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  1. (A Note on the content ratings: They have been posted as such, because in this scenario, I have NO french toast-fucking idea what people will say, do or think. So, the warnings are there, nobody get offended! Kay thanks :D )

    Every so often.. a boy or girl of 17-20 will find themselves in a strange place..

    They wake with no memory of who they were before, or how they arrived here. Only three things are certain..

    ONE: You are in some sort of open field.. behind you, nothing but more field.. and it seemingly goes on forever.. infront of you, a slowly thickening tree line.. the trees start scattered and thin.. but the further you look, it turns into a dense, rain forest-like landscape..

    TWO: Something is NOT normal about you.. you have some sort of.. Gift.. or Power.. You can't explain how you know it, you just do.

    THREE: The only things you posses are the clothes on your back, One item you held onto through your strange arrival here.. (hopefully it will help you survive) and a strange note.. Everyone that's every woken up here had one.. and as far as they can tell, they are all the same...

    To Those So Lucky...

    Welcome, you've been brought here due to your special talents.. and your unique approaches on problems.. be it simple tasks, or survival.

    Your time here will end in one of two ways.. with you making it to the very center of the forest, some week travel from your current location.. or with your death. As you may notice, the brush and greenery thickens noticeably as you proceed.. this is not the only change.. you'll find valuable resources such as food and clean water more abundantly as you proceed.. HOWEVER.. the danger will also increase.. hornets, wolves, bears.. Typical wild-life.. for some time. Should you make it further, this will make sense then.

    Make it to your goal.. and you'll not leave with only your life, but perhaps some answers.

    -The Gamesman

    Basically, You find yourself in the described setting, with your one chosen item, and your power. Whether or not you chose to SHARE what that power is or even if you KNOW what it is, is up to you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. do NOT try to make your power.. OVER powered.. example, if you want something like super speed.. sure okay, but you're not so fast, that time slows down as you walk past people.. Just use common sense with this.

    There are no set rules on how to go about this, team up with other's to better your chances of survival.. or go it your own in favor of light travel, and speed. Just do what you must to survive, Gather food, hunt, fish, steal.. or anything else you see fit. Be warned though, your actions may have consequences for the others, not only yourself. So tread carefully.


    • Name: John Smith
    • Age:19
    • Gender:Male
    • Power: ???/communication with animals/strength/shape-shifting/flight/etc/etc
    • Description: Average height male with dark hair and dark eyes. He does stuff.
    • Extra Info/background: Spent several years boxing and is an adequate fighter.
    • Item:Stuff
    • Anything else you wish to include: Orphans are yummy.


      Alright guys, I hope some people like this RP idea! Come up with some char sheets, and one we have a few people I'll kick things off! For tonight, I think some sleep is in order! If we get a couple people, I'll be ready to start by as early as tomorrow/today.. depending on how you look at the time.
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    • Name: Thomas Fisher
    • Age: 19
    • Gender: Male
    • Power: (Its a secret..! Shh For now)
    • Description: Thomas stands about 5'11, has very dark, (almost black) Hair.. and blue eyes. He's wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of rough looking jeans.. It's obvious from his appearance and attitude that he's been stuck here for atleast a little while.. he has a few typical cuts and bruises that come with surviving out here, but also a long scar down his right arm that he doesn't really explain to anybody.
    • Background: Thomas spent a few years training (Not like he can remember.. )his reflexes, and strength, making him fit and capable.. atleast enough to survive decently well.
    • Item: a stainless-steel hatchet that he keeps in his belt-loop.

