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  1. When two sisters move next door to the Sohma boys, Kyo and Hatori, things get intimate.

    Severusx- Shina Hasegawa, Hatori Sohma.

    princessyuna- Yuuko Hasegawa, Kyo Sohma.

    Shina wasn't an early riser. She hated waking up early, so she'd set her classes to begin in the afternoon, and her job for only two hours, in the evening.
    She didn't even really need a job, since her father sent her money every week, but she enjoyed working at the local bakery.
    Shina loved baking, and decorating the cute little cakes and other pastries.

    Yawning, Shina sat up and turned her alarm off, finally. It had been going off for about ten minutes already, but she'd hit snooze a few times.
    Living in a traditional style Japanese home was a bit of a bother for someone like Shina, who had lived in Tokyo for basically her whole childhood.

    Here, she slept on the floor on a futon, took her shoes off at the front door, and the doors slid open, and were practically made of paper.
    It was too easy to hear everything.

    Standing, Shina straightened out her Yukata before opening her bedroom door and making her way to the kitchen for breakfast. Her older sister usually made it, since Shina was only good at baking.

    Hatori had already been up for quite some time, but Kyo was still sleeping. Hatori was used to waking early, and had already made himself breakfast and bathed.
    He now sat in the living room, watching TV, not expecting any clients for the day.
    Kyo was staying with him for a while, and the arrangement had been working, surprisingly.

    Two women had moved in next door recently, but Hatori had not met either of them yet.
    Usually, it was polite to introduce yourself and bring some type of house warming gift, but Hatori wasn't very friendly, usually.
    He liked to stick to himself.

    Even so, he was considering greeting them sometime soon.
    Looking at his watch, Hatori made his way to Kyo's room and knocked gently on the sliding door.
    "Kyo, it's almost noon."
  2. "It is about time that you woke up," Yuuko mentioned, taking a sip of her coffee as she kneeled at their table with a newspaper in her other hand. In front of her was a simple breakfast of eggs and french toast, having the craving of something sweet and filling. "I am going to the aquarium today, if you want to tag along." At least it was Saturday, or else she would have been at the school.

    Her hair was in a neat bun on the top of her head, and she wore a red sundress. It was warm outside, which she was dreading. She was counting down the days that it would be winter again. The winter months were something that she embraced.

    Setting down the newspaper on the table, she continued to sip her coffee and soon started to eat the rest of her breakfast. Her thoughts went to the neighbors. She never thought about introducing herself to them, but there would be a time that would come around. All she did was make excuses saying that she was too busy and she would go when she wasn't. Honestly, she would rather be approached first.

    "Are you going to work today?"

    "Damn it."

    Kyo got out of bed, his clothes a mess and his orange hair was wild. All he wanted to do was sleep in. It was the weekend, and he wanted to lounge. It was not like he had anything important to do today, so he had the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. That was his old cat tendencies surfacing though.

    He slid the door open, and then looked at Hatori. "You always seem to wake up so early," he mentioned, running his hand through his hair. A yawn passed his lips, and soon he stretched his arms over his head. "Got any agenda for us today, or did you just wake me up to wake me?"

    Well, it seemed like he was in one of his foul moods. That was just how Kyo was. He had a strong personality that only some people could truly handle.
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  3. Shina helped herself to a plate of the same thing, Yuuko having left her some.
    Taking a seat across from her sister, Shina took a bite of her breakfast before answering.
    "Sure, I'll come. I'll skip work."

    A trip to the aquarium sounded fun, and at the very least, interesting.
    It was something to do, for sure.

    Hatori smiled wryly at Kyo, shrugging.
    "I was thinking we could go to the aquarium today."
    It was a fun idea, but also a tease to Kyo, who was a cat, and himself, as a seahorse.

    "It seems to draw us both in, for some reason."
  4. Yuuko gave a smile to her younger sister, actually glad that they would be spending some time together. The both of them were usually so busy during the week, and their schedules were different. That made bonding time seem a little hard.

    "We can go in a hour, or so, whenever you are ready," she told her. There was no rush, the aquarium was going to be open all day. Finishing up her breakfast, she finished the rest of her coffee and then stretched her arms over her head. "Have you run into the neighbors yet? I have been meaning to go introduce myself, but I always get busy."

    "Aquarium, huh?" Kyo was actually entertained with the thought. It was not like every day that Hatori suggested to go somewhere, mostly liking to keep to himself for various reasons. Kyo gave a grin, nodding his head. "Sure, why not? Not like I have anything to do today."

