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  1. Well to start off it's kind of a lot of information. I originally documented all this to establish a universe for a novel series that's been on hiatus for awhile now and I figured with enough work and creativity maybe it could make a fun universe to RP in! ^^

    I'm posting here to see if anyone agrees. (Note: I'm copy pasting straight from my word document, no editing so the transition isn't flawless. :u)

    (Note #2: Nothing is set in concrete! Willing to change things like date/place/etc.)

    (Note #3: Heavily inspired by the Wolf Among Us and Fables comic book series!)

    Warning! Info Dump (open)

    1. Special Physics
    2. Organized Terrain
    3. Defined Inhabitants
    4. Defined Cultures
    5. Technological Level
    6. Cast of Characters

    In what way does my universe differ from the norm?
    • The presence of several mythic supernatural life forms and beings such as werewolves, vampires, witches etc.
    How exactly will these special features manifest?
    • All supernatural beings are acknowledged by only the highest members of the American government and are kept a secret from normal humans by being relegated to a magically veiled neighborhood in Manhattan, New York called New Haven. Though humans created and funded New Haven, it is ran by prominent members of the community.
    What are the rules by which they operate?
    • Supernaturals who are more human like live lavishly in uptown homes in the neighborhood while more unnatural looking SPNs live in poverty with a dog-eat-dog mentality.
    • Certain supernatural races are considered superior to others.
    • Only the higher up supernaturals who govern New Haven are allowed to interact with the human government.
    • Cross breeding is heavily looked down upon and all crossbreeds as well as their parents are relegated to a specific rundown section of New Haven
    • All humans who become a part of New Haven live neither lavishly or poorly. They are all housed in the same apartment complex.
    • Supernaturals are hard to kill and depending on the type of supernatural they are, often have certain conditions that need to be met in order for them to die.
    What effect will these rules have on the culture and story?
    • There are grudges and prejudices that run deep in between the supernatural races.
    • The privileged supernaturals are tolerant of humans, seemingly entertained by their morality while the poor suffering supernaturals despise humans due to blaming their current state on the race.
    What are the laws of these physics?
    • No SPNs are allowed to leave the borders of New Haven unless given permission by both the governing body of New Haven and the American government. Any supernatural who leaves the premises are to be hunted down and either killed or returned to New Haven by the neighborhood’s miniscule law force.
    • Normal human laws are enforced and upheld among the higher ups of New Haven. But the lower SPNs are riddled by crime due to the only force combating it being Sheriff Wolf and his two deputies.
    • If a human is exposed to any form of a SPN they are also relegated to New Haven where they find themselves living between the two groups. The higher SPNs are amused by humans while the lower SPNs have a tendency to terrorize them.
    • All SPNs regardless of status are not allowed to fully assume their true forms. Any SPNs who in particular are hard to pass off as a normal human are magically altered to do so. Breaking this rule will result in the imprisonment of the offending SPN.
    • Whenever a SPN is not in their true form or is magically altered to appear human their shadows still hold their true shape. This is why SPNs are not allowed to leave and if they do, they leave at night. Were it to become day while a SPN is out of the grounds they are encouraged to lay low.
    • Though they may seem civil at first, the higher up SPNs are corrupt and often use their money to manipulate lower SPNs and bend the laws for their convenience.
    • The lower SPNs are doing their best to survive in the crime riddled, unforgiving area they are subjugated to. Most crimes are done behind locked doors however as a public display of law breaking will end with the Sheriff’s arrival which historically does not turn out well for public offender.


    • New Haven is a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York in the early 1980’s.

    • New Haven is characterized by its elevation. Placed on a hill, town is filled with rich and prominent members of the Supernatural society while Downtown is where all the less respectable races live. Uptown SPNs often have private homes while Downtown SPNs usually occupy rundown apartment complexes.

    • New Haven is kept discreet thanks to a magical ward that is constantly upheld by the strongest witches. This ward though not physically able to prevent entry, actually prevents any human from being consciously able to enter. They are literally incapable of the thought of entering so long as the ward stands. The ingredients for a ward this strong are extremely expensive and are paid for by the government.

    • All humans who must become a part of New Haven are housed in a small three story apartment complex called Valerie’s. It’s ran by a fairy who fittingly goes by the name Valerie. Valerie’s is placed exactly between uptown and downtown as well as the all the other New Haven government buildings in an area generally referred to The Woodlands due to that being the name of New Haven’s central street.

