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  1. I wanted to ask what people thought of the new name for the Mature Area RP's... I don't think a lot of people managed to say their thought on it since the thread about it was closed. So, let's talk... what do you guys think about it? I will voice my opinion but here is the meaning/definition to the word if you already have not searched it.

    Libertine, red
    #1 - A person, especially a man, who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility, especially in sexual matters.

    #2 - A person who rejects accepted opinions in matters of religion; a freethinker.

    Now for my opinion, after looking at the definition for the word I find it not fitting. But do have in thought this is only opinion again. Okay, sure mature areas are where people RP whatever from a variety of those kinky stuff. But we are not Satan, I say we because I as well RP in those areas. I think mature was well enough as it is, I see no reason to change the word. When something works good why try and change it? With the current name it makes me feel like that forum is nothing but full of all those kinky stuff and just written porn and dare I say just full of rape. But from what I have seen there are also romance stories, nice ones at that. The name, it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable, like I got branded for being something I am not. There are many other names for it, Libertine just does not feel right. Atleast that is for me. Others are free to express their opinion.
  2. The name couldn't be too sexual, or it would come up in seach engines for porn and other naughty sites. It had to be a name that was clean, while still implying sexy times or generally erotic content. I think it was also a priority for the name to sound classy, instead of being a pun.

    Also Libertine does not mean anything but a bit of wildness/moral ambiguity in a persons character, especially in a sexual context. It doesn't mean erotic players are evil, crude, satanic, violent, rapists, or anything else, and was never intended to.
  3. Quite frankly I just don't see how Libertine is any clearer than 'mature'; if anything I think it's more confusing. Then again, I didn't really think the name needed change to begin with. Things like "boudoir" or "behind closed doors" (and many other suggestions I saw in the thread) aren't too sexual, imo, and would be a bit more obvious than Libertine.

    It's not bad... I just don't see how it makes the purpose of the forums any clearer. :(
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  4. I keep reading it as "Liberty," so every time I scroll past the name I think of Lady Liberty, which makes me think of School House Rock.

    That's pretty cool, I guess.

    Anyway, more seriously... I agree that it's more confusing than Mature (because I got those weird definitions when I looked up the word too, and this movie I never heard of). Seems like a pretty negative definition... They should provide the meaning they're going for, somewhere on the board itself? But if this is what our queens wanted, I say just deal with it. *shrugs* Be glad they didn't choose to use a really bad, dirty pun. :P
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  5. The word "Libertine" doesn't mean those who play in the section are evil, cruel, ect. But the word does hold the definition of Moral Deviancy, which is a very negative connotation to apply to an entire section of rpers.

    It also sounds fairly political, at least to me, which is just weird. When I first saw Libertine, I thought Liberals, which is a branch of my government. It is not something I want to be thinking about when I go to write.

    And it is also much more confusing than "Mature" ever was. Which was the whole point of the name change in the first place, right?
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  6. I agree with @Fauna; It's more confusing. Iwaku has ages 13+ and they many not know what the word even means without looking it up while adults are more likely to know what it is. There were plenty of clean suggestions. The staff members need to come together and find out what is easier and clean for members. Libertine is NOT simple for other members. Clean? Possible. Fitting? No. Simple? No. I'm sorry but that is my opinion.

    @Fluffy Not attacking what you said just an opinion. It should not matter what the "Queen" wants, it needs to be what the members need.
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  7. I agree with you, Gypsy. The opinions of the members are very important and I don't like the name either.

    I said that because it isn't up to us, according to what Diana said in this. So I figured, might as well just deal with it instead of making a fuss. :]
  8. I never really had anything to do with the previously called, "Mature Section". So this new change of title does not bother me or anything. I will say however, that the new title is a tad bit more confusing. I will not go against this new title though, as it was the Admin's idea. So to the people that are complaining about the new title change; just go with it. However it would've been cool if the member's ideas were used.
  9. I am that kind of person that would fight for my "rights". So I generally wouldn't let it go. Though this isn't a rights case. But what this is, is a matter of opinion and though the members DID get their chance to voice their opinion; Iwaku has not solved their confusion issue with the Mature Section making it worse

    For a moment let's think going back to the name;
    What really sounds clearer?
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  10. Before I knew they were changing the Mature section name--- I was curious to find out what Libertine was since everyone was posting in it XD

    Thank Odin for me reading the forum about the name change before curious me went to investigate the Libertine section XD
    I was curious about Libertine and I was like-- what even is that
    I almost went to go look (thank Odin again that I didn't)

    I was looking through forums and saw the one about the mature section name being changed and I found out that mature changed to libertine and I was like--


    (Melanie does not enjoy most smutty stuff... Well-- lemons she does enjoy >W>)
    //oh my gawd talking in 3rd person again//

    (I'm gonna change my title to that XD) >_>
    //continues talking in third person//

    Melanie must go explore other forums sections and welcome new Iwaku members XD
  11. I am not bothered much about the change of the name.. but I do Agree for the fact of not Being well Fitting.

