Those Who are Tried (Elyasi)

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    Shouting is heard as several women are being marched through a village. They are convicted of using witch craft or being possessed by the devil. As they walk, people began to throw food and other objects at them and to shout curse words at them. Their faces are covered with a blindfold so that who ever is sentencing their fate will not see their expressions. They are soon taking to an old stone bridge. Their blind folds are taken off and a rope is placed around each one of their necks. A crowd begins to form around the bridge, some of them are crying while other people in the crowd are shouting and yelling. All of the women except one are crying, for they know they are innocent, but there is no way of convincing them that they are. "Before they ceromony begins, would any of you like to confess of your sins? To be spared of your fate?"A priest asks. All of the women begin to nod except one. "Yes! Yes! I made a contract with the devil!" One says as tears continue to flow down her face. "I made an ointment from boar's fat and nothing more to give to my sick grandfather!"Another says as she sniffs. "I also made a contract with the devil! Please! Please spare me!" Another says with tears in her eyes. "And I too! But please please spare me!"The fourth women says as tears well up. The last women is quiet, she had no clue why they were convicting her of being possessed. What they had said she had done, she had no recollections of such things.

    The priest then nods and then looks at the heavily armored men. "Do it, procede with the ceromony," He says. The men nod and go to grab one of the girls. "Wait! I thought you were going to spare us! No!" The girl that was grabbed says. "Your soul will be spared, but god has to make judgement on your body," he says as he signals the men. The men then throw her over the side of the bridge and she is hung. They then grab another girl and throw her over the side of the bridge, her fate the same. Then the second, third and fourth and their fates are all the same. Then they go to grab the last women. She begins fight them and pushes the men off of her. "You priest, you're going to burn in hell along with all the rest of these women." She says "Grab her! Grab her now!"The priest orders. The men go to grab her and she grabs their swords and stabs both men and then looks at the priest. "You'll pay for what you've done, priest!" She snaps. It had seemed as if she was a different person. She plunges the one sword through the priest's body. Then she bows her head as if she was praying and then gasps as she looks around. "What did I do?" She says. Then she runs away.

    That was several months ago, Selena wasn't a witch or possessed by the devil, she simply had a split persona. She did feel pitty for those who were tried and were innocent. But she did began to hate all of mankind because they had captured and tried her mother and killed her for she had the same mental disorder. She had been on the run from every other village because they kept trying her as being possessed. The village she was in now, she tried to keep to herself. She has been in this village for three days now and nothing has happened yet. She didn't plan on staying in this village too long either.

    As she was walking toward an inn that she was staying in, a man comes up to her. "Hey pretty girl wanna have some fun?" he asks with a up to no good smirk on his face. He gets closer and begins to touch her every where. Men can be such pigs! She thinks. She tries her best to stop him and continue on her way. But the man wouldn't give up. She tried once more to stop him, so that she could go on her way, but it was no use. Finally she gave up trying and tried to run away. The man grabs her by the wrist and tries to begin to force himself on her. "I said you want to have fun?" He snaps. Selena bows her head and goes limp and then gets a smirk on her face. "Sure, we can have some fun." She says as she punches the guy in the face and then kicks him in the stomach. And then stabbs him with a dagger, she wanted to make sure that he wouldn't hurt another woman ever again. She then goes limp again and goes back to being her normal self. Of course many people saw this. They began to scream and shout that she was either possessed or curse. She then took off running, trying to get away. But it was no use, she was the scooped up by two strong men. A preist came up to her. "So youre the one who had been causing these murders." he says. Selena then spits in his face. She despised all people, but men who called themselves "holy men"even more.

