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  1. Edward had always loved the South Thompson Zoo. As a child, he begged his parents to take him there every Saturday afternoon. As he grew, he became more and more intrigued with the Floratorium. Each month it showcased new flowers from Africa and trees from Eurasia. It felt like paradise to Edward. He worked hard on his garden at home, but it could never stand up to the zoo's Floratorium. When Edward was locked away in that company cell, abandoned and alone, it was all that could keep him going. He dreamed of the beautiful corpse flowers that bloomed along the main hallway. The camphor tree children frolicked around in the back helped Edward through the beatings delivered weekly by guards. When Edward killed said guards with the bloom of Angel's trumpet, it was the Floratorium mascot that soothed his guilt.

    When Edward found the Floratorium's smoldering ruins, it broke him. All of his optimism turned to sadness as he cried and and stumbled though the wreckage. Edward continued to wallow, oblivious to the SWAT team that began to circle him. Helicopters began to fly overhead, as the locals were disturbed by Edward's appearance. He forgot how famous he became after leveling that mall with peach trees. The SWAT team came upon Edward, laser sights aiming for every vital.

    "Surrender yourself, Mutant! We have you surrounded! Soon you will die!"

    Edward looked upon his attackers, and begged for a moment alone. "Please! This place meant a lot to me. I... I.. need to see if.. anything is left of it."

    " Not likely. We burned everything to draw you out. Such a powerful mutant, only to die for some stupid old zoo."

    Edward stopped crying as the man in armor revealed what happened. His despair quickly soured into rage.
    Without a word, Edward flicked his wrist, signalling the whispering seed of the old camphor tree to grow. As he clumsily got on his feet, the tree grew instantaneously to biblical proportions. The branches quickly eclipsed the sun over Edward and the SWAT team. Most of the people with guns ran, but the more weathered men didn't flinch.

    "Nice trick. Don't be surprised when we kill you anyway.' Edward glared at the man who said that, and sent one of the camphor branches crashing down on him. It landed on his head, echoing sick crunches as it tumbled down. Then the rest of the tree began to creak. It soon fell cracked and descended onto the rest of the team shattering every bone in their bodies. Edward stood erect as the tree fell. Edward coldly stepped over various limbs and left the zoo. Edward gave up on finding anything there, as he knew more hunters would follow. Edward needed to hide, and figured his best chance was far away. He found the team members that left the dead ones, causing them to flee again. Edward took his chance to steal their van, and drove out of South Thompson. He followed the highway, unsure of where to go.
  2. "Just go." Ross looked up to see her father hovering above her, with one finger pointed toward the door. She was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed talking to one of her little ghost friends, she didn't think what she was doing was wrong. And Ross was currently in the safety of her home, so there was no reason to hide her abilities to see ghosts.

    "Give me a good reason." Ross was filled with curiosity, she didn't mean to talk back to her father even though to a stranger hearing in it would seem like it. The difference was in the tone of voice, Ross had a sweet curious voice where smart ass teenagers would have said it with an attitude.

    "We can't," Her father stopped and sighed, "Not right now. We can't handle you right now. We can't handle," He gestured to Ross and to everything around her, "all of this."

    "We used to be close," Ross stood up, brushing herself off, "I guess things change when your daughter isn't perfect." Ross spoke anything that came to her mind, she didn't mean to further upset her father by saying this. It was just some food for a thought.

    So Ross left right then, she walked right out the door. Her plain dark brown, borderline black hair, swished in the wind as the cross wind of the door and the outside world combined on her doorstep. Ross didn't mind the outside world though she tended to avoid it. Simply because she honestly couldn't tell the difference between most ghosts and humans. So many ghosts acted in perfect replica of humans. And with the cold cruel world today nobody paid anyone any attention, so she couldn't tell if she was the only one able to see certain people or not. Ross had half the mind to turn invisible herself, go into ghost form and just wander the world until she could go home or figured something out. But in the crowded streets nobody would notice her, visible or not. That's just how it was, Ross was an ordinary girl. She didn't stick out to anyone. Sometimes she thought maybe she had actually turned invisible while in human form, only to find out she was still very much visible.

