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  1. Quick Run Down:

    In a alternative universe, superpowers are real, but unlike here they do not want them. Instead they hunt those who have them down, and put a bullet into their brain. This universe is more advanced in technology then are world. They have hovercars, robots, etc. Some gear is illegal to the civilians, such as Jet Packs, Jet boots, mech's, etc. You are aloud to be hunted, the hunter, or a mix of the two (Like my character :3). Any powers are aloud, besides OP stuff. Everyone has a weakness as well.

    Longer Run Down:

    In an alternative universe, superpowers are not only in movies, but in real life. However, superpowers in this world are a thing of terror and destruction, and most don't wish to have these. Most are born with them, others develop them over time. The governments see these powers as death waiting to happen, so they made them and all that have them illegal, killing anyone who has them, or even stick up for them. However, it is still illegal to kill them, unless apart of the government or have their blessing. When it comes to the so called "Mutants" there is one rule to follow if you are a citizen, and that is to run.

    Some people have a natural hate for them, forming groups that kill them illegally. Others seek to take these powers for their own use, using a special machine called a "Transfer". This machine is illegal, and those who have one are put to death- immanently. When one use without powers, connects to a user with powers, the machine transfer the DNA containing the powers over to the none powered one. This however kills the source of the power, the mutant.

    Lastly, few stand up for these "monsters" but those who do have formed groups to try and protect them and get them equal rights.

    As for the technology, though the year is the same, technology advanced much faster here. All sorts of hover technology has been advanced, most only allowing a certain altitude. Robots are now an everyday thing, helping people, managing businesses, severing coffee, etc. Law Enforcement, Private Militarizes (mercenaries) and Government Militarizes have accesses to the more fun things, such as Mechs, laser weaponry, Jet Packs and Jet Boots, etc.

    This story takes place in New York, the year 2014, and the weather is cold outside. Some of us have powers, some of us hunt those who have powers, and we all try to survive. The government stops at nothing to hunt those "Mutants" down. You can come from any background, any age, any nation, and have almost any power, powers have been around for about 103 years.


    • Dont make an OP power or character
    • Please contain a weakness
    • Be nice
    • Have Fun
    • Follow the website rules!

    Power: (If any, and remember to not make it Over Powered)
    Bio: (Two Paragraph minimum, more encouraged
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  2. Name: Vladimir Alenko (aka. Deus)

    Gender: Male

    Nation: United States of America

    Age: 25

    Power: A technopath (able to create anything pertaining to human technology, from a sword to a gun), Vlad's power lies in his creations, and the nanobots he injected into himself long ago to give him some form of advantage over other superhumans. Outside of his supersuit, Vlad can press half a ton, and run at 78 miles per hour. As well, bullets are stopped about a 16th of an inch when inside his skin, and rejected by the bots after about a second, making him essentially proofed against FMJ and Hollow Point rounds, and Explosive Ammunition being an inconvenience He was personally responsible for the rapid development of super technology, including the first Transfer. He also developed a suit of armor (the suit most people see him in) for himself, capable of lifting 40 tons, running at Mach 4, and includes an innumerable number of concealed weaponry (a flamethrower powered by a highly flammable breed of rapidly reproducing bacterium, wrist-mounted lasers, miniature ballistic missiles, laser blade for close combat, and even a kinetic pulse blaster, which unleashes a wave of force from all sides, with the drawback of an hour of recharge; not to mention the more passive technology, such as hologram projections, multi-vision, and targeting systems, though there is much more he has in his arsenal). The armor is also equipped with a double layer of armor: A kinetic shield, which measures and counteracts any amount of force thrown against it (example, he is punched by a superhuman with super strength. The fist would immediately be hit in the exact place where it landed with the exact amount of force held behind it, preventing any damage to the wearer. The only known limit is a thermonuclear bomb, the first of which tested on Vlad resulted in the first destruction of the shield, but leveled the entirety of Juneau. Thus, the bomb was resolved to never be used again except in the most dire of circumstances) and the hardsuit, which can only withstand 20 tons of force, and protects him from radiation and harmful gases. But rarely does a battle reach the hardsuit.