    The priest frowned, "Take her to the dungeon! Later on we will decide her fate." He says. The men nod and drag her off to a large dark dangy and dank dungeon. They shove her in a cell and lock the door. That was several days ago, now. She is sitting in the back of the cell they put her in. She was glad that they didn't bother her any more, before today they would come in and abuse her. Just then the door to the dungeon opened and two figures walked in.
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  2. ((is this in a past like setting with or without actual magic and such?))
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  4. Eyes the color of burnt sienna watched the heavy branches of tall oak trees in the forest sway back and forth. Her lightly tanned skin only showed over her eyes and nose. Bright rosy lips were covered by a fluffy grey scarf made from a wolf pelt she had retrieved only a few days back. Light, quiet breaths filled the air of the dense forest with small puffs of fog. This trapper waited patiently in the trees for her prey.

    She was none other than Gwendolyn Anne Beck. So the day came, the day that the church would call upon this young trapper's daughter. Not because they wanted to, because he was dead--and she was the only one left with his skills. Otherwise, the church would never have a woman hired to be an escort. This woman knew the forests like no other, all mapped out in the back of her mind. Well-traveled and well-read, the church hated her, yet she was as holy from the day she was baptized by priests."Shh."
    Shushing the pet wolf below her that acted as Gwen's guardian was nothing she would do in public, but in the wild--nothing stopped her here.

    The snapping of the bowstring was no louder than the baby birds chirping in their nests, and the arrow flew into the neck of a mature deer. "Yes! Go snatch it up for me, Faelan." After her wolf had helped drag the dead carcass back to the cabin, horses and soldiers immediately surrounded her home. Gwendolyn held up her bow in defense at the warriors, yelling at them.

    "Get off my property now you damned slaves of the church!" A soldier promptly got off his horse and bowed, holding out a piece of paper to her. "I am sorry to disturb you and your family, young Beck. But the church calls for your help and will pay you a hefty sum for it as well. No less than your father, of course." Scowling, she put the bow down and held back her own wolf from chowing down on the soldiers. Then she snatched the paper up and nodded her head. "If it gets you off my land, then so be it. I'll report in before nightfall."
    So that was how the trapper's daughter got the cellar, hooded and suspicious. About to meet the prisoner she was supposed to escort through the forest with another escort of whom she had never met.
  5. [​IMG] Eric Black was in the back yard of his house, he was training with his sword. He was known through out the land as a very great warrior. He heard foot steps and turned around seeing men from the church. He lets out a sigh, staring emotionlessly at them with his good eye, he had lost the other a long time ago in battle. He had no religion, so he had no idea why these men were on his property. "Unless you have a good reason for bein on my property, I suggest you leave now." He says bluntly. He the blade of his sword, upside down resting against his back. "Mr. Black, we need your assistance. The church will pay you a heavty sum. We need you as an escort." One of the men says. "What for?" Eric asks. One of the men holds out a scroll. He walks up and takes it. He opens it and reads it. "Fine, but after this, tell your cardinal not to send any more men, or the shall end up dead." He snaps. The men nod and leave. It was around night fall when Eric where Gwendolyn was as well as Selena, men had told him to go in the meet with his 'partner' as well as the prisoner.

    Selena just looks at the two and looks scared. She was afraid of what they might do. She looks at them both. "My name is Selena." She says. Then a priest comes into the dungeon. "Please follow me, the Carnal needs to speak with you."He says to both Eric and Gwendolyn. He leads them up through a very large church, then stops in front of two large wide wooden doors and opens one. "Cardinal Smith, these are the two that you sent for." He says and then backs off. "Ah! Good! Good!" The Cardinal says as he motions them to step forward. "I am sorry my official didn't explain what is going on, it was very urgent that you come." He says. "The reason I had summoned you was because, you seen the girl, she is possessed. Possessed by a murderous demon that has been murdering people through out the land." He says. "I need you two to take her to the abbey that is high in the mountains, so the monks there can decide her fate." The Cardinal says. "And don't let her looks fool you, she may act all innocent, but she is pure evil. Witnesses have seen her do some horrible things." He says. ​
  6. Still as serious and spiteful as ever, Gwen hid her face and hair behind her dark hood and grey scarf. The church. How she hated them as much as they almost hated her. A woman doing things that a man could do was illogical for them, yet not illogical to her father or to her family. They would never brand her a witch, however, as her family provided the needed protection for travelers and the townspeople alike. When she met the prisoner, she met Selena's eyes with her own--giving her respect that no other man would give to her.