    But she always had her brother to keep her company, her brother whose soul was intertwined with her own. He would never see her as invisible, the two were always connected. Though rarely they actually talked to each other, out loud or in her mind. They were just the same being pretty much, her thoughts are his thoughts. Her actions are his actions. A co-existing human, with the exception of Ross being able to control what she says and her own personality.
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  3. Explosions. Body parts. Gunfire. Beautiful chaos. Deus hated it. He hated organics and their imperfections, their lack of strength and superiority. And he hated uncontrollable conditions. He was already less than human as is. Deus didn't count. Deus was a god amongst sheep. Vladimir Alenko was long dead. A SWAT troop was spraying the shield with what appeared to be FMJ rounds. Pathetic. They don't even try anymore. His blade emerged and cut through the human's head within a nanosecond. Perfectly a nanosecond, actually. A tank rolled down the crater that was once called Main Street, firing a shell at him, which deflected off like it was a moth to a bug zapper. He responded with a redirection of the vehicles gravity into the center of the tank, causing it and several chunks of asphalt to collapse inwards. Screams echoed out threw the open top, and were met with a spray of blood, which only collapsed back in. Deus released the hold, and the orb of rock and metal fell with a thud. Hovercopters buzzed in swarms above him, followed by camera drones. This was being broadcasted across the city, state, country, and possibly even the world. He imagined the headline would read "Bioterrorist Deus Caught Rampaging Through NYC". Rampage wasn't quite accurate. Desolation more like. The buildings around him were leveled, bits of tank, copter, bone and blood were scattered behind him for a mile, and his army continued their march, only now encountering significant resistance. But this was an outrage requiring Deus's personal touch. "HOMO SAPIENS! HEAR ME AND FEEL MY WRATH! THIS WEEK, 20 OF MY KIND, MANY CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE, WERE BUTCHERED! HERE IN NEW YORK CITY! GUNNED DOWN BY THOSE YOU HAIL AS HEROES! AND WE WILL HAVE BLOOD!" His voice was a thunderclap, and his drones echoed behind him. In a show of force, he released a kinetic pulse into the air, scattering, damaging, or completely destroying parts of the fleet above him. "FEEL OUR WRATH!" Micro-missiles shot from his shoulders, destroying ranks of Humvees, and with them large numbers of troopers. They fell like flies. Eventually, none of them remained. Reinforcements arrived almost immediately, but remained a good distance away. He used a super magnet in his gauntlet to pull one of the cameras. "To any of my brethren who seek justice. You have a home. You have a family. With me. Contact me in whatever way you see best, and we will come for you. And those of you who cannot find it in your hearts to care for your own kind, stay out of our way. I refuse to kill one of my own, but I will do what it takes to ensure the continuity of our race." He released the magnetic pull, and the camera flew back to its place. The magnet he'd used popped out of his gauntlet, its period of use over. Deus turned to his second, an energy mutant named Aurus. "Finish them." He nodded, eyes glowing. In a second, beams of fire shot from Aurus's palms, melting through the Humvees, Copters, Cameras, and soldiers. "We're leaving." Deus's jets kicked in, his drones following, and Aurus shot upward in a flash of lightning, leaving behind a molten mess of stone, metal, and flesh stretching for a mile in every direction.
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  4. I stretch myself leisurely, though the shackles impede my range of movement. I roll my shoulders, my necks, and other stretches that I can do with the shackles containing my wrist and legs, chained to the metal floor. Titanium plating, fiber optics cabling, 2-inch steel chain links, and 3-inch shackles around my wrists, 3.25 inch shackles around my ankles. Perfectly rounded, very expensive, high-quality. Private military took me in. Of course, I let them take me in, just to see who had spent so much time trailing me. My followers were very skilled, I'd never of noticed them if I didn't notice the same metal groups at the edge of my range.

    But then again, for all their skills they never seemed to of figured out I had control over metals.
    When they first surrounded him, he used a dust bomb to allow Nosalis to escape, and then he simply raised his hands in peace. His items were confiscated, obviously, but the important things were on something like saddlebags on Nosalis's back. Everything I had with me was expendable.

    Except for myself, of course. I waited in my cell room, a perfect square, really, with a doorway in the middle of the wall opposite of me. All gray, all metal. I can feel how thick it is: up to 3 feet, solid titanium-plating for 5 inches, before 2 and a half feet of steel. They left me sitting here for 5 hours before they came to collect me, as if the time was supposed to blur together and become longer than it actually was.

    Take that, hunters, I can count.

