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  1. What does Iwaku think about MMA? I'm just curious since I think this website might have a lot of opinions and sides I've never seen before.

    Do y'all think it's a blood sport that should be banned or...?

    Personally, I like MMA. I started taking MMA classes recently and I really enjoy that along with watching it. Boxing is too uniform for my taste and wrestling is.... Wrestling so MMA is a perfect fit for my tastes.

    Besides, I'd let Ronda Rousey armbar me any day of the week.
  2. its the publicization of the natural evolution of martial arts

    MMA is older than everyone thinks

    technically, Bruce Lee was a mixed martial artist, having studied boxing and wrestling in addition to traditional martial arts

    any fighter worth his salt naturally learns from opponents of different backgrounds as well
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  3. I first heard about UFC back in 1996. Right now, MMA is a hugely popular sport that is kind of the new boxing, in a way. It's not really a blood sport. Violent, sure, possibly crippling in dome cases. I don't really watch it or have much interest, but I think it's pretty neat and good entertainment like any other sport.
  4. Every sport has its risks for injuries, be it boxing, judo, wrestling, football, baseball, hockey or basketball, so I never take it into account too much.

    I enjoy watching it, but I'm by no means a fan. It's just something I can turn on and watch a good fight.
  5. I like MMA stuff. It's not something I wanna watch every day, or even every month, but every once in a while I'll go grab all the UFC specials that have happened since my last go and watch them over a day or two and have a lot of fun seeing people beat the crap out of each other.
  6. Was huge into MMA from about 2004-2008. That's when I picked up some BJJ classes. Followed UFC really close-- I still think Randy Couture's the man!

    That said, I haven't been all into the sport as of recently. I don't know what's going on, who the big names are, or anything. I did see that Andersen Silva knockout a few months back, and wow, that was wild. I always loved the guy though, so at least it was an entertaining KO! Isn't he due a comeback/rematch sometime soon?
  7. MMA is on the whole safer then Boxing even.

    As for MMA. It is a exellent sport that I love watching and I see no reason for it to stop.

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  8. I don't watch sports myself so I'm neutral in regards to personal opinion.

    However, if other's like it then more power to them.
    Plus although it is a blood/violent sport it is one among consenting adults.
    It's not the same thing as Bull or Dog fights by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. I'm not really one for sports (unless it's the Olympics) but I do think MMA is rather cool. I've always been interested in martial arts ever since I was a kid and I'm even thinking about taking lessons. Although I'm pretty positive I'll be horrible at it.
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