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  1. Arielle is engaged with the most wonderful man on earth.
    Yet, she isn't happy with him. He lies, he hits her when he's drunk. You know, the stereotypical asshole. She believes that everything will get worse, not better, but she doesn't want to leave him. He gives her money to keep her from leaving, and Arielle needs money.

    The only time that she's actually happy, is when she's at the 'Gay Club'. Of course, Arielle believes she's straight. She just comes whenever her friends want to go hangout, and just so she could have some fun. For some reason, her eyes always land on one of the regular females who come nearly every day. Arielle didn't know what the girls name was, or if she too, was straight. She just thought that the girl was beautiful.

    When her friends decide to ditch her, she feels alone.
    But.. The girl, who she thinks is absolutely beautiful, was right there beside her to help her out.


    Hello! I see that you've read this and are interested!
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  2. I would love to join~
  3. Cool~ Send me a PM and we can discuss!
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