    They stood me up, and I decided that I didn't care much to find out whoever my hunter was. If he had trailers on me again, then I'd kill him. Time to lose the shackles then. As soldiers went around to stand to each corner, more or less behind me, but I didn't let them even raise their guns. They frowned, confused, when their MP5s remained motionless. First they tried tugging at them, to move the, then they let go of them. I let the guns float in mid-air, and their eyes widened enough to make the 5 hour wait totally worth it. Next, I used their dog tags [former soldiers, perhaps ex-Marines, I didn't care to find out] to, more or less, slit their throat. The 3 other guards/escorts that were in front of me watched with growing alarm, and then attempted to shoot me.
    I stopped the bullets from even leaving the barrels, and their weapons exploded, shredding their hands, forearms, and leaving the door open for my escape.

    I walk forward, slipping through the metal shackles like they were water, leaving the shackles still locked as they fall to the ground, nothing no longer supporting them.

    ~ ~ ~

    The place I was being held at was a government military facility; an airbase, actually. It was a simple thing to just hijack one of their fighters, and fly away. I knew where I was supposed to meet my Nosalis, and I had a parachute.

    A trail of dead soldier with a combination of shredded bodies, cut throats, and metal spikes imbedded inside their chests or heads followed my progress across the base. My escape would not be unnoticed.
  5. Xypher was happy to be done with the days school classes she was developing a headache from staring at the bright screen so long. She turns off the computer and leans back in her chair stretching her cramped muscles she sighs softly. Looking out the window seeing its a bright sunny day she smiles, I think im gonna take a walk, its too nice a day to stay cooped up. Xypher jumps up off her cheap computer chair and walks to the coffee table grabbing her apt keys, her mp3, and sunglasses. She was wearing a dark blue tank top with black rose patterns, black cargo shorts with pockets on the sides, white and purple sneakers, and a silver necklace with a dragon wrapped around a sword the dragons eyes tiny emeralds.

    Throwing her sunglasses on she walks out the door locking it behind her, she pops her ear buds in starting to play "Here's to never growing up - Avril Lavigne". She had over 500 songs downloaded onto her mp3, most of which she kinda pirated but she loved music and couldnt afford the traditionally CD's or online music. She jogs down the stairs and walks out onto the sidewalk her long wavy golden blonde hair flowing around her, feeling upbeat she smiles softly walking toward the local park.​
  6. Wolf's hand slid away from the Mayor's throat. The Mayors eyes returned to normal, not appearing to be upside down any longer. His energy blade slid back into his wrist tool, and with his other hand Wolf closed both of the mans eyes. The man didnt have much of a power, but a mutant was a mutant. Wolf said a prayer, asking for forgiveness for this man. Laying the mans head down on the carpet, Wolf's headset went off, Blade speaking its mechanical sly voice "Wolf-The S.W.A.T team is approaching your position and will be there....Now" Turning as Blade said "Now" He activated his flame throwers as the S.W.A.T members busted through the door, their bullets hitting the extremely hot flame, bursting into a small explosive on contact. His left Wrist tool quickly switched to gun mode, firing a hail of bullets at the lightly armored officers. Each fell, their clips empty of bullets, and holes lining their bodies. Thinking they were all dead, he turned to feel a sharp pain in his back and being thrown forward. Turning in the air, a young officer stared down, shotgun in hand, at the falling Government Hunter.

    Thinking back to four hours earlier, he sat in a dark room miles under ground in some government bunker. Across from him, Smith (his employer) slide the file over with his next assignment. The mayor of Miami. Smith said "How was your vacation Wolf?" Wolf flashed a smile back, saying "That wasn't a vacation, that was a mission in the Mexican Cartel." Smith said in a joking tone "You got to visit Mexico didnt you?" Ignoring him, Wolf read over the file. He laughed not believing it "Your having me assassinate the Mayor of Miami because his power is him being able to see things upside down? Why not have your men in black stage an accident?" Smith shook his head, and said "Thats what I said, but they said no. They insisted that he knew we were coming, and have the entire police force following him around, because he got a terrorist blackmailing him." Rolling his eyes, Wolf said with a sigh "Blade and Zero with me again?" Smith nodded yes, saying "As always."