      Nobody would have a way of knowing.. but Thomas was the first of the.. 'Those So Lucky' to be brought here.. and he dreaded that every day.. it had been nearly a week and a half after his arrival before anybody else would show up, and he'd been just managing survival.. he'd never go to far into the wood line, at least.. not after the first time.. so he really only had enough supplies to get by.. but atleast he was managing. Thomas had built himself a small.. 'shelter' a bit inwards, where the trees where still few and far between, but there were atleast enough to provide some decent hiding.. so his small lean-to wouldn't be plainly visible atleast.. He slept sound for the moment, his Hatchet in his belt-loop, and his head resting on a pile of large leaves he'd layed out.
  2. Name: Lilith
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Power: Bone Manipulation
    Description: Lilith stands about 5'9, she is wearing faded black baggy jeans and a black overcoat with tattered gray wings on the back of it, her eyes are gray and empty, her hair is black and cut like a boys, she tends to stay to herself all the time.
    Item: large metal flask that is filled with a mysterious liquid, she keeps it in the inside pocket of her overcoat.
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  3. _ name ; delilah antwi
    _ age ; freshly eighteen.
    _ gender ; identifies as 'female'.
    _ power ; delilah has control of using an unseen old Egyptian force to summon various types of moving runes. she sticks to smaller ones that are more fast paced and better at creating barriers.
    these runes are cracked, and have various glowing symbols on them. they usually come with some sand deposit on them, if the rune is large, the sand amount increases. these runes are warm to the touch, but scalding hot if hit with at a high intensity.
    _ description ; delilah is 'french-vanilla' toned, with bright, cat like magenta eyes. she has long brown hair that is usually in a high ponytail, with chopped bangs. her hair is silky, and her skin is taken care of with faint small scars. she is kind of on the thicker side with her body shape and being 5'2 only emphasizes it. she has long nails and thick eyebrows.
    she's wearing a black tank top, black jeggings and black lace up boots. she wears a traditional choker from her family, two thick rods of gold, the second is larger and has a small cross stuck onto it.
    she also wears a thick gold bracelet that matches her choker on both her wrists and on her ankles. the bracelets are only one instead of two, and the anklets are three instead of two. none of these are loose and do not move unless she takes them off by pressing onto it and releasing, they'll come right off. she has rings of gold on each finger and another on her mid fingers, they serve as knuckles.

    _ extra info/background ; was once a rich, happy teenage in Egypt. she was always surrounded by sweets, gold and beautiful scenery. the deserts were beautiful and the water were always crystal clear and cool. due to living in such a burning environment, she's used to overbearing humidity and heat. she could even say she belongs in the desert, with the scorpions and wind. since she was all regal, she got to explore ancient places her families ancestors used to own, and stayed in one particular beautiful looking decrepit castle far in the sandy hills.
    _ item ; pocket knife . a canteen.
    _ anything else you wish to include ; delilah cannot stand the cold. she's a ' hot' type of girl!

    delilah isn't very comfortable with insects that aren't from the desert.
    she has a sister named catalina, she hasn't seen much of her since...
    she has a small tattoo of the cross matching her choker under her navel.

    ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— — — —

    delilah had been walking for quite the while now, her head was starting ache from being left alone in her thoughts. she was sure she was about to go insane and eat dirt and climb trees if no one else was here. maybe if she kept walking, something would happen, or she'd meet someone and they would have a lovely conversation. the air was cool but still warm enough to not annoy her, the air was what kept her from going light headed. delilah relaxed her jaw and continued on.

    in the far distance, there were faint outlines of trees. she held her head, wondering if there was a place to rest or something. her feet were getting irritated and her ponytail felt too tight. her mood grew worse as she became impatient, transferring into a small relaxed jog over to the sparse dusting of trees. once she finally reached there, she leaned against one particular towering tree. these were awfully thick and foreboding, eh? delilah felt cautious and just wanted some one to talk to honestly, but it seemed that there were no other life here. she tapped her ringed fingers against the bark before deciding that rest time was over.

