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  1. Storyline~

    In a world far different from any other; Humanity and the Gods had found agreement amongst each other for the longest time. However with those ruling forces; such as Gods; there is always an opposing side. Demon Gods became the bane of humanity and unbeknownst to the Mortal world the Gods were in a constant struggle with these Dark Gods. Eventually as time passed, and rulers came and went the Great Warden city of Elcot was created out of the finest stone, and the strongest magics and materials. The city was the pentacle of the love of the Gods for the world, but would it be enough? Time went on and on but more and more the Gods were forced to withdraw their eyes from Humanity. The constant act of murder and conquest of land, of murdering brother and sister and child, it was sickening and that was the reason that Clerics were given. This was a farse however, The Gods were actually in the middle of a war on planes much higher than what the Mortal world could comprehend.

    In this time the world began to fall further and further into Darkness, and more and more the Gods could do little but allow the mortals to remain naive and learn handle their own affairs. Luckily it was in this time, that the Great and powerful King Dynamus took up the throne and began his works in saving the world as best he could. So little by little the darkness was being cast aside, and Dynamus name was shouted everywhere, but even more than him the name of Generals, the four great Generals he had under his command that scoured the land and rid it of all evil they ventured across. Things were beginning to turn up and it was without the help of the Gods at all, but with every up there is a down, and an opportunist ready to manipulate that down.

    A few more years into Dynamus reign after the betrayal of his greatest General, Dynamus was killed in a battle atop of hills of the Masum Wasteland. No one knew what had happened but rumors that the traitor general killed the king spread quickly through the Kingdom. A new King now came to power, an extremist that brought about a question. "We handled the Darkness on our own, we had no help; and so why do we bow to the fathers that refused to help us in our time of need, why bow when we are better than them, when without all mighty power, our ingenuity and mental prowess saved us without them. I will not bow to a God, for in mine own eyes I AM A GOD! The God of Mortals!" The voice echoed over the Kingdom and rallied the forces, and with that a formal war proclamation was made against the Gods.

    "Now Thats quite enough, its time for bed and I wont hear any complaints." The Caretaker smiled to the children, his precious orphans and dimmed the lantern as he tucked them each into their beds and placed the book upon the table. Of course they protested, they wanted to hear more about the Mad Kings war but he wouldn't have it, not tonight. Perhaps someday they would know the truths, he believed that but for now somethings were better left unknown.

    Character Synopsis~

    This entire story is based off of a campaign I am running for Pathfinder RPG. Now I want people to make a character, but they will not be all powerful not at all. Of course they will not be one trick ponies either. I plan to work out a point system for character creation, of course I want to be open to imagination as well so I if there is something I don't have listed with a point value, and youw ant it talk to me and I will work with you. I do not want to spoil the grand design of this too much, but when deciding your class technically for this make sure to make the class define the character as well as much as possible. EX: if you are truly a silent type that avoids people and stalks about; then your class will be more so like an assassin in my eyes. Of course this is debatable and we can talk it over. Throughout the entire character creation process I will be working with everyone to make sure your character is how you want them. As far as Backstory Ill talk to you privately about ideas I might have. All races are available so long as they are humanoid; and I agree with them. There are Sever Werewolf clans also that you could belong to, as well as 3 Vampire covens but for those things just talk to me so I can get you the info. I really look for some fun character builds for this rp, and fun adventures and such.

    Things to know~

    Aside from the point system for character creation; there will be no more things to worry about in terms of the number game. I will be playing multiple characters, NPC's if you will. However I will not play an actual character (well I might sneak one in there >.> XD)

    This rp is built for character progression, love passion, hate, war, conflicted choices, I want it to feel real for the players. I want people to enjoy adventures and see how their choices effect the overall world.

    I will only allow 8 Players maximum in this rp, and so far there are 3 possibly 4 spots taken.

    I actually am expecting a certain level of writing as a requirement for this rp, Im not downgrading people on their writing but I want descriptive, detailed, parapost writers. I will not be allowing one liners for this rp specifically.

    I have a map but its not one that I can upload for this rp. So if you want this map then we will have to work out a way for me to get it to you. of course me somewhat running the world I have my own specialized map ;)

    Creatures will not be fully original all the time however I LOVE making my own creatures and people and things and yeah; just love creating. Anyways, this will be my rules so please don't debate rules with me, please...

    Final thought: If you have questions ask, if you want to do something ask, this will be a fairly pseudo logical rp. The characters will not be super human bad asses, they are mortals with specialties, so falling from specific drops, or getting stabbed in a vital area, can kill you. its realistic, but fantasy as well. I just hope everyone enjoys this =)


    This is it, Im going to start writing out my point values pretty quick here, but please PM me if you are interested. Please do not type on this thread, not yet anyways.