    "Your closing in on the ground fast Wolf." The feminine voice of Zero sounded in his ears. She was right, and at the last possible moment, Wolf activated his jet boots, pushing him right side up. He landed softly as his jet boots turned off. Around him, were about two dozen armed police officers, along with two Police C.R.A.B bots. Putting his hands up, he whispered into his headset "Little help here you two?" He saw Blade first, climbing down the building behind them. His eye glowed and shot one of the police cars, causing it to explode ontop of four cops. Then Zero flew in, switching as she flew towards the crowd. She landed on one C.R.A.B Bot, slicing the other one in two with her Energy Blade. Her minigun flared up, spraying into the crowd of police officers, hover crafts, and cars. They each exploded. During the chaos, Wolf charged towards Zero, activating his Jet Pack flying into her cock pit. Sitting down he complained playfully to Zero "I asked you to pick me up a drink Z!" Zero replied sarcastically (For a robot) "It's a little hard considering I'm bigger than any gas station in the area." Blade pounced on the Mech as it transformed into its flying mode and flew off as the cops tried to fire at it.

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  7. ... A local park in which an unnatural creature now resides, waiting for his companion. And though it could be quite unlikely his companion would reappear, he knew his owner wouldn't disappoint.

    Though coincidence or fate, or maybe OOC knowledge, a jet streaked overhead, bearing resemblance to a F-4 Lightning. As it passed over the general area of the park, a small black figure was seen ejecting out of the pilot's seat, and it went up... then back down, falling, falling, and falling. You could make out the general shape of the person before the parachute opened, catching the ejectee's descent and slowing it to more of a controlled fall. As the 'chute slowed the pilot, he swung around, swinging in a circle above the park as he came crashing down, breaking through an oak tree, simultaneously undoing the straps and springing out of the seat before the parachute got caught in the branches.

    Plummeting down the 20-or-so-foot drop, Howard Baker, landed on his feet, instantly shifting forward and turning it into a roll, keep himself loose, nothing locked to avoid injury. Sticks and rocks poked and prodded, but they were ignored as the mutant stood up straight, keeping his pilot's helmet on, as well as the flight suit. A few minutes of walking around the park, scoping it out, he was rewarded with a distant boom as the Lightning crashed into the ground, without a pilot.
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  8. As Ross wondered the streets of Boston should feel a sudden gloom feeling fall over most of the people on the street. Everyone's heads loomed down and stared at their own feet as they walked faster to get to their destination. Quite whispers fell over all the people while some looked up and around while they spoke to a companion or two, only to suddenly duck back into their fallen head position. Ross could tell who the ghosts were now, for they had no fears. While everyone else was suddenly scared about something or someone, the ghosts didn't mind.

    Not even thinking Alice turned to the first ghost that passed her in the street and spoke in a hushed tone, "What happened? Why does everyone have a gray cloud over their head?" The male ghost, with the striking resemblance of an old time news reporter, (thin come-over, suspenders, vest, bow tie, and the nicely pressed "press" hat), spoke with an annoyed voice to Ross, "How in the earth did you miss all that, kiddo? Do you have your head stuck in your butt? Only 3 hours and 44 minutes away from here a massacre has taken place in Main Street of New York City! One of those demon people, with the powers and the," It hit him then, a human could see him and talk to him, "and you're one of them!" Ross smiled an awkward smile at him right as some humans, with their phones out, stepped right through the old man.

    "Excuse me!" Ross spoke as she grabbed onto one of the female human's arm, ignoring the gawking ghost, "Can I read the story or see a news cast of the thing that just happened in New York City?" The female human looked at Ross with a strange look, you could tell she was confused on how Ross didn't know anything.

    "Sure. Here, look at this." The female human held out her phone and turned on the newscast of the report. As Ross watched her eyes grew wider and wider. And what stuck out to her the most was the message to people just like Ross, abnormal humans with powers, that Dues, (as the news report called him), wanted people to seek him out. Ross didn't know how she felt about it, he could go and murder who knows how many people and still want to reach out to people who want justice.

    "Can you believe all that happened in about a four hour radius from here?" The female asked Ross after the report finished.

    "Actually it's 3 hours and 44 minutes from here," Ross could tell her bluntness and random fact knowledge made the female uncomfortable, "If, you know, the traffic is all clear!" Ross nervously laughed, thanked the female, and sped walked away.

    "You can see me. You are one of them. You could destroy this whole town like that man, can't you?" The news reporter ghost followed Ross as she walked faster and faster. And he just kept talking to her over and over about how Ross had to be evil too.