    'A murderer--and she barely looks like she's 16. A young woman branded as a witch when she just tries to protect herself. Of course, not my damned problem--so she can go to hell if they want her to. Don't know why I'm even here.' Gwendolyn held her breath slightly, the stench of the dungeons was overwhelming compared to the fresh air of the forest she was always exposed to. Another prisoner tried grabbing on to her clothes and pleading as she walked by, but she brushed them off, not giving a single care in the world.

    She thought to herself with contempt as the cardinal spoke to her and the other man. 'The churches are always filled with two-faced bastards who call themselves holy men.'

    She leaned up against a column in the church, slightly weary from his long drawn out and boring monologue of how the girl was 'pure evil'--it was all utter nonsense to her. There was no sympathy to be given to the young girl named Selena--as she did not care for anyone but herself and Faelan. After the cardinal was done speaking to the two escorts, she only nodded her head in agreement and understanding--refusing to speak as they would only make fun of her gentle voice.

    It was clear that she was a woman from her petite stature--but her silence and stance were fierce; a wild animal ready to rip their throats out like a man if need be.

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  7. Eric couldn't understand why Gwen was getting all offened by what the cardinal was saying. He himself didn't think it was right, but it was the church. If you went against the church, the same fate would happen to you. He looks at the carinal, "So after this is over, you won't bother me ever again?" He asks. The caridnal nods, "Yes, if that is something you wish." He says. Eric nods, "Yes, I don't want to be bothered to go on missions like this. If you need to come to me, make it to where you need some extra musscle. Other than that don't bother me." He says sort of snapping. The caridnal nods, "It's noted." He says. Eric nods and leaves to go ouside the church. Once outside the church, he lights up a cigarette. He watches as the smoke rises into the cool evening air. He could tell by the way the air and how cloudy it was, that the next day was going to be rain.

    The next day, two guards come down into the dungeon and go to take Selena out of her cell. She backs up against the back wall of the cell and begans to hyper ventalate. She closes her eyes as fear takes over as well as tears began to stream down her face. She wished someone would help her. Then it seems as if Selena had went limp and then she shot her eyes open. She wasn't crying any more and she wasn't huddled against the back wall of the cell either. She stood there looking at the men. "So I guess I'll be out here for a while, I can see that Selena needs the protection. You men are such brutes, picking on such a sweet innocent young girl! If you want us to go with you, all you have to do is ask! Don't be so brutish!" She snaps. "Selena..." One of the men says and then is cut off by the other personality. "I am not Selena, I am Adrian. And you will address me as so." Adrian snaps.

    The guards go to grab her and she punches the one in the face. "Don't man handle me, just tell me to go and I shall walk." She say. The guards look at each other. "Fine, then walk." The one says and then Adrian began to walk to where ever the guards wanted her to, which happened to be a cart with bars. "Well I suppose I should let Selena know where we are. But as soon as that is over, I am coming back." She mutters and Selena's body goes limp. And then she blinks. "Huh? Where am I?" She says and then looks around. "How did I get in here?" She asks.
  8. The church killed her father. That was the way she saw it. Once it was finally over, she stormed out of the church--just happy to be out of the house of lies. Gwendolyn too could smell the heavy scent of rain about to fall but it wasn't quite here yet. Once she was outside the church, her wolf Faelan came prancing up to her--to the horror of the townspeople, all they saw was a wild wolf. The young woman ripped off her hood and pulled down her scarf, burying her head into the wolf's heavy and warm fur, sighing deeply. Others looked at her like she was disturbed and others ran away in fear that she would sic Faelan on them if they looked any longer. She didn't want to go on this trip and she could care less about the church. However, the hefty sum they were offering was enough for her and her family to live off of for a while. Her father did this for her family, and she would do the same. Looking up at the other escort, her expression remained stern and serious. The trapper was going to speak--yet she remained silent because for the moment being she did not want to disturb his peace as he smoked.