    for now, she just strolled, carving into the hard earth and 'climbing' over twisting roots rising from the ground.
    • Name: Karin Gale
    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Female
    • Power: A rifting ability that allows her to rip open a hole in the universe that she and others can walk through and once inside can rift again to reappear in the other world while being in the other world anyone has free movement and cant interact with the other world. Once opened she feels strain on her body and after a few minutes will pass out. When she either closes all rifts or passes out she is pushed out and anyone else in will die.
    • Description: Karin is not very tall only is 5'5, her hair is down to her neck and in the back is a ponytail, Karin also has bright green eyes. She has a small frame about her. She is wearing jeans tennis shoes and a black hoodie.
    • Item: A filled camel back backpack.
  4. Lilith laid in the opening of the forest, staring up into the sky. She sat up and started looking around, her vision was still blurry and she couldn't see to well. In the distance she could almost make out a shape that looked like a person. She started to try to stand but realized she was still to dizzy to stay standing.
  5. Karin stumbling on to the field. Looking forward to see a long span of opening and in the distance she sees a tree line then she started to drift in thought what am I doing here whats going on... but before she could finish that thought a girl a short distance away stood up and fell right back down and Karin rushed to go see if she if she had any answers to whats going on.
  6. As Lilith steadied herself again she glanced up to she a woman rushing towards her. Lilith looked around for the person she saw earlier but she couldn't find them. As the woman approached Lilith, she reached in the inside pocket of her overcoat and pulled out the metal flask, opened it, and took a drink.
  7. *stares into the girls face* ummm whats your name and do you have any idea whats going on here?
  8. *Looks at the stranger curiously* "For one I don't know whats going on, let alone know where I am, and two you approached me so why don't we start with your name first." she says in a flat tone, still scanning over the woman with her eyes.
  9. Well fine you do make a good point but first let me help you off the ground then since we both seem to not know whats going on here *smiles at the stranger* my name is Karin Gale and we need to figure out whats going on here.
  10. *Glances at karin suspiciously* "I can get up on my own" says lilith standing up, "I'm Lilith, what exactly are you proposing." she says sternly.
  11. Well Lilith first since it seems like there is no shelter anywhere for use to stay I think our first goal should be making a shelter for the nights then we can work on food and water I would say that the best place would be to build along the tree line so we would have some protection. We can do some more exploring to figure whats going on when we get a shelter.
  12. "I doubt were alone" she said quickly, "But if thats what you think best then so be it" she said, adjusting her jacket and pulling the sleeves down more.
    • Name: K
    • Age:19
    • Gender:male
    • Power: enhanced abilities [climbing, seeing etc] fire control, and turning different body parts into things he touches [he can also bend them to his will]
    • Description: tumblr_n5emq2SYXW1se94oxo2_500.jpg
    • Extra Info/background: spent most of his life on her own in the streets killing to earn money. He refrains from takeing off the gas mask.
    • Item: hoodies, small aray of knives, retractable weapons, and a single twinkie
    Anything else you wish to include: anti social-----------------------------------

    K wakes up in the field and imediatly goes to feel his face. 'Oh thank god' he feels his gas mask covering his face and then proceeds to his neck and smiles. He stands up reading the note that was next to her. "Well this is dandy. At least I wasnt raped." He sighs to himself and his eyes widen. He quickly looks in his backpack and finds a red pole like object with a button on the side. "Oh yes my baby is here." He quickle shoves it in his pocket. He feels hus ears and rejoices in the cool metal piercings. "So i have to get to the middle of some stupid forest." He looks around and notices two figures in the distance.

    "HEY YOU GUYS!" He begins jogging up to the two girls in the disrance. He makes sure everything is intact then proceeds to walk up to them. He puts a gloved hand on his forehead when he reaches them.

    • Name: Aaron Wolf
    • Age:16
    • Gender:Male
    • Power: No clue
    • Description: 5'8 short black hair , brown eyes,wide frame , and tan skin. He wearing blue jeans , blue t-shirt, and black combat boot.
    • Extra Info/background: He been learning karate since he was 7 years old. ( like everyone else he has no memory of this )
    • Item: pocket knife
  13. Lilith takes a few steps back as the man approaches them, she studies him over a little bit, "Is there something you want." she says crossing her arms, "Actually who are you." she says.
  14. Delilah heard voices in the distance and foot steps. She hid behind a big tree, poking her head out the side. There seemed to be two girls chatting not too far from here, and the trees were sparse and easy to get spotted in. Hopefully she wasn't seen, but at least there were others here. Should she go up to them? In this strange place, it would be no surprise if the only sentient humanoid beings besides herself just so happened to be evil, or what you will.

    Seeing a male trot over to them, slowing to a calm walk. She glared at she gazed at them, for no reason in particular. She was so torn in between joining the group and discussing things, learning what they knew about the current situation. Her feet were aching and her head pounded. If they were unpleasant or even violent, well, her short stature did held to slink away quickly enough. "Aaiie."
  15. Lilith notices a female a decent distance away, "So i was right, we aren't alone." she says irritably
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  16. Delilah was taken aback. One of the girls already there and turned straight to her precisely and greeted her. At least they weren't dangerous, but they sure did look the part. She walked out a bit more from behind the tree, still holding onto it. She assumed she was slightly annoyed because of the tone of her voice. Or maybe she's completely off and that was just how she spoke. Um....

    Did she just call her princess? She wondered why that was the case. "Uh.... Princess is just fine." She murmured in a shy tone. Good nickname.
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