    He was telling the truth. His schedule was pretty open for the most part. All he did was normally sleep when he wasn't training or in classes, which he only had two.
  5. Shina nodded, finishing her breakfast quickly. She'd bathed last night, before bed, so she didn't need to shower yet.
    "I'll go get dressed, and then we can go."
    The idea of spending the day with her sister made Shina happy- they hadn't bonded, really. Only half sisters, yet Yuuko had been the one to take her in, with no second thoughts.

    "No, I haven't. I haven't even seen them outside of their house, honestly.." Shina shrugged. "Maybe they're weird."

    Hatori nodded, a small smile on his lips. He wasn't typically one to bond, but he thought he ought to try.
    "I'm ready to go, whenever you are." He told Kyo, turning and making his way back to the living room, where he took a seat at the table.
    Kyo didn't really ever take a lot of time to get ready- neither of them did, luckily.
    But Hatori wasn't sure if he'd bathed yet or not.
  6. Yuuko shrugged her shoulders at her sister's accusation of their neighbors. Everyone was weird in their own way. "Perhaps we will run into them at some point this weekend? I think it is a long overdue introduction," she told her, shrugging her shoulders once more.

    Folding the newspaper, she stood up and took the dishes into the kitchen to wash them. "Go ahead and get dressed," she said as she turned on the faucet, cleaning the dishes that they used.

    Kyo disappeared back into his room, knowing that he had to change clothes. At least he showered the night before, considering that he did some training and he was sweaty from it. It saved time for him to get ready. All he did was change into a black shirt and a pair of jeans before heading back to Hatori.

    "I am ready when you are," he said, scratching at the back of his head.
  7. Shina stood and stretched, making her way to her room, where she rifled through her clothes in her closet.
    Due to living in Tokyo with her father, she had a huge bunch of name brand clothes, all very expensive.
    She always felt out of place in this small town.

    Deciding on a pair of pink jean shorts, and a baby blue t-shirt with a bunny on it, she pulled on a black cardigan and grabbed her purse, slipping her phone inside.

    Once at the door, she slipped into a pair of pink ballet flats.
    "I'm ready!" She called out, smiling happily.

    Hatori changed into a regular t-shirt and pants, before brushing his hair and making sure he looked acceptable.
    He met Kyo by the front door, and slipped into his shoes, grabbing a simple black jacket before opening the front door and locking it behind them.
    "It's a nice day." He said quietly, smiling at the warmth from the sun.
  8. Yuuko met her at the front door, and placed on a pair of black flats after grabbing her black purse that had everything she needed in it. She smoothed out her dress as soon as they walked outside, soon locking the door behind them. "It is warm today," she said, not particulary enjoying the warm weather. She would rather be in the snow.

    "Should we take the train, or just take the car?" Either way, they would get there. Usually she would take the train on the weekends, considering she had no reason to rush on her days off.

    Kyo glanced around for a moment, hearing a feminine voice from not that far away. Looking over to the side, he noticed the two women. The neighbors. That is what they looked like? He gently nudged Hatori's arm with his elbow. "Isn't is odd that we walked out at the same time? We could just ignore them and go about our day until later."

    He just wasn't prepared to see the neighbors at the same time. One was colorful, and other one was more conservative. There was a smart look about her. Close to how Hatori was.
  9. Shina thought for a moment, and pointed to the car. "It's faster, and leaves me more room."
    She smiled at Yuuko, knowing her sister liked taking the train. Shina preferred the car, however.
    The train was always packed, and smelled funny.

    Why even have a car if you didn't use it? Sighing, Shina made her way to the car and got in, buckling herself up before crossing her legs and waiting for her sister to join her.

    "It's not odd. They just want to do something on a nice day, too."
    Hatori waved Kyo's worries away, and led him to their car, where he got inside and buckled up.
    "Should we have lunch at the aquarium?" He asked, smiling.
  10. Yuuko just nodded her head, heading into the car. Getting in the driver's seat, she put on her seatbelt and then turned on the engine. "Do you want to go anywhere before we get to the aquarium?" They did have all day, after all. Saturdays were usually leisure, while Sundays were her days to grade papers.

    Her eyes did catch sight of their neighbors. More so, she saw the bright orange hair that was hard to miss. "Our neighbor has obnoxious hair," she said plainly as she started to drive.

    Kyo gave a shrug of his shoulders, resting her elbow near the window as he leaned to the side. "Yeah, we can do whatever," he mentioned, not caring what they did. He looked out the window, wondering what the day would offer him. "Might as well eat when we are there."
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