Thought to be extinct... [Huntress & Peachy]

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  1. Name: Elizabeth “Liz” Corey
    Age: 22

    The night was coming to an end, the sun rising in the distance, the rampaging beast growing weaker by the second. Reaching the spot where it wanted to go it began panting. The sounds of pain and struggles escaped it’s fearsome jaw, as the dark brown, almost black fur began to recede. Disturbing sounds echoed through the night air; the large monster shrinking in size, taking the form of a human, one that you would never expect to suffer such pain and hide such a terrifying secret.

    The now young girl panted as tears ran down her cheeks, trying to regain herself. As a human her hair was blonde with pink tips, naturally a dark brown. Her eyes were a mysterious blue green colour. Her body was curvaceous and fit. There were scars that adorned her body, a set of deep gashes ran diagonally and downwards on her right ribcage, a mark set by powerful jaws wrapped around her left hip.
    She wasn’t your typical girl next door, with gorgeous features and a naive personality. She suited your typical, alternative/rocker girl. There were tattoos in certain places, uncommon earrings and marks left behind from previous piercings. She was cute for a girl of her ‘type,’ but once again not drop dead gorgeous.

    Eventually the pain and tears dissipated from her face as she slowly stood up, using a nearby tree as support she checked her surroundings. Although she could see nothing she couldn’t help but feel the eyes of someone upon her. Quickly she begun to dress, still weary of what she felt.
    Not many like her still existed; besides she didn’t wish to die. Who did? Although some still hunted her kind, she considered herself good at staying out of view and hiding.
  2. Name: Ashton
    Age: 150 (give or take a few decades)

    Ashton took the scenic route through the park when he left the classy hotel, leaving his meal for the night drained in the rumpled bedsheets. He preferred to avoid city streets so close to dawn. Sunlight seeped over the horizon as he traipsed through the dewy grass toward the downtown area where his clan settled. The seedy part of town lay only the other side of the park but it seemed like an entirely different world that the wealthy overlooked until convenient. Ashton chose to prey upon the humans in the upper district - it was more his style, nearly reminiscent of the long-past years when he victimized the upper class of France. Ashton smiled but quickened his pace. Sunlight wouldn't kill him without prolonged exposure but it did hurt.

    He dipped through an isolated section of the park and then paused, his ears pricked and his body cautiously poised. He could easily hear the noise in the quiet dawn: something dragging through the short grass, the snarls of an animal in pain, and a woman weeping. A strange scent of fur and sweat wafted on the early morning wind - he had been too distracted to notice before. Ashton crept toward the small grove of trees where the woman continued to cry. When his pale eyes peered through the foliage, he felt more startled than he had in years.

    The woman was the only thing in the clearing but evidently the source of all the cries Ashton heard - even the beastly ones. Fur receded into her skin, revealing a number of rough scars that he wouldn't expect to see on a girl so young. She pulled herself from the ground and began to dress but Ashton stayed hidden for moment. He hadn't survived over a century in the underground without a good measure of caution and everything inside him warned against approaching this girl. She reminded him of legends he had heard even as a human child. Yet his curiosity overwhelmed discretion - as swiftly and quietly as his enhanced skills allowed, he slipped inside the clearing and leaned against the tree the girl had leaned against for support.

    "That's an interesting scar," Ashton commented casually, gesturing at the large bite mark on the girl's hip.
  3. She jumped, startled from the cool, soothing, attractive voice. Her heartbeat rose to a dangerous level as she peered over her shoulder jaw clenched. Pulling her shirt on—the last piece of clothing remaining in her hands—she fully turned around and looked at the young man with the piercing pale blue eyes. Something in the back of her mind told her to run, to not even attempt being social with the dangerous boy. Stepping back she swallowed hard as the scar he spoke of burned. “That it is...” She responded to his statement. Her heat still thudded loudly, threatening to break through her chest. The pounding a steady sound in her ears. She continued to cautiously eye the man that stood in front of her. The scent of blood lingered around him, a scent that attracted her, it made her want to move closer; the little voice in her head warning her once more. There was also a musty seemed like something...old. She bit her lip slightly and stepped back even though she wanted to move closer. “I need to go...I have to be at work in a few hours. I’m hoping to catch some sleep before that...” She spoke awkwardly.

    Turning around she began walking away, confused as to why she had just said what she said...and somewhat afraid of who...or what she was talking to. Something told her he was definitely not human. She didn’t know what...but she had to stay away, for her own safety. Sometimes she was happy to have that instinct. After all the pain, blood and was nice to have some positive things to look at.
  4. Ashton watched the girl hesitate. She seemed nervous, uncomfortable by his sudden appearance and rather personal question. He lounged against the trunk as she fumbled for something to say but every muscle in his body felt tensed. The girl seemed unpredictable - although she looked harmless in her street clothes, Ashton couldn't shake the image of her prone body shivering on the ground and the almost magical transformation from beast to girl. Not many things could astound Ashton but this girl was unlike any other. Despite his instinctive desire to turn tail and sprint home, he felt intrigued by her.

    "Work?" Ashton raised an eyebrow as if he'd never heard of such a thing. Hoping to keep the advantage of surprise, he quickly moved in front of her to cut her off as she walked away. "Don't worry - you'll have plenty of time to sleep. The day is just getting started."

    Ashton gestured casually toward the rising sun at his back. His sensitive skin itched and tingled although the sunlight was still weak. "Normally I get a girl's name before seeing her naked," Ashton teased, hoping for more information.
  5. Liz almost walked into him as he appeared in front of her. Stepping back she looked up at him and met his pale eyes. Her jaw was clenched tightly, it was evident as the muscles tensed up. Flaring her nostrils a low growl escaped her. She was beginning to become frustrated with this man, but there was still that little voice telling her not to do anything stupid. Brushing the guy aside Elizabeth walked passed him. She was getting close to the point where her fist would connect with his jaw. Annoying or bothering her was not a good thing to do for the next few days. Last night was the first night of the full moon, she had two more to go before her body would be more calm. Glancing over her shoulder once more she exhaled sharply and continued walking, picking up the pace in hopes that he would not follow or stop her once again. He was too cocky and she didn’t like the way he carried himself, there was just some sort of air around him that she didn’t like but was also rather curious about.

    How bad could things go? After all, she was only a werewolf.