Those Who Beat The Flames (OOC) [Closed]

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  1. This is our OOC! I am so sorry for not making this earlier it slipped my mind!
  2. Yay I can spazz and overthink everything now!

    I am also going to tag everyone else just in case people do not see this:

    A necessary thing that I must bring up: Our plot is really cut through the middle and, as much as I regret saying this, I'm not sure it can be patched;

    We've got what is going on in the woods with Thaniel, Vallus, and those two mischievous little elves, which is an amazing playful (Vallus' narrative voice is the best thing ever, Jakers) yet totally dark conflict driven battle filled with enchantments, multiple kinds of magic, spells and a badass manifested God;

    and then there is Xenia and Shena who seem relatively un-magical in comparison (unless Nim has secret plot twists up her sleeve), and that entire story is more of a mystery, driven by thought, conversation, and etc . I mean, while Vallus and Thaniel were having an epic battle Shena and Xenia were just sort of... talking... so... yeah. (I am also going to mention that I see these characters as a white / grey / dark; I mean Shena is like an innocent little child pulling at a lion's tail, Alda is a perfect manisfestation of all that is evil, and Xenia is grey enough to kind of witness both sides of this unfurl and ddkaghkhgdweucwekadgkjhg I am very excited and I love OOC threads can you tell).

    SO ANYway...

    I have no idea how they possibly be merged but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

    Apologies for the fact that I probably completely overanalysed this. Heh...
  3. Ideas:

    • Something god/goddess-related in the forest
    • The forest is burned again
    • An army from a neighboring country begins to march through the forest and onto the city
    If any of these suit anyone's fancy, lend me your ears!
  4. I like the idea of deities lurking in the forest :D

    As for the other two; it depends on whether you want to keep the threads separate or not. They're both really massive events that would make little room for anything else, if you know what I mean.
  5. Thanks for the tag, thing. ((Did not know you could do that)).

    also, @Sarre, I'd love to RP with Shena. I'll send Alda to the hotel in my next post.

    Edit: If I was to be honest with you guys, I'm really excited. I've never written so much before. I find it extremely hard to finish a paragraph, usually. I'm so happy. And so, I just want to thank you again for letting me join!
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  6. @Demmy Happy to have you here! No need to feel pressured about post length though; as long as all required information is there. :)

    Just regarding plotting now:
    What would happen if I filled the tavern with a bunch of justice-obsessed "knights".... seeing as that recent move wasn't exactly... silent.. xD

    I'm sending Shena there to meet with friends, and I'm wondering if the place will be completely trashed, or whether it has more or less recovered to "oh just a little incident early today everything's fine come on in"


    How big should the city be? It would affect how much dialogue they get before they get to the tavern; more could give Demmy time to figure out what happens in there. xD
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  7. @Sarre @Demmy

    The city is broken up into districts large, so there would be a considerable length before Shena and Xenia arrive all the way to the upper district where Shena's house and the hotel is. Xenia will be in an inn very close to the Thistle because of her pick pocketing scheme, so no matter what happens she would be considerably close by. I think we should wait on Demmy here on the OOC so we can figure out how to move on from here. :)
  8. Sounds good!

    I might have time to sketch up a very rough map. We probably all have different images of what the place looks like so maybe it would be helpful.
  9. Hmm. Well I was thinking of getting the man to retaliate, and well, eventually die if that's what you mean?

    And uh, I can be a little slow on the uptake, so, why were you waiting for me to reply?
  10. Oh; just curious as to the state of the place when they get there. I'm assuming it's a large room with many people in it. She would be seen, especially since the guy screamed. This would prompt people to either run or, if foolhardy, attack her. Depending on how all this plays out, the place will either be a mess, or nothing too drastic will happen.
  11. Well, in that case. I prefer a mess. I love chaos.
  12. o.o oh dear; haha

    How many deaths are you thinking? I'd estimate that at least four guardsmen will walk in; there might be a couple of travelers that are either violent or drunk enough to participate; and if the knights are there, I'm guessing there'd be at least three or four of them.

    Also Shena will know most of them as acquaintances because she's insanely social; so enemies will be made... haha... this is going to be interesting...

    So yeah; how many people were you thinking of killing?
  13. Well to be honest, I was only planning a brawl, that or only the murder to her employer. I didn't see your post, so I had already posted on the thread, sorry.
  14. No worries xD
    So I guess it's just another barfight; that works.
  15. Coolio!
  16. Sorry about your slow entrance, by the way; we just need some time to get there and such.

    I also have a couple of dastardly plots in mind, hehe. >:)
  17. It's fine, really. I'm used to being ignored, so this is a nice change.
  18. Awh that sucks. :(

    Perhaps it was just a matter of fitting things in. I know that in the chatrooms I used to rp in, people were often ignored only because their method of entry was either really jarring or impossible. It was usually very easy to smooth out via discussion though.

    Moral of the story: Talking about rp while not actually rping usually fixes everything! :D
  19. It usually does. Though usually when join an RP I'm either completely ignored because no one is open and can't be bothered making another character or it just dies then and there.
  20. Open-ness is a finicky topic >.<

    I love groups of 3-4 characters in an rp; but I have no idea how it would work in a forum because of how would have to coordinate reply times.

    I've found that sometimes partner rotations based on setting works great; but requires a lot of solo-posting on everyone's part; and I guess you're going first right now.

    I think we can pull it off though; I have a few ideas for solo-posting for Shena. :)