    So the next morning was dark and cloudy--all the townsmen and women cowered underneath stalls and umbrella, blaming the witch in the carted cage for the weather. They were all afraid that she would strike them down with lightning and hail. All such nonsensical bullshit. Just upon looking at the girl, Gwendolyn knew she had no such abilities. Yet fear could strike the heart of people easily. And the word 'witch' seemed to frighten people the most. Gwen's dark, rusty hair rustled around in the cold and breezy air--the rain soon to be incoming. Her eyes shot to the other escort and she abruptly stood in front of him, her hand held out for a handshake. "So you too have been dragged into this job. I'm Gwendolyn. Call me Gwen if you like."
  9. Eric looks at her when she spoke and nods, "Yeah, I really don't know why. The name's Eric Black." He says as he shakes her hand. After they said hellos an such, Eric looks at Selena in the cart. "She doesn't seem to be possessed or a witch. But people can be stupid." He says, actually not talking to anyone in particular. He had a hood up, only to protect him from the rain. When the towns people saw him, they began to mutter and talk amoungst themselves. Referring to the stories of him being a great warrior. The cardinal's assistant comes out of the church. "As the girl said, her name is Selena. She has no family, they were tried and killed for being into the dark arts." He says. "Two of the men from the church will be attending this journey, for you will need them for the monks." He says and walks away. An elderly man was driving the cart. The two men that were assigned to this, walk up to them and hand them reigns to a horse each.

    "Here are your horses, we shall start now." One says. Eric had a feeling that the reason Gwen was hired for this, was because she knew the forests around here better than anyone. And himself as muscle and protection. He grabs the one man by the scruff of his neck. "Since we are the escorts, shouldn't we be the ones who decide when we start? If not then, I am leavin. I don't care how much the church is offerin." He snaps. The man puts his hands up as if he meant no threat. "Yes, yes...we'lll start when you want to." He says. Eric nods and then lets go of him. He looks at Gwen. "Alright, Gwen. You think we should get goin? Just to get this done and over with. So we can get on with our lives?" He asks.

    Selena was huddled in the corner of the cart, she obviously looked scared. She just wanted to run away. She had no idea about Adrian or why she was being imprisoned or sent to monks. She had no clue about Adrian protecting her or the murders in self defense that she had done. She was actually shaking, from the cold and also fear. She wished that she could just disappear. Eric looks over at her and shakes his head. He really did feel sorry for her. He lets out a sigh, waiting to see what Gwen would say. Selena then went limp as if she was sleeping and then her entire demeanor changed. She had stopped shaking with fear and the cold. She had stopped looking scared and stopped huddling in the corner. She moved to the center of the cart and sat on the straw, looking out of the cart at the people who would be escorting her to the monks and she glared at them. Eric thought her sudden change in behavior was odd, but didn't say anything.
  10. Gwen rolled her eyes at the prospect of bringing two spoiled church men on a rugged journey through dense forests and a mountain climb. However, if they said they were needed, then they were needed. Faelan barked, running around the cage that Selena was held in--ready to go and help guide them through all the forests and hunt whatever food they would need. Nodding, the trapper's daughter pulled the dark hood back over her head as the rain started to lightly fall. People started to scatter their way through the streets and run into their homes, frightened of both the weather and the supposed witch. "Faelan is ready. I suppose I am now too. Let's get this done with." In one hand, she held her bow tightly before putting it on her back and jumping on the saddle of the dark horse they had given her.

