Thoughts on Halloween?

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  1. I think halloween is cool.
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  3. I used to enjoy it more as a kid, now I just sort of shrug and let it come and go.
  4. I'm gonna either be Aiden Pearce or Ezio ._.
  5. I enjoy all the leftover candy and chocolate at the end. Halloween is always cold here, so we barely get enough kids to go through a single box of store bought bulk. Which is fine and dandy in my book. More for me~
  6. I love dressing up....but I can never find a costume....AAANNNNDDDD I have no money for a really good one.
  7. Mini Reese's peanut butter cups.
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  8. Favorite holiday

    Been making my own costume every year for almost a decade now
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  9. Google "budget costumes adult"?

    I love Halloween! Every year I have a pumpkin carving party at my place. No booze (except maybe after dinner cocktails) or loud music, just carving, costumes, dinner, and spooky snacks!
  10. I need a hidden blade with the Ezio costume though..
  11. Halloween is my most favorite time of the year!
    Because I get to dress however I want, eat as much candy as I want, and I get to scare the crap out of people and they can't say nothing about it.
    HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    my enthusiasm is strong for this particular holiday
  12. Best holiday ever.
    No discussion.
    End thread.
    We're done here.
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  13. Our state anime convention lands on halloween....

  14. Favorite holiday.

    Thanks to years of RP, I have pulled some pretty awesome [unless you're the target] pranks.

    I love scaring the crap out of people.

    Also, around herr [no typo] we call it Hallowicked.
  15. I love everything about Halloween. It takes place in my birth month, I love candy and costumes and the fall weather is beautiful, even if it's chilly or rainy. Unless you're a total sourpuss or allergic to fun the entire day is full of jestful activities for kids and adults alike.

    Okay now that I've fellated my favorite holiday enough...

    Halloween is great. Costumes, food, candy, pushing my luck when trick or treating by claiming I'm 16 every year. Good times.

    I think the only day that beats Halloween itself is Nov 1st.

    Y'know "Marked-Down Candy and Decorations" Day.

    I suspect I have a year or two left of pretending I'm a teenager before parents stop giving me candy. I know black don't crack but I all good things must come to an end eventually.
  16. Its my favorite holiday!!! The best part is going all out on a costume!! :) You can be whoever you want to be!! :)
  17. Not a fan of costumes because of how hot I get. My body runs really really warm and pretty much every costume I've worn has given me some kind of temperature related problem that spoiled peoples' good times. Maybe I should dress as something slutty and revealing so that won't happen again. :P

    Ahem, anyway... I do love the decorations, themes and colors, the fall food, the candy, and the booze if there's any involved. Seeing the little ones in their costumes always puts some cheer into my eyes, too.

    Mostly, I'm in it for my kid. :D This will be his first trick-or-treat since he was too little to fully appreciate it last year.
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  18. I make Chili for halloween, and this year it's gonna be GHOST CHILI. 8D
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  19. Eating the shit out of some candy while watching horror movie marathons?

    Yeah, has to be the best holiday ever.
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