    • The Sherriff and his deputies also live in Valerie’s but work at the Sherriff’s office just a walk away from the apartment complex. They all have individual offices and are contacted via phone call or walk ins. They are the only supernaturals that live in Valerie’s aside from Valerie herself.

    • Hybrid families are heavily looked down upon and so are few in numbers. The few brave enough to take part in the taboo are sentenced to live in The Hole, one of the poorest areas in downtown New Haven. Few ever visit even though most hybrid families are not threatening.

    • Most shops and businesses are placed along the Woodlands with the rest of the New Haven government buildings but most bars and strip clubs are in lowtown. There are a few high-class exceptions in upown. There are little to none hotels/motels. All businesses are ran by SPNs


    General List of Inhabitants
    • Vampires (Uptown)
    • Werewolves (Downtown)
    • Faeries (Woodlands/Uptown)
    • Trolls (Downtown)
    • Witches (Uptown)
    • Ghosts (Woodlands/Downtown)
    • Leprechauns (Woodlands)
    • Mermaids (Uptown/Woodlands)
    • Shapeshifters (Woodlands/Uptown/Lowtown)
    • Warlocks (Uptown/Downtown)
    • Imps (Downtown)
    • Elves (Uptown)
    • Dragons (Lowtown)
    • Centaurs (Downtown)

    Specific Run Down of Main Character Races
    1. Werewolves

    Physical Form – When in their true form, werewolves stand on their hind legs from 7 to 9 feet tall. They retain some human features but are covered in fur and they regain all their beastly features. Their shoulders broaden heavily and their eye whites become yellow.

    Advantages of this Form – Werewolves are innately one of the strongest Supernaturals when in this form. They are powerful and can move quickly on their hind legs. Their sense of hearing and smell are even more heightened and they gain immense amounts of stamina. The longer they stay in this form the stronger they become at a distinct price.

    Disadvantages of this Form – Werewolves lose their senses and often act feral and unpredictable in this form. Only some of the strongest werewolves are able to maintain their composure in this form while most often enter a state of rage while transformed. The longer they stay transformed the harder it is to keep ahold of their senses.

    How the Creature Propagates – Werewolfism is only caught if a human actually survives a bite from a werewolf. Shortly put, most don’t. If they survive the initial nerve/blood/muscle loss from the bite the human must survive an intense fever a werewolf has. Even then, when a human becomes a werewolf this way they are considered impure and are considered a lesser form of werewolf.

    How the Form Works – Werewolves when transforming tear through most of the clothes they are wearing and can transform under will or when suffering from intense anger or pain. Werewolves often unwilling transform as a way to preserve their life if they suffer a injury fatal to their human body. They do not need any magical to alter their form.

    1. Witches

    Physical Form – Witches normally look like a human and are all female. Due to their magical nature it’s best not to assume that what you see is what they really look like as they are capable of altering their appearance to whatever they please.

    Advantages of This Form – Witches are capable of a lot, probably the most out of all the Supernaturals hence their prominence in the community. They are capable of flight on their brooms and can use spells to teleport, track, etc.

    Disadvantages of This Form – Though being capable of a lot of helpful abilities certain witches are adept at different types of spells than others. Unless they are well versed in offensive/defensive spells they are also incredibly easy to kill, much like a human.

    How the Condition Propagates – Witches are born the way they are and all are a part of a bloodline rich with magic. There’s no way to become a witch aside from being born as one.

    How the Form Works – Spells are casted by the speaking of a memorized verse in their own language. When a witch truly perfects a spell they simply have to think it for it to cast. The stronger the magic, the longer the verse.

    1. Shapeshifters

    Physical Form – Shapeshifters look like humans typically though they may share some physical traits with their preferred animal form. Upon shapeshifting they simply take the form of whatever animal they are capable of turning into.

    Advantages of This Form – Shapeshifters are some of the most useful supernaturals due to them being as adaptable as they are. They are capable of a lot of task a normal human/SPN are due to just how many options they have.

    Disadvantages of This Form – Though they are versatile when they transform they are just as physically capable as the animal they shape into. A bear has nothing on a werewolf for example.

    How the Condition Propagates – Like Witches, Shapeshifters are born the way they are and can only really pass the ability by bloodline.