    Her sienna colored eyes looked straight through the prisoner and Gwen held onto the reins of her horse, making sure it wouldn't start off when she wasn't exactly ready just yet. Gwen too noticed the subtle yet quick change of behavior in the girl. She turned back to Eric and smirked a bit. "Ready to make a journey through these dark forests?"
  11. Eric nods, "Yeah, let's get goin." He says and then situates himself in the saddle of his own horse. The two church men look at Selena. "Now Selena..." One says. And the female glares at them. "I wish you idiots would learn. I am not Selena! I am Adrian. And you heartless bastards have scared Selena so much that she had to rely on me." She snaps. The church men then look at each other. "Well 'Adrian', we are heading to the woods, so that we can make the trek up to the abbey in the mountians." The one says. Adrian didn't like their attitudes. "Why? Just because she has two being living within her? That is ridiculous!" She snaps. The church men didn't know what to say. Eric was trotting along next to the cart and listened to the conversation that was going on. He gives Gwen a weary look, for he had never seen anything like this before. "I don't think she is possessed." He says. "Finally someone who has some brains." Adrian mutters. "I think she is mad...insane...crazy, what ever you call it." He says. The church men then look scared. Then Adrian lets out a laugh, "What ever you want to call it, is right. Can't you see that I have no demonic powers nor does Selena. Nor do we have any magical abilities. We're just two people in one body." She says trying to explain. Again Eric looks over at Gwen.
  12. The frightened church men made her laugh, and she trotted her horse back around to the cage. Faelan sat patiently near Adrian, panting happily and baring his sharp teeth at the prisoner. No one knew what was wrong with the girl, not even priests could distinguish her mental issues and only attributed it to a possession by the devil or witchcraft. They said her family was in the line of dark arts, but Gwen highly doubted that. No one would practice dark arts so freely and still keep passing it down to their children after death, condemning them to the same fate. She looked down with a steely cold gaze at Adrian, not giving a care to who her prisoner really was or decided to be. With a light voice, quiet enough that Eric and Adrian could hear her, she spoke directly to him. "And how do you expect us to help you? Freeing you would get more people killed, including us. Let us know when you have an idea, Adrian. Or you can let Selena die, as these monks have no more mercy than these priests that are here with us." The trapper turned her horse around sharply, yelling at the men to pull the cage, ready to go.

    Looking over at Eric, the girl shrugged and rode up next to him, laying her head down on the horse's head. Gwen sighed heavily, Faelan barked and lead the way in front of their horses. "I don't know about this. The forests are definitely more deadly during this season."
  13. Eric nods, "In deed. I had t kill a beast that had came out of the forest not to long ago. And I wasn't talking about a mountain lion or wolf either." He says. He figured she would get what he meant. Some of the forests were home to some horrid monsters like were beasts and monsters. "I suggest we be on guard the entire time." He says to the church men. Who all looked scared stiff as they trotted toward the woods. Eric couldn't help but roll his eyes at them, he thought they were pathetic. Pathetic for being scared shitless and for picking on a young girl that didn't seem to be all there. He looked at the church men again. "And I suggest you do what we say, not unless you want to die out there in those woods." He says bluntly. All the men could do was nod. Adrian had thought about what the other female had said. And indeed she didn't want Selena to die, so she would think of way to get out of this eventually. She rolls her eyes at the church men. "Pathetic cowards." She mutters. She just sat there, in the middle of the cart, trying to think of away to get out of this mess. Then an idea popped into her mind. She would escape from the cart, when night fell and they had stopped for the night. It would be easy, pick the lock and then run away. She had to look emotionless in order to hide her smirk. And she had to keep from laughing. It was so she didn't give herself away.
  14. They exited through the town gates, following the path into the forest that she was raised in. Gwen knew what there was, aside from bears and deer that roamed this land. In response to Eric, she nodded her head slightly, still listening to the pitter-patter sounds of the rain hitting their coats and the cage that held Selena."I've been trapping and hunting animals in these forests for years...and there are things that hide so deep into the forest that no man would ever want to see. However...they like to feed on our flesh, and so that must be why you encountered one." She looked at the church men and bore her canine teeth, not as fierce looking as Faelan's, but enough to make them quiver in their boots as she giggled. Scaring people--especially liars was always fun to Gwendolyn, her father had taught her how to frighten and intimidate others since she was but a wee child.