    "I'm not evil!" Ross turned and yelled at the ghost, and unfortunately that attracted some attention to herself. Ross sighed as she watched people glance at her. She didn't like the attention and she could feel herself slowly going invisible.
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  9. As Xypher approaches Boston's largest park she frowns seeing a small puff of smoke rising from somewhere in the park, Wonder what that could be, someone start something on fire? As she walks into the park following the paved path she notices an oak tree that looked like it had been broken through...Like something had crashed into it. How odd...I hope someone didnt get hurt. Xypher continues to walk deeper into the park she veers off the path a bit to start walking alongside a small creak that runs through it. She breathes in the fresh air, she loved the outdoors and nature it was always relaxing. She would listen to the silence around her but the sounds of the city intruded on the peaceful park making her music a much nicer resort. She was currently listening to Black Veil Brides - In the end, and it was revving her up making her powers start to surge.

    After a few minutes Xypher starts getting a tingling sensation like someone, or something, was watching her intently. Becoming wary of her surroundings she keeps an eye out and her powers at the ready her hand subtly facing the creak next to her the water sparkling in the afternoon sun.
    Abruptly, the Nosalis appeared from the brush, passive and wary, a gruesome creature in the light of the sun, revealing thick hide, a humanoid-like body, with a large upper torso and a very lean, muscled body, tensed and ready to attack, run, or dodge. On it is a harness, straight brown leather straps, connected to other straps by metal loops, bags similar to a horse's saddlebags, filled with some unknown items.

    The Nosalis, however, showed no aggression, no incentive to attack. Like other animals, it felt almost drawn to the odd person, walking in the park. However, his appearance scared most of the other, natural, animals away.

    As the Nosalis cautiously moved forward after waiting for several moments, a glitter of intelligence shown in its eyes. A distance away, there is the sound of a branch snapping, and the Nosalis turns, raising itself from its prone, 4-legged pose to its height, at a 2-legged pose, as Baker broke through the brush, the same place that the Nosalis had come through.

    Baker, taken by surprise by the appearance of his companion attempting to approach someone else, he stopped, immediately pulling out a plain-steel dagger from either side of his flightsuit, pilot's helmet and flightsuit still on.
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  11. Hetah sat on the edge of the King size bed that dominated only a tenth of the luxurious hotel suite. Her back was straight, eyes staring ahead out of determination to not look into the eyes of the man in front of her, instead choosing to settle them on the sixty inch, flat screen television that was depicting a news broadcast. It had been all over every channel as of only an hour or two ago, the reoccurring sight of dismembered limbs and other gore beginning to make her feel ill. The pure hate was evident in the style of the massacre and the harsh tone of the filmed man's words, not helping to settle her nerves. "Hayra!" She jumped, gaze being ripped away from the distraction and back to the present. "I would wish that you start paying more attention when I speak Hetah..." He looked calm and unphased by her ignoring him, yet the red and gray tendrils that radiated off his body begged to differ, telling a story of sadness and frustration. "I'm sorry..." she breathed softly, lacing her words with a sense of compassion and guilt, though she felt none. He sighed and sat beside her, wrapping a protective -possessive- arm around her frame and crushing his lips to hers. It was something he did often enough, but it never changed how the young woman felt towards him. Her mouth locked defiantly against him, sending the sensations of fear into the air in place of where he had been emitting lust. He released her suddenly and stood shivering, watching her still frame with confusion before dismissing himself to the bathroom.

    As quickly as the door shut, she was on her feet, flitting about the room in a flurry of cloth, perfume and books. She appreciated the space that the room offered, but the way he was spending money was ridiculous and it sickened her that he thought that spoiling her would win her affection. He had been trying for years. Soon to be a decade. A decade of living with a man who she hated like no other but who she was forced to stay with out of fear, necessity and as a punishment to him. He couldn't control her, no matter how often he reinforced the threats that he placed over her head, and that scared him; she knew it. Hetah knocked softly on the door, noting how pale he looked when he opened it. "I need to exercise..." she explained, shifting her gaze to her feet. He frowned, about to object, when she sent a wave of revulsion to shudder through him. He looked about to be sick almost instantly, the color in his face becoming pasty like wet chalk. "Please?" A hand was raised to his mouth and he nodded mutely, shutting the door angrily as he rushed to the toilet to puke up his innards. She almost felt bad for him, until she remembered the feel of his dry, cracked lips on hers, the desire to undress her in his touch and the taste of his tongue pressing through the defenses of her lips and exploring her mouth uninvited. She gagged and sent another wave of revulsion through his system as she locked the front door behind her. He could punish her later. If she was around.
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  12. Xypher frowns as she sees some people running away she looks around gasping softly when she see's the creature, it was certainly scary there was no denying that. But for some reason it didnt frighten her, as it got closer she saw the intelligence in its eyes and she tilts her head slightly pulling out her ear buds and hesitantly approaches it. She jumps slightly as it stands on 2 legs like a human his height nearly matching her own 5'7. She gazes at the creature wondering if it spoke "Hi there, I wont hurt you, my name is Xypher....Do you speak? Can you understand me?" her voice is soft and soothing with a light Greek accent.
  13. The Nosalis snorted, and Baker steps forward, from his half-hidden position in the brush.