    How the Form Works – Like werewolves, shapeshifters are unable to retain their human clothes if they transform spontaneously. Though unlike werewolves, when they are shifted they still retain their human mind.


    The people of New Haven are divided by their status in the community. Those who are rich are influential and live comfortable lives above the suffering of the Supernaturals who are considered lesser. Higher Supernaturals tend to be more civil due to their comfortable lives while lesser Supernaturals are often restless due to the low quality of life they deal with. The Supernaturals in uptown look down upon the dirty they consider lesser supernaturals, while in turn lower Supernaturals are disgusted by the haughty pride of those in uptown. Humans are often caught between the two warring groups.

    The Good Guys
    The good guys from a human’s perspective are the supernatural races that don’t actively want to kill them and that actually treat humans as an equal despite the situation. So considering the state of New Haven, there are not many. There are small exceptions however that may go against their race.
    • Shapeshifters – Due to them being much like humans aside from the ability to transform into multiple animal forms, Shifters are known to treat humans nicely due to how similar they are as creatures.
    • Faeries – Just due to them being nice and welcoming in nature, they do not wish harm on humans and like they would with any other race, they try their best to be helpful.
    • Leprechauns – So long as they don’t try to touch their treasure, Leps are friendly towards humans seeing as most run the shops at the Woodlands.
    • Ghosts – Due to being the past souls of humans who have now joined the supernatural realm, most ghosts are sympathetic to the cause of New Haven humans.

    The Neutral Guys
    The neutral guys from a human’s perspectives are the supernaturals races who are indifferent towards humans. They do not like or dislike them and simply consider them to be just there. Most are found in Uptown due to them living lives that don’t really require them to interact with humans.
    • Mermaids – Like the elves, Mermaids prefer to stick to their own business in Lake Dawn, where they live. They provide fish for the people of New Haven in return for them keeping their solitary.
    • Elves – The elves mainly stay to themselves in their luscious green farms and prefer not to get involved in the politics of New Haven, so they never really interact with humans.
    • Witches – Aside from having to magically alter supernaturals into looking like humans, witches don’t really interact with humans due to them being similar to witches and warlocks, just without any magic.
    • Hybrids – Due to them being distanced away from the other people of New Haven, the hybrids don’t really have anything to do with humans.

    The Bad Guys
    The bad guys from a human’s perspective are the supernatural races who dislike humans or would like to kill them. This could be due to just hating humans thanks to them creating New Haven or because they possess blood which certain races love to have.
    • Vampires – Due to humans having the sweetest blood, a vampire will always crave sinking their teeth into one. But due to the agreement of New Haven they are not allowed and must live off of animal blood. This does not mean that a specifically rich, influential vampire will let such a small rule to stop him.
    • Trolls – Simply due to the state of lowtown New Haven trolls have grown to hate the human race that has imprisoned them in such a poverish state.
    • Imps – Simply due to the state of lowtown New Haven, imps have grown to hate the human race that has imprisoned them in such a poverish state.
    • Centaurs- Simply due to the state of lowtown New Haven, centaurs have grown to hate the human race that has imprisoned them in such a poverish state.
    • Dragons - Simply due to the state of lowtown New Haven, dragons have grown to hate the human race that has imprisoned them in such a poverish state.
    • Werewolves - Simply due to the state of lowtown New Haven, werewolves have grown to hate the human race that has imprisoned them in such a poverish state.
    The Exceptions
    • Sherriff Levi Wolf (Werewolf)
    • As the sheriff of New Haven, Levi Wolf does not share his brethren’s outlook on humans. Though he isn’t particularly a fan of the race simply due to how the humans have treated supernaturals, he knows he’s obligated to protect those kept in New Haven.
    • Deputy Victoria Rider (Witch)
    • Victoria Rider is one of the two deputies who work under Levi. Though she used to live in uptown as one of the witches who maintain New Haven’s blocking ward, Victoria no longer holds the same prejudices as her magical sisters due to being exposed how truly bad it is in the other parts of New Haven. Though she may not show it, she has learned to genuinely care for those in New Haven.
    • Bar Owner Rex (Dragon)
    • Rex is the owner of the Burning Chest Bar located in lowtown New Haven. Despite living in lowtown, Rex has managed to maintain a happy outlook on life and has been a helpful informant for the New Haven sheriff for years now.
    • Thrall (Werewolf)
    • Thrall was once a long time ago, Levi’s closest friend. Though they haven’t talked much since Levi’s appointment of sheriff decades ago, he is one of the few werewolves who do not outright wish humans dead, due to falling in love with a human woman once.


