Thoughts on Ouija? (Game or Movie)

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  1. Well, since the movie Ouija was released today, I thought it would be nice to share my opinion on both the game and the movie.

    Movie: Haven't seen it yet, but looks good.
    Game: Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are your thoughts on it?
  2. They're both utter fiction. The move doesn't look like it interests me, and the game bores me to tears... I think I see a pattern.
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  3. Ouija was a freaking toy developed in the 19th century by businessmen looking to make some cash. There is literally nothing about it that originated from questionable occult practices. It is only because of myths and rumors that the board has become so highly stigmatized that it elicits thoughts of the demonic and evil.
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  4. I think it is a great toy for children and teenagers for slumber parties! :D When my nephew and niece are old enough to have slumber parties, I am totally going to help them set up a creepy atmosphere with the ouija board and tell them horror stories, and then scare the shit out of them when they try to sleep. >:]

    I did not and will never see the movie because I am afraid of scary things. O_O
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  5. Even though both the movie and game are fiction, I would still not mess with a Ouija board
  6. Had a youth pastor pull one out for a lesson when I was younger. Called it satanism. I said he spent 30'dollars on this for the same reason @Asuras said.

    Needless to say I hated youth group. One girl had freakishly long toes and always wore sandals. She also believed satan was in everything that wasn't directly related to Jesus.

    Oh and the movie was pretty boring too.
  7. Did you ever try to convince her that Satan was in her freakishly long toes?
  8. Nah. Did ask if her dad was the monkey from planet of the apes cause of her long dark side burns.
  9. It looks scary. That's all I can say.
  10. A movie based on such an outlandish presence only makes me laugh. It's ridiculous to the point of being cartoony.

    As for the game? As others have said, it's just a stupid board. A friend of mine was utterly scared of what might happen with them and kept telling me it was real, so I proved to him that it's not real by grabbing his board, going into his backyard, and lighting it on fire. No demons, no ghosts, nothing.

    For people who are scared: It's just a fucking wooden board with letters and numbers on it. Really! I'm not saying that to make fun of you, I'm saying that to liberate you from a fear which, from an outside perspective, is actually kinda silly!

    Also yes I did buy him a new Ouija board, but I don't think he's scared of it anymore.
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  11. If that's directed towards me, I'm saying the movie looks scary, haha!
  12. I used to screw around with a Yesyes (French and German yes, shut up Carl, you aren't my real dad) board in my teens with a couple friends once in a while to kinda spook each other out. It's not that we really believed it was really communing with spirits or demons or whatever, but it was really fun just entertaining the idea of what if?

    Most of my friends in high school hung out with the Goth/ Wiccan crowd, so I was exposed to quite a bit of supernatural mysticism and the such, and honestly even if it was all a load of bunk, it was a lot of fun and made for some fun memories. It was kind of like the spirit of Halloween all year.

    I didn't even know they were making a Ouija movie, but I can't see how it differs from all the other really lazy, jump scare dependent, something is getting possessed and weird noises happen for no reason ghost genre movies.

    Can't be worse than Battleship.
  13. I agree, never mess with a Ouija board.


  15. *drinks whisky*

    U mad, bro?
  16. ... Momma taught me better than to fuck with spirits. Why all them kidlets gotta go around bothering the ghostfolk with their teenage foolishness.
  17. Well, it's a matter of belief, isn't it? If I believed in ghosts, then I definitely wouldn't want to bother them, but, as I don't believe any of that, I'm free to do as I please without fearing some kind of otherworldly curse for doing so.
  18. Because I'm superstitious, I won't mess with one. Even though it's a board-game made by Hasbro (or Mattel?), I never find it wise to tempt anything regardless of truth or whatnot. You can call me stupid all you want, and I won't stop you from playing with one. Just let me have my superstitions.

    As for the movie, it looks dumb. Makes me sad.
  19. The best thing to do is wait for the kiddies to get to playing and then scream 'ghost' into the room and scare the shit outta them. That's what I did to my little sister during one of her parties (they all decided to play Bloody Mary and play Ouija) when I was 14.

    All in all I think it's a bunch of whooey.