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  1. while its not really my place to ask this I just thought it'd be nice to see what everyone thinks of the new site and all the hard work that was put into it.

    I personally like this, while it is not the same Iwaku I joined almost a year ago I still like the changes made feels a little easier to navigate the site and find what I need. I am having trouble finding the previous posts link though, but other than that I like it and I look forward to seeing how people adapt to the new formating. I also want to thank the staff for their continued work to provide us with a fun and exciting RP enviroment.
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  2. I too like it so far. It doesnt have all the bells and whistles that the other forum had (yet?), but it has some features I like. I particularly like the notification pop up thingy, because it is right on my screen rather than at the top.

    At first I found it more confusing to navigate, and I was lost. But I poked around some and I have become mostly acquainted with it.
  3. I like the new site because it makes some things so much more convenient. True, there are some features missing that the old forums used to have, but in time, I am quite sure that we will get them back and they will be glorious. The new site feels more dynamic than the old one, not to mention that there are some very nice additions. Plus, I no longer have to worry about losing a message if I edit a post.

    All in all, I feel like everybody has done a fantastic job.
  4. I am still having a hard time getting used to the new style and buttons, despite the fact I have been working on it for a month. XD

    Outside of that, it's been reeeaaallly easy to figure out, edit, and tweak so far. The only thing that has given me shit is the permissions settings.

    My FAVORITE part? Probably the navigation. It's been really straight-forward in finding stuff. o_o
  5. do you know where we can go to find our previous posts or started threads, cuase sometimes I'll leave post in a thread but not subscribe to it and I use that occasionaly to find said threads.

    on a side note I like the quote template :)
  6. Click your Name in the top right and then "Your Content" in the menu and it will give you a list of everywhere you have posted!
  7. I have to say that I absolutely love the new forum better than the old one. The one thing I got most frustrated with on the old forum was not having an easy way to see what threads I was watching, and that alerts has a "Show all..." thing, aaah! I'm in love.

    Also, the mobile web version isn't spontaneously in light colors which makes it possible to read everyone's posts!

    And thank you staff!!
  8. i cant tell if I am on the mobile or the desktop version (nothing on the forum states so or how to switch) but i believe you can change the forum style. I changed mine to Kehvs bright scales.
  9. I didn't even get to figure everything out with the old site! I don't even know how to get a new picture for me avatar! Look! I'm not a giant question mark!

    Aside from not being used to it, though, I am managing.
  10. Sadly the software doesn't give us tablet & phine user a choice, yet! If you are on either then yes, you are on the mobile version. Diana was looking for an add on, but we might have to wait a while.
  11. Oooh, Thank you for explaining that Ocha. Whenever I go to the blogs section, it shows the desktop version of the forum, kinda, but the home page and other forum sections its mobile. Thats what had me confused.
  12. Yeah, it's confusing Diana too. We will get that fixed eventually.
  13. If you hover over your name (on the top of the page), it gives you a list of choices. Select the Avatar one and you should be able to edit it through there. :D

    Also I totally dig the new brown. It's hawt and sexah and I wanna make babies with it--I mean, I really do love it and appreciate what the staff has done.

    Thank you!
  14. Thank you!
  15. It looks really awesome :3 especially the fact that I could pick my desired theme in mobile XD
  16. why cant i access my groups
  17. Groups are discussed in announcements & there's also the big banner thingy that says we are not done yet.
  18. I dig it so far. Still gonna take a while before it feels like 'home' to me, but I can already tell, with the new cool features, that it's going to be awesome.
  19. I like it, but the Auto-Save is odd. I can't tell if it has saved or not. It seems that it only saves in the full reply/more options set up. Oh, and I don't like that I can't see the other replies when I'm in the full reply/more options.
    However, I do like the 'Conversation" thing, the quote style, and that it displays your friends/following/contacts who are online with their avatars in the Members Online section.
  20. I love the new mobile version! nice and clearly set so I'm not hitting a bunch of buttons at once