    • New Haven possess most technologies available to the normal world in the 1980s but they do possess and utilize different magical tools to help their needs. Due to how long New Haven has been around, most of the supernaturals are well aware how to operate the technology of those days, such as cars and etc.

    • Witches and Warlocks do utilize magical objects like orbs and wands and there are a whole vast array of useful magic items locked away in a vault that can only be accessed by those with magic running through their veins.

    • Though the humans may fund the heavily expensive ingredients used to create New Haven’s ward they do not pay for much else so inhabitants of New Haven are responsible for its own economy. Everyone pays a tax to the New Haven government.

    • Though they are directly apart of the New Haven government, the three supernaturals running the Sheriff’s office operate independently with the exception of the occasional minor funding from the taxes paid by the New Haven people. Because of this the three supernaturals often have to resort to their abilities to solve cases rather than state of the art technologies.

    • Most uptown supernaturals own personal cars but the majority of the New Haven’s populace travel either walking or taxi’s as most of the population are found in lowtown.


    Notable People of New Haven

    • Name: Levi Wolf
    Race: Werewolf
    Age: Appears 30s (Actual Age: 128)
    Background: Levi Wolf, one of the most infamous members of the New Haven community, also happens to be the Sheriff of the town. Levi used to be one of the strongest and fearsome werewolves in low town along with his partner in crime Thrall until he was subdued by the previous sheriff, a warlock, and imprisoned due to his actions. Levi ended up breaking out of the prison and as a way of hiding, enlisted into the army during World War II which he served in honorably. He learned to no longer hate humans after he unwillingly fell in love with an army medic who he would later kill, breaking his heart. When he returned to New Haven he was considered a criminal and the higher ups demanded he be executed for his actions, but the warlock saw a changed man and refused them. Levi would end up working with the warlock, moving out of low town and into the woodlands. After the warlock passed on, he asked Levi take up his place.

    • Name: Tom Bosworth
    Race: Shapeshifter
    Age: Appears late 20s (Actual Age: 112)
    Background: Tomas Bosworth, a shapeshifter who’s especially adapt at the skill of espionage and equipped with a tongue dipped in silver, is one of the deputies who work underneath the lone wolf sheriff Levi. Growing up in low town, Tom grew up relying on his sly ways to thrive in the poverty. A skilled thief he was caught by Levi and despite being arrested was impressed by the fact that the werewolf actually caught him and would later on annoy the sheriff enough to allow him to assist in the cases, later his assistance would become official when the sheriff shocked everyone by announcing Tom a low town shapeshifter as one of his deputies.

    • Name: Victoria Rider
    Race: Witch
    Age: Appears late 20s (Actual Age: Refuses to tell)
    Background: Victoria Rider was and still is one of the strongest witches in New Haven, but unlike her twin sister Veronica she hadn’t felt the obligation to keep New Haven safe, so she would often spend her time messing around with humans outside rather than using her abilities to maintain the ward itself. Veronica, ashamed by her younger sister’s negligence disowned Victoria, causing the mischievous witch to become a drifter in the human world. During her time as a drifter she rarely used her magic (aside from using it to keep the Sheriff from taking her back) and almost became completely accustomed to the human world much like the sheriff had once. Victoria settled down a human man that would eventually be magically murdered, causing the witch and the werewolf to meet for the first time as she purposely removed the magic hiding her from him. Though they never caught the killer Levi empathized with Victoria and offered her a place back at New Haven, as a deputy so they wouldn’t be able to punish her for leaving. With her human husband dead, Victoria took up the offer and has since become one of Levi’s trusted confidants.

    • Name: Valerie Rosewell
    Race: Faerie
    Age: Appears early 40s (Actual Age: 183)
    Background: Valerie is the fairy who runs the apartment complex that houses the humans as well as the sheriff’s office. Not much is known about her aside from the fact that she is raising three fairy children, Piper, Phoebe, and Pellas. She is welcoming and protective.

