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  1. Hey guys, finally got around to making the OOC thread, soooo ya :D
  2. -w-
  3. Haha.. that princess carry, that.. that's clever.
  4. (Just pretend my post came in after K's last one )
  5. Am I the only one that doesn't understand gas-mask's powers?
  6. I dont either dont worry
  7. Seduction, that is how we make friends now
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  8. (OOC: Hi everyone! I would really like to jump in. I will edit this post in a minute to include my character sheet. Can somebody provide me a synopsis of what has happened so far or at least what is currently happening/any ways I could get my character involved? Thank you very much! I look forward to roleplaying with you all.)

    Elena Knossos

    Name: Elena Knossos

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Power: Shape-shifting: Elena has the ability to transform into a horse.

    Elena while in her shifted state.

    Description: Elena is a gentle and docile creature. Her demeanor is reserved, even bordering on meek, but there lies in her a quiet and assured inner strength that most find hard to miss. She is kind, but has trouble making friends with new people. Elena has rather low self-confidence, and sometimes struggles with anxiety. This anxiety physically manifests itself in what Elena calls her 'ticks': lip biting, nail biting, rubbing fabric compulsively between her fingers, etc.

    Extra Info/background: Elena grew up in Germany, although her family is of Greek descent. She was raised on a ranch where she took care of horses, having always felt a remarkable bond with them. The only time she ever felt free was when she was riding along with the herd, whether that be on top of another horse or while in her shifted state.

    Items: Red T-shirt, with a plaid overshirt. Regular blue jeans, and sneakers. Elena dresses rather modestly, not because she believes in those sorts of ideals, but simply because modest clothing just so happens to also usually be what is most practical. Elena carries a leather pouch that holds a canteen of water, her iPod Shuffle and headphones, minor rations, a field journal, and some chewing gum.
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  9. Hello everyone! Sorry about posting OOC in IC. I didn't realize there was a separate OOC thread. Anyways, hello and nice to meet all of you! I am looking forward to roleplaying with you very much. :) You can expect my first post by the end of the night.
  10. Excuse me, but I object to being eaten on my first night in the roleplay. Haha. Also, if you had any ideas about starting up a glue factory, I would put them to rest now.
  11. Arlathina there are warnings on the thread saying chat can be explict for rp purposes, most my friends are bi/gay no offense is implied but im going to continue rping the way i am
  12. miss horsie, please dont take offense to it, as I did label the chat for explicate chat, and told in the first message, that people will talk/act as they please. Im sure she meant no ooc harm, or offense, but in char, it would make sense for her to be mad at him.
  13. There is a difference between explicit for enriching the RP and gratuitous explicit language, however. My issue isn't with explicit language in general. It really is just that word in particular that offends me. Like I said, I would appreciate it if you could avoid using it.
  14. ok i will try, but in all fairness he stole from me
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  15. Thank you. :)
  16. no problem, and maybe i do want a glue factory, what of it huh?
  17. glue is quite useful.. could make some good stuff with it
  18. and the threads getting slow again.
  19. Agreed. Who are we waiting on to post?
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