    Thank you

    Jack Shepard III
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  2. Character Creation
    Point Values: +150 Points to spend per character+

    Melee Combat~ 25 (Allows you to fight well in Melee.)
    Melee Weapon Proficiencies~ 5 (And additional 5+ Start Value stacks for each weapon)
    Armor Proficiencies~ 10 (And Additional 10 for every Armor type, Heavy, Light, Medium.)
    Arcane Casting~ 50 (Schools of Magic Under the Arcane can be specialized in which it cuts this price by half, however you have to choose two 3 Schools you absolutely can not use.)

    Divine Casting~ 50 (Works the Same way as Arcane Casting only you may not use any other divine casting field if you choose to specialize.)

    Unarmored Proficiency~ 15 (Allows you to fight and move professionally and cautiously without armor.)

    Unarmed Fighting~ 20 (Allows great ability to fight without weapons.)

    Mundane Ranged Combat~ 15/35 (Allows for use of throwing knives, chakram, shurikens, Bows of all types, etc. If you have Melee proficiency already the cost goes to 35. IF you have Arcane or Divine it will cost you 75 points to use this. Not all three types can be used on a character ever.)

    Sneaking~ 50 (This allows for people to take up an assassins approach, sneaking up and killing/KO silently.)

    Thievery~ 30 (This lets sneaky characters become great thieves and will allow them to play the life of a treasure seeker.)

    Shield use in Melee~ 20 (Allows for Melee Fighters to have shield help and use it as a weaspon.)
    Shield use with Casting~ 40 (Allows Casters to use a shield efficiently)

    Mounted Combat~ 20 (Allows for characters to use mounts and fight efficiently atop of them.)

    Animal Friend~ 20 (Allows for characters to befriend Animals and use them at will)

    Hex Master~ 30/ 50 Along the darker realms of Magic this allows a character to use curse based spells. With arcane casting it costs 30 With melee it costs 50. 80 if you have both.)

    Acrobatics/Flexibility~ 20 (Allows a character to move quickly and slippery, To jump and flip about with ease. With Light armor this cost goes up by 10, in medium it goes up by 30 points.

    Enhanced Intellect~ 30 (Allows a Player to have been the book worm and know a great many things. You will have read a lot during childhood and incredibly intelligent and well versed to things in the world.)

    Improved Interaction~ 20 (This allows for players to get further with those they speak with. They have a higher chance at seducing, or convincing, intimidating bluffing etc. You are a true Silver Tongue.)

    Power of Rage~ 30 (You’re quick to Anger, and volatile. When in this mode you do not feel pain due to adrenaline, you do not think about this, but you will hit like a fucking truck.)

    Leadership~ 30 (This is a bonus toward strategy and morale boosts. You are much more leader like and you will be able to gather followers (NPC’s)

    +Of course all of these things are things that can be talked about. You will have 150 points to spend and if there’s something you might want that’s not on here then talk to me and I can work something out perhaps.+

    Arcane Spell Schools:

    Evocation~ Damaging Spells of attack.

    Illusion~ Tricky spells built to fool the target or cause disorientation.

    Enchantment~ Used to cause mind altering affects, putting people to sleep, or charming them etc.

    Conjuration~ Summoning Creatures to fight for you from other planes of existence and such. Summon items, and armors, and weapons.

    Necromancy~ Control undead, raise the dead to fight, life steal, cursings and such. Hindering effects.

    Divination~ Used for scrying, and Mind reading. This is built around gathering information and knowing everything before it happens.

    Transmutation~ This is a spell craft built around transforming the form of things, or altering their forms, heating, making it cold, changing its actual matter component. Etc.

    Bonding~ This is a spell type that allows you to attach effects to weaponry or armor, incredibly useful for magical blacksmiths.

    Abjuration~ Uses magic to ward themselves and others. They can also buff themselves and others.

    Divine Magic Domains:

    Healing~ This magic is built around healing and curing effects done to yourself or others. Of course along with this is some slight buffing.

    Druidic~ This style of Divine casting is built around animals, and natural environment. It requires the element or natural environment requested to cast most spells. As a sub category one can choose to exempt themselves from the total of their spells and take up a single Elemental type magic in which they are Master of. Water, Earth, Fire, Air, However they can only pick one of these.

    Smiting~ This style is built to provide an arsenal against Undead and demons and other chaotic and evil things that do not belong on the material world.

    Oracle~ This is built to be all knowing types of magic. You will sometimes have moments where you get visions of the future, or where you get an odd feeling something is a good idea or a bad idea. You can check things you can scry the results of actions etc.
  3. Werewolf Clans

    Cotalg Forest Werewolves

    Nightshade Clan
    All Black except for a single odd color piece of fur upon their bodies

    Large Creatures
    Hybrid Form Only

    Can Never use Weapons or Armor.
    Favored as Ranger or Fighter Class
    Automatic unarmed proficiency

    Cwymbridda Forest Werewolves

    Silvermoon Clan
    Pure white of Grey (sometimes odd color markings.)