    Weakness: Though a single or two nukes are no longer a threat (he has since improved his kinetic shield), the entire arsenal of the United States would be more than enough, though this is covered by the reluctance of humanity to annihilate itself. He also refuses to fatally wound other superhumans, opting instead to either physically cripple or only maim another. He also has an itching fear of a "Superman", a mutant with invincibility, super strength, etc., who would be the only real threat to him.

    Biography: Left an orphan by a group of amateur hunters who butchered his ambushed parents, Vlad was drafted by the American government to build new weapons and other tech for them the moment he developed his powers. Escaping from his containment facility and building his first suit, he engaged in an endless war against humanity, constantly adding to his arsenal, and never seeming to be defeated. He has begun to build an army of attack drones, who are equipped with a far weaker kinetic shield, pulse rifles, and jet boosters built into their backs, who are usually sent to do the master's dirty work, with key operations directed personally by Vlad. Any who stand against him will be slaughtered. Any who stand with him will be elevated to godhood. He spends his war skirmishing with the world by attacking cities and capitals, openly declaring for superhumans to join him and end the violence by exterminating humanity. As such, he has gathered quite a following, and more join every day, increasing the ranks of his army from a few incompetent drones to squads of supersoldiers. He is Public Enemy Number 1. He is Deus.

    Personality: Cold, calculating, but not cruel or sadistic. He ends his enemies quickly, and treats his allies fairly unless they do something to make them unworthy of such respect. He is incredibly intelligent, with an IQ of 300, and always uses this with his power to make him almost unstoppable.

    Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, often dresses casual. He is rarely seen outside of his armor, which is rather intimidating and insectoid in appearance.
    didact_armor_design__by_aliqaiser-d6bh6gz.jpg tumblr_mijr5qFlhQ1s4gyw3o1_500.png

    I hope this is acceptable. I know I kind of overdid it on the armor, but I wanted a sort of Magneto, ultimate supervillain kind of guy. One that opposed the enemy, but in a way that differentiated him greatly from the heroes. I assure you, that he would, in the end he would be defeated, if that's what you need.

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  3. Name: Xypher Tasmania
    Gender: Female
    Nation: Greece
    Age: 20
    Power: Xypher has the power to conjure, control, and manipulate 3 elements, water, air, and fire. Her fire she conjures is dark blue, her water is a clear ocean green/blue. Shes also immune to fire and water. She has 6 special abilities.
    Shadow Flame - She can conjure a sword out of her flames that she wields expertly and increases her strength/speed, and it sets anyone it touches on fire that is unquenchable unless she wills it to die.

    Ice break - She can turn water into ice and make it shoot up from the ground in spikes.
    Fire ward - Her blue fire covers her entire body acting as a shield from any attacks (Unless too strong) but it weakens her if constantly bombarded with attacks on it. It also burns at a scorching 500-800C depending on how angry she is. That goes for Shadow Flame too.
    Water Heal - She can heal herself and others with her water to an extant but it takes time and energy.
    Sky Slicer - She concentrates air into a thin long line of wind that can slice through nearly anything.
    Flight - She can summon the winds to her making her light enough to take flight, she steers herself while in flight with the winds as well.

    Weakness: Her main weakness is physical strength, shes strong but she runs out of energy/stamina quickly when using her abilities making her extremely vulnerable until she can recover. Also her powers increase with her emotions, and sense shes slow to anger her powers are usually at a docile level, until you piss her off =) .

    Appearance: Anime-Girl-With-Silver-Hair-And-Silver-Eyes-HD-Wallpaper (800x640).jpg
    She also has a 5 inch switch blade hidden in her black combat boots. And her hair is golden blonde not white. Her eyes a blue/grey/green depending on what she wears.