    Rain poured down heavily and fog began to roll in, making the obscure path a little bit more difficult to see. However she knew the paths well, and she also knew how far away they were before they could take shelter for the night. The priests started to freak out, talking among each other about Selena's witchcraft and how they should just kill her already. Her anger raised at the cowardly men and she rode off quickly in front of them, turning her horse around to stop the entire group before she screamed at the two. "It's just a little bit of rain you idiots! If you had half a brain, you would have known that this weather was coming at least two days ago from the south. If I hear you two squabbling like CHICKENS one more time, I will personally make sure that you are knocked out the ENTIRE DAMNED TIME!" Faelan growled at the two in a similar response, clawing at their feet slightly. No man scared her, no threats of holy judgement could make her quiver in her boots--the only thing that she feared was the beast that killed her father the last time he was forced to go on the same voyage during the same season only a few years ago.

    "Alright. Now let's keep going." Gwendolyn's composure remained as she pulled her horse back to let them pass, staring at Aidan, not trusting anything he had to say so far. If this was the killing side of Selena, she would not let her out of her sight. Her eyes glazed over, and she stared at Eric, thinking of something to say, but she had forgot what it was before her anger took hold.
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  15. Eric wonders why the church men were so afraid, it's not like Gwen and him could protect them from such beast. He had to yank on the reigns of his horse to make it stop abruptly. "If you two are so scared, you can turn around and leave. We can handle this perfectly fine with out you. And if the monks ask, we'll simply say that you guys chickend out and ran away." He says bluntly and the taps the sides of his horse to make it go once again. Adrian looks at the church men and smirks. They deserved to get scared. She the tilts her head back and howls like a wolf, perfectly imitating one. The men seemed to get even more nervous and she couldn't help but smirk.They had been traveling for quite a while and finally the rain had stopped. Since Gwen was ahead of the party, he had to trot a head to speak with her. "It's getting dark, I suggest we camp for the night. From the stories my father had told me as a young boy, the creatures that come out at night a far worse than those that are out during the day." He says. Adrian strained to hear what they were saying, but she was glad that they were talking about stopping some where for the night. She had already taken a pin out of her hair and hid it in the sleeve of her shirt.
  16. Faelan barked and growled at Adrian when she made the howling noise, also watching her put the pin from her hair into a hidden spot of her clothing. However, it wasn't like wolves could speak. It did try to nudge on Gwen's horse to alert her, but she paid no mind as she was warily watching what came out of the forest. As soon as Eric had approached Gwendolyn on her horse, she paid mind to what he said, still moving as she thought to herself and then responded. "I understand. Not too far from here there's an encampment and a cave to keep warm in. We'll stop there for the night." Bright eyes were everywhere, owls hooted and the darkness began to approach as the sun set on the horizon.