    • Name: Thrall
    Race: Werewolf
    Age: Appears late 30s (Actual Age: 132)
    Background: Thrall grew up with Levi in low town as surrogate brothers. Together they fought their way to superiority and made a name for themselves up until Levi’s capture at the hands of the previous sheriff. As Levi escaped New Haven, Thrall maintained his position on top of the food chain of low town New Haven as the sole leader of an all werewolf gang that terrorize the population. Thrall would later fall in love with a human woman who came to New Haven and was prepared to throw everything he built for her, when he learned she was with child. Prepared to live in the hole, Thrall was looking forward to living with his love and their child but she ended up dying during delivery along with his child. Thrall was destroyed but was allowed to live in low town but he had lost the respect of most of his followers and frankly he didn’t care. He was just broken.

    • Name: Isabele
    Race: Werewolf
    Age: Appears 30s (Actual Age: 116)
    Background: Isabele, the younger sister of Thrall was the long-time lover and presumed mate of Levi as they grew up in low town New Haven. She felt they were truly in love and for a time Levi did as well but when he escaped to the army he learned differently and upon his return Isabele was heartbroken to see that Levi did not retain his feeling for her like she did for him. Enough years have passed that it’s no longer unbearably tense between them but Isabele does her best to avoid him. Lately however she’s can see more and more of Levi in her son, Liam, who she’s been raising in low town with the help of her older brother.

    • Name: Mikael
    Race: Vampire
    Age: Mid 20s (Actual Age: unknown)
    Background: A devilishly handsome vampire who is responsible with directly communicating the New Haven government’s wants to the Sheriff and vice versa. A messenger who’s charm and warm smiles are not to be trusted.

    • Name: Oscar Boyett
    Race: Human
    Age: 47
    Background: One of the few humans who live in Valerie’s. An old disgraced business man who tends to keep to himself in his dark apartment. He came to New Haven after being assaulted by a rogue vampire who was moonlighting as a prostitute in order to get human blood. Sheriff Wolf stopped the vampire before any fatal damage could be done to the terrified Oscar physically but he still suffers from nightmares. He is the most recent addition.

    • Name: Ross and Liliana Evers
    Race: Human
    Age: 9 and 13
    Background: Ross and Liliana are the only children living in Valerie’s at the moment and are taken care of by a woman by the name of Jess. Ross is fascinated by the supernatural world and surprisingly enough extremely eager to interact with them. Liliana like supernaturals with the exceptions of imps which she remembers dearly unlike her brother. Liliana was walking her brother from his first day at school when they encountered their first supernaturals which were imps who impersonated their parents after having murdered them during their escape into the human world. When they came home their parents with their throats slit asking Liliana and Ross to slit their throats next, Levi and his deputies saved them in time but Lily is prone to panic attacks near imps and Ross seemingly suppressed the memories of the terrifying experience.

    • Name: Jess Anderson
    Race: Human
    Age: 46
    Background: Jess first came to New Haven with her sister Anna nearly sixteen years ago, making her the human who has lasted the longest in New Haven. Her sister Anna died giving birth to a hybrid human-werewolf baby as well as the child and for a while it’s just been Jess. Only recently has she smiled thanks to the arrival of the Evers siblings which she offered to raise. Jess and Anna came to New Haven after having their family’s farm land terrorized by a young dragon who wandered out of New Haven.

    • Name: Robert Willis
    Race: Human
    Age: 29
    Background: Robert is a young handsome man who spent his last few years in New Haven after encountering a rogue witch who set an entire apartment complex afire. He was one of the first responding fire men and had met the enraged magical supernatural whilst combatting the fire. His left arm still suffers from the scars of that encounter. Some of his fellow firemen came to New Haven with him but fed up with the way they were living, they’ve opted to get their mind swept completely clean and returned to the human world. He is the last of his squadron. He doesn’t want to forget his fiancée who’s been magically made to forget him.

  2. This is super interesting to me. I wish there were more people interested
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  3. Ah well @WitchesRayvyn. There is an RP that share some elements I'll be joining soon if your interested, OPEN SIGNUPS - Lurking in the Dark

    But I haven't given up hope on it exactly, I think more people would be interested if the information was presented in a nicer, easier to read OCC thread. So if something comes of it, I'll be sure to pm you~
  4. would i be able to create a supernatural character who just had his wife and child murdered because they were humans ?
  5. @BearEnthusiast I would really like that thank you. I'll also check out the other RP you mentioned
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