    Then again.. It was the Admin's idea to change it so ..>.>

    I am sure they could've chose something different and more Better.@.@

    Overall.. It doesn't matter much for me ^^
  12. If you want to have ad revenue or not have bad bots, bad people or FBI agents move in, labelling is kind of a big deal. The whole search engine thing is pretty influential on how and where your site shows up and where it doesn't. Preventing such issues is better than to cure them (which can take months).

    Libertine might not be the most descriptive or catchy name, but it's decent enough at keeping the google gods from smiting the site into the darkest pits of search terms, and that's more important than a question that's either a mouse-over or two clicks away from being answered.
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  13. I'm honestly not sure how "Libertine" is any clearer than "Mature" as a label; I had to look it up when I initially saw it. And honestly, the definitions you get from generic google searches - the ones most folk are probably gonna do if they don't understand the word - seem to have pretty negative connotations that I'm sure most of the Mature players wouldn't appreciate being attached to them.

    I get that you don't want something that's gonna get you the wrong attention, but... I mean, surely there's something subtle that works better?
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  14. I'm sorta mad that 'Intimate' didn't get picked, but at the same time I don't really care since I never really used the mature forums, anyway. But still, libertine is very confusing, since it has a negative connotation. Unless you're going with the religious meaning or the ancient Rome version, in which case it doesn't make sense to name the mature forums after it.
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  15. Well, the LEAST confusing name would have been "Sex Roleplay" but that would get us a lot of perverts thinking Iwaku is one of those kinky websites. o__o We had to avoid anything that brings that sort of attention, and frankly I think THOSE kind of names for the section, Like Red Light District, or Smut Roleplay give it a negative light. That makes it sound like all roleplays with sexual themes are just porn and smut. The problem with calling it the "Mature" section, is that a LOT of people thought that meant ALL kind of mature topic, like gore, violence, etc. That's not what the section is for.

    And we didn't want to use silly names like The Bedroom, or some of the more creative names because they ranged from being absurd to overly specific, to being too complicated and long for a simple forum Genre title. We needed a one word title that had the kind of definition that accurately described our section. So even though we loved a lot of the suggestions, they just weren't going to work.

    Vay and I really liked the meaning of Libertine. It's not in your face sexualized. At it's core definition, it is about freedom and being unrestrained by society's definition of what is right/moral. Which ties along nicely with Iwaku's vision of letting members write where their own minds take them. ESPECIALLY for sexy-themed roleplay which gets censored on most roleplay forums or is treated like it's some sort of dirtybad immoral thing. When people see the word and think "liberty", that's exactly what we wanted. >> We didn't see any of the negative definitions as being strong enough to overshadow the context of how we're using the word.

    And because no one else in the roleplay world is using this word, we get to take it and make it ours. WE get to send the trend and definition of what it means. And we choose to make it awesome.

    PLUS, YOU KNOW: If it doesn't work, it's not like we can't change it again in a few months. o__o Iwaku is all about trying things and evolving.
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  16. MEANING: We are still considering "Willy Wanker's Chocolate Factory".

    At least, I believe that's what this woman is trying to say. I'm not really sure since my translation skills in Adminstratorese are quite rusty.
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  17. Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with leaving the Mature forums as Mature, but I understand the reason it was changed. As @Diana said, mature content, especially that which is sexual in nature, is censored on the (seeming) majority of role play sites. And we don't want freakysexfreaks coming to Iwaku thinking it's all about porn because we are more than just adult role plays. And search engines don't know any different. Although, I don't see how anyone could possibly be confused by the word "Mature," "Libertine" is perhaps better, despite it is considerably just as, if not more, confusing. But when you read the word "Libertine" don't you think of "Liberty?" Of freedom? Consider that, while the meaning of the word may not be the best or is equally condemning as "Mature," it is a place where you are free to write, as every other place on the site and - hopefully - that will never change, even if the name does. Either way, we still have a place to role play our wildest fantasies and sex cravings should we so wish it, so why bother about the name? If it troubles you so much, just look at the heart beside it and think "Love" instead.

    And of course, if the Admins ever really want to change the name of a forum, seriously, they shouldn't ask the users what they think said name should be. Lest they enjoy the many strange and humorous but unfitting results they'll get. ;p
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  18. I do agree with the name having been changed: "Mature", though fairly clear, didn't have enough of a kick to it to really define what the section meant, and plenty of other roleplays can be considered "Mature" without having to be involved with the Mature forums in the first place. The term "Mature" could really be only understood as sexual in a certain context, one which probably isn't immediate to most newcomers of the site; "Libertine", meanwhile, is straightforward, as it's not really applicable to anything outside the forum's scope, but sophisticated, lacking an overt and modern lewdness that could attract the most undesirable of crowds, and, to me at least, it's also a fair reference to the Marquis de Sade, and that guy was really cool for his day. The only real problem I can see with the term "Libertine" is that it's not a commonly known term, so there might be a good bit of inconvenience with it.

    ADDENDUM: Though even if "Libertine" isn't a term everyone knows, we are on the internet, and searching for its meaning isn't really that hard. On returning it to "Mature", I believe it'd be much better for the site if we just did away with the ambiguity of "Mature" than returned to it for the sake of removing a very minor, if not nonexistent, inconvenience.
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  19. @ZsafineGypsy

    If you think that you probably shouldn't mention something, you're probably right. That's completely inappropriate.
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