    "He doesn't speak, and never before has he attempted to approach someone... peacefully, that is. You're not like regular humans, then. You're mutant." Blank, emotionless eyes stare out at her from the protection of the flight helmet, leaving none of his face uncovered. "Who are you? You're not being hunted."

    The Nosalis, during Baker's dialogue, goes back on his former 4-legged position, laying down on the ground next to Baker's feet, watching Xypher.
  14. Chrissy held her bag on her shoulder wandering by the highway, looking forward and nowhere but ahead of her. Stevie flew around above her so as not to make the fact that she's mutant so obvious. Their relationship is a little complicated. It's easy to control Stevie every time she feels like it, but she doesn't like the fact that she'd ever have to make it so that Stevie had no choice in being her buddy. So she had once tried to let the little bird go, relinquishing any mental tie she ever had on it, but having spent enough time with her, it apparently decided to go against its instincts and follow her like a pet. A friend. Her only friend. She wasn't sure if it was because of any sort of irreparable mental damage she caused or a true want to stay by her side. She liked to think it was the latter, but the fact that she wasn't sure still haunts her.
    Right now, Chirissy wants to move away again. After spending a certain amount of time in a state of city she has to move on. Partly because she can't afford to get attached and partly because hunters would eventually get suspicious. She hoped that her hair in twin braids, her holey jeans and ratty sneakers would make any kind passerby stop and pull over to give her a ride to anywhere but here. She sighed, getting bored and tired of walking after awhile. Stevie chirped above her, fluttering about happily, for that's what little birds do. That is until a rushing SWAT van begins to approach. Chrissy noticed it after Stevie, furrowing her eyebrows over golden brown irises in the sunlight. That couldn't be a real SWAT team member.
    ((It's Edward)) It's driving too fast and without other vans. Uncommon. Usually those kind of vehicles ride in a group and crawl slowly, searching for abnormalities like her. This one was a bit too ast approaching for her to be afraid. Not that she would be afraid even if it was a real official member of the SWAT team. She could get herself out of it with a bit of strong eye contact.
  15. Edward continued to follow the highway north, not really caring where it took him. The road seemed to bump him frequently, reminding him of what happened. It was no longer the loss of his childhood sanctuary, but the mass murder he caused out of his rage.Maybe the hunters have a point. Maybe I am a monster... Edward tried not to think about, as it only caused more painful memories to flow back. Edward's eyes focused on the road, taking in every detail as a distraction. Edward continued to blindly follow the highway, not daring to glance at the clock on the radio.

    In what seemed a minor eternity, Edward noticed something standing in the road. A little girl was wandering down Edward's side of the road. She bore an intense look of innocence, nestled in her brown braids. Edward thought she looked frightened, and also compelled to stop. Maybe there was an accident or something. Can't leave her by her lonesome self. Edward remained focused on the small girl wandering the road, not realizing how close she was. Dammit, need to stop. NOW! Edward's foot slammed on the breaks, forcing him to nearly swerve. The van stopped a few feet farther than he meant to, and veered off to the right slightly. Crap. Try to help, and nearly scare her to death.

