been causing me to be logged out. I can see it and everything, but when I try to reply or post, I have to login. I have the password and name saved to the browser, but still it's annoying. And really hard to progress my half. So any way to help me out? I've tested and seen that this is the only one for me, and didn't start until yesterday.
  2. That's usually caused by a bbcode error, based on experiments. Could you link the thread? @Diana, could you assist, please? It'll log me out if I go in to try and fix it.
  3. The messed up bbcode might be the image tags from one of the first two posts if they were edited recently, or one of your signatures.
  4. haven't touched my images. maybe sigs? i dunno.
  5. Could be sigs, yeah.
  6. Well mine are fine, as it's only that thread.
  7. Hm. Let's wait for Diana, then.
  8. Apparently, using the incorrect Iwaku URL for images and/or links causes this to happen. I took the liberty of editing the broken link in the first post of your thread, but let me know if it's still causing you to log out since it's possible that I overlooked something. @_@
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Thread Status:
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