    Yet the rain had finally stopped, but the trees were still spilling water from their branches. A rabbit shot by, and it squealed as it was caught in a bear trap off the side of the path. The high-pitched squealing from the animal spooked the priests and once again, they were cowering in fear. "No worries men. It's a wee bit of dinner for us. Unless you're frightened of eating rabbit meat too." She looked back at the church men with a smirk as Faelan ran over to pull the dead carcass out of the trap. She walked over to her wolf and patted its' head, taking the rabbit away from it and stuffing it into a small leather bag. Faelan whined and pawed at her leg, sort of trying to warn the woman. Smiling, she nodded her head at the wolf. Instead of getting back on, the young woman took the reins and led her horse down the path, looking up at the large man and his horse, starting to speak to Eric again, but only loud enough for him to hear. "We're about there, a few meters and a sharp right--we'll be resting there for the night until dawn. I suggest we take shifts. I believe that woman is crafty enough to escape if we don't watch her carefully."
  17. Eric rolls his eyes at church men as they jump at the screams of the rabbit. And then he shakes his head. "Such pityless cowards." He mutters. And then he nods about what she had said about the cave. He was surprised by Gwen's actions when she came trotting back to him, to warn him about Adrian. He nods, "In deed." He says to her under his breath and then keeps a close eye on the woman in the cart. Adrian looks at both Gwen and Eric and wondered why they were starting to stare at her, she figured they must be on to her. But it didn't matter, she would still try to get away. They soon came upon where Gwen said they should came for the night. Eric gets off his horse and draws his sword. "I shall get us some fire wood." He says and then goes off into a path that led into the forest. He could take care of himself, he didn't need protecting. One of the men from the church looks at Gwen, "Are you sure you want him going off on his own like that? Couldn't he die?" He asks in a worried tone. Adrian would wait until she thought everyone was asleep and then try to make her escape.
  18. "I believe he is capable of bringing back firewood on his own. If he's not--then the church wouldn't have hired him, now would they?" Gwen growled at the priests and sat down on a large broken off piece of branch next to the cave, and kept a close eye on the girl. Faelan whined a bit more and she petted him, lowering her head next to the wolf's, her rosy lips whispering in its' ear. After she was done calming her guardian down, her steely gaze shot over to the priests who were muttering something about not trusting the two and that possibly Gwen could be a witch too, but if it were't for her father--she wouldn't be a holy woman. Rolling her eyes, she knew the two were not worth it, no matter how much she wanted to beat their heads in for being complete and utter idiots over everything. Men with no intelligence and no knowledge other than knowing the words of the bible.

    So she waited for the other escort to come back, drinking from her canteen and skinning the rabbit in preparation for food. Of course she had also brought some deer jerky as well, chewing on it as the bloody inedible guts spilled out the corpse.
  19. It didn't take long for Eric to get all the fire wood he thought they would need for the night. He soon comes back with a rather large arm full of medium to large size logs. But he didn't look happy and there was blood spattered on his clothing. "Damn beasts..." He mutters and then throws the logs on the ground just a little outside the campsite. He then picks up a few and stacks them together and soon lights the fire. He then looks at Gwen, "I'll be right back with something else for dinner. For I don't think that rabbit is going to feed us all." He says and goes back into the forest. It didn't take long for him to return either. "While I was looking for logs for fire wood, I managed to kill this." He says as he swings the carcass of a deer over his shoulder and on to the ground of the campsite. "I had to fight a damned beast for this thing." He adds and then sits down next to Gwen. He glances over at Adrian and then whips out a rather large hunting knife and began to skin the deer. Both of the church men looked rather nervous and jumpy. All Eric could do why he was skinning the deer was shake his head. "I don't like the way she is looking at us." One says as he points at Adrian. Who in return gives them an evil smrik. "Stop it! If you acknowledge her like that she will only make it worse!" The second one says. Eric just rolls his good eye and shakes his head. "Spineless cowards." He mutters under his breath. But since Gwen was so close she could hear what he said.
  20. With the cold damp air, she kept the fire going with kindling and made sure it stayed strong. No one ever dared to still go hunting out at this time, during this season. Yet Eric knew what was out there, as well as she did. Gwen speared the rabbit meat with long branches of wood and smirked at him. While looking over at the priests who could not handle the mentality of the forests. They looked like they were about ready to cry if another owl hooted. "I wasn't on planning on feeding those two over there. This is a very plump rabbit though. Go ahead and scour for what you can."

    Once he brought back the deer, Gwendolyn helped to open up the insides and clean it out--if they had to do it themselves, it would make the priests sick. It was like he had read her mind with that comment and she snickered alongside Eric. "They're not men at all." She said quietly enough for only Eric to hear.
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