    Edward rolled down the window, and poked his head out. He never realized until up close how mature she looked. The small girl cowering from Edward's 'graceful' stop held an air of control. Even when surprised, her eyes seemed to maintain an inner calm. Almost spooky.... Edward the hastily decided to call out to her. "Hello there! Sorry about the sudden stop, but I didn't see you from far away. Nearly missed you..." Edward unintentionally left his voice trailing off. The girl still maintained some sort of caution, but visibly relaxed, if only slightly. Somewhere overhead, Edward could faintly hear a bird's chirping "What are you doing, walking down the highway? You're lucky the police didn't scoop you up." The girl looked confused. Edward was also baffled, but quickly realized he was in a SWAT van. He then rebutted in a natural sounding way "Ignore the logo. I just bought this baby in a police auction." That sounded believable "Anyways, what I'm tryin' to say is, do you need a ride somewhere? I swear, I can take you there if you need it."
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  16. Chrissy watched the car come steadily closer and closer. Too fast! She thought of how fearless she was of capture from hunters, of how easy it was to get out of dangerous situations, but she wouldn't be able to stop herself from being run over! She started to run, knowing it was pointless on the empty road since the car was too close now to---oh thank goodness, the driver noticed in time. Yes, this person is definitely not with the SWAT team, though she can't be too careful. Of all the kind of cars she would have liked to hitchhike in, this one had to nearly kill her? Not the best day today, huh?
    Leaving skid marks on the asphalt, the van rolled down the tinted window and Chrissy stared, half afraid (for the innocent look) and half calm, cool and collected enough to stand firm and not run away from the large vehicle. Stevie wasn't coming down with all the ruckus. She just chirped helplessly, fluttering around in a disjointed rhythm of worry.
    A man stuck his head out and it was obvious he didn't have a SWAT team uniform. He seemed...a little harmless to a girl like her. But she kept her lower lip quivering and her muscles tense to give off the deer in the headlights look as he apologized and explained what she already knew. He wasn't from the government. Then the stranger offered her a ride, which is exactly what she had wanted and since he seemed nice and there were no other available options, she gulped and nodded in consent to being driven somewhere new. She took a 'shaky' breath and moved toward the car slowly. "I-I need to get away from here. Will you help us?" She asked timidly as she crept closer to the driver, maintaining eye contact in case she needed to make a speedy connection to his mind. Her big brown eyes were the only thing that may have given away her scared little girl disguise. The eyes were beautiful and enticing...almost too easy to get lost in beneath her thin bangs. Stevie, apparently sensing the lower possibility of danger, slowly came to alight on Chrissy's right shoulder, but she didn't acknowledge the small robin, just stared at the nonSWAT driver with wide eyes.
  17. Edward still looked at the little girl's eyes directly, but suddenly felt tense. The girl's eye made Edward feel scared, almost enough to shiver. Edward looked away as he spoke, pretending to have a sniffle"Of course! You and your little bird friend can hop in. I was heading out to Boston. Figured I could investigate the whole..." Edward stopped himself. Talk about putting my foot in my mouth. If what I've heard on the radio is true, then she must be a refugee. With those tattered clothes, it's a definite possibility. Or worse yet, she ran into it and barely got away. "How about you pick where I take you? Not really going anywhere in particular myself. Though I might have to stop and get gas soon." Whatever caused that massacre might hit us in the road. This van can take a hit, but I don't think it would matter. Reports were talking about utter chaos. Explosions, craters, limbs flying everywhere, booming voices from the heavens. But I definitely can't go south. The heat would catch me with a little girl in my van, while using deadly force. Not a good idea.
  18. Xypher turns toward the newcomer, a man in a flight helmet, How odd...Is he the cause of the smoke? She smiles politely noticing the creature lay beside the man. "Hello, yes that I am. As for being hunted...Im good at blending you could say, though I run into occasional trouble. Whats his name? He seems very loyal, its hard to find that kind of loyalty nowadays. My name is Xypher Tasmania" She holds out her hand to him for him to shake her voice friendly and still lightly accented. She keeps her powers at the ready she was sure this man was quite a powerful mutant. ​
  19. The man looked away and Chrissy inwardly scolded herself. She'd overdone it and maybe he'd sensed the danger eye contact with Chrissy Rossum can contain. When he invited her in, she walked around the back of the van and sat in the passenger seat with Stevie, looking to the stranger as he told her where he was headed. But he stopped himself. Not being particularly aware of everything going on in the world around her Chrissy sometimes misses out on important events, so she didn't know about the disaster that had occurred there. Besides, if Boston had something he needed to investigate, she wouldn't get into his way just so she could pick some random place off the top of her head. Chrissy put on her seatbelt with a mere twittering complaint from Stevie. She didn't worry about the gas issue. If he really needed it, she could "ask" someone for gas money.
    "Boston's fine with me. I've never been there before." She mentioned, letting her voice take on a slightly higher tone than she normally spoke in. Stevie noticed and decided to flutter down to sit in her lap, farther from her changed tone of voice. "My name is Chrissy. And this is Stevie. What's your name?" She asked sweetly, using her index finger to gently stroke the space between Stevie's wings.
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