    Large Creatures (Sometimes Huge)
    Hybrid Form Only (Full Moon Change Only)

    Can never use Weapons or Armor.
    Favored as a Barbarian or Monk Class.
    Automatic Unarmed proficiency.
    Automatic Improved Grapple.

    Para Jungle Werewolves

    Dusk Bane Clan
    Rustic Brown/Dull red color

    Medium Largish Creatures
    Hybrid Form Only

    Can use Weapons and Armor in Hybrid form.
    Favored as a rogue or finesse fighter class.
    Automatic Two Weapon fighting.

    Eastern Skyfall Desert Werewolves

    Desert Fang Clan
    Tan, Baige fur color. Sometimes White or Reddish

    Medium Creatures
    Full Wolf, Hybrid Wolf Forms

    Can use Spears/Glaives/Scythes.
    Favored as a Fighter or Ninja Class

    Witchlight Jungle Werewolves

    Eldritch Night Clan
    All Sorts of colors with arcane symbols upon their fur.

    Medium/Large Quadruped Creatures
    Full Wolf Forms Only

    No Weapons.
    Favored Druid or Witch Class

    (Of course I do not have the histories written up for you to see as your characrer will have no recollection up to a certain point.)
  4. Vampire Covens
    Avata Muri Coven:
    These Vampires are known for being extremely feral, drinking the blood from anything they run across. They do not distinguish or care to distinguish, they just kill and drink the blood. ​
    They hunt in smaller packs and trample through.​
    The Coven has no discipline, and no order but they will not disobey their leader.​
    Fortunately for them the Leaders are picked not by leadership skill but by ability and power.​
    These Vampires have enchaned reflexes and strength as well as an extremely savage nature, their venom from fangs paralyzes enemies so that they might maul them.​
    The Stronger the Vampire this coven the more likely to see a weapon and armor.​
    Desula Rarin Coven:
    These Vampires are around you always, they have nothing truly outgoing distinctive about them that shows, which allows them to blend into society and manipulate society. These Vampires enjoy living normally but on a higher scale, and value their secret society above all else.​
    They are powerful in magics and simple sword pay generally and extremely capable skill wise to handle themselves solo. ​
    The Coven is structured under a council of elders that control all affairs.​
    The Leaders are strict and will destroy anything that disturbs their peace.​
    Desula Rarin Vampires are known for their skill, their ages of knowledge which make them the best of fighters when it comes down to it. Numbers are their worst enemy in terms of combat. Also no one can challenge the seduction and diplomatic ways of this Vampire Coven.​
    Lamagra Torrel Coven:
    This Vampire Coven is known for its supremist way of doing things. These Vampires believe themselves Gods among Mortals, and have no issue flaunting questionable power before these peons. This Coven refuses to drink blood of lesser status, they believe it as taint and plague to their existence.​
    This Coven is completely powerful and adaptable, they are known for showing up solo and fucking days up with a combination of spells skill strength and speed. The fact they drink higher up blood makes them top of the food chain with their abilities. They lack strategy however and are arrogant to a fault.​
    The Coven runs under a single King or Queen known as the Lamagra, or Blood God. They follow this being without question and in their freetime enjoy flaunting their existence amongst those that don't dare challenge them.​
    The Lamagra is extremely powerful and does not allow his servants to forget it. The Lamagra is known for strict policies but only in selfish terms, and they are anal about mixture of bloodlines. Anything less than pureblood is considered scum in their society.​
    In Combat those of the Lamagra are known for underhanded tactics and playing with their food, forcing them to realize they are superior, and that it is by their will that durring the beginning part of the fight, the target is still alive. Then they steal that hope away with dreadful abilities, and skills with weapons and the like. ​
    When Lamagra get serious they spread their wings and take to arial combat. The Lamagra Coven have a special ability in which they can drain abilities along with blood of any they come across. A spell might be stolen from a spell caster or a bloodline ability could be taken and the Lamagra refuse anything but the finest of blood.​
  5. Oh I'm tempted, just not sure if I can keep up >< why only 8 players may I ask?
  6. 8 players a is a good solid number without this getting extremely out of hand, and it allows for the group to be very centered so that it actually lets me treat all 8 of you as main characters. =D
  7. Yeah that would be very centered, but I guess the NPCs would maybe flesh it out.I'm surprised you're not playing a main character yourself actually
  8. Technically I kind of will be. Im just going to leave more decision making things and vital points to you guys he will do whats needed when its needed as the eldest brother of the family of those involved in this.
  9. The kingmaker ;) lol
  10. Are we posting character sheets on here, or keeping them secret? o:
  11. Keeping them Secret =D except from me.
  12. Are you still accepting players or is it to late at this point?
  13. I am accepting Players. Its about to truly kick off honestly Do you have a character idea?
  14. Awesome! And yes, yes I do have a character in mind. He just needs a few things ironed out (mostly his point values). Do you want me to give you a general idea about him here or do you want me to shoot you a pm?
  15. Pm please I will help youw ork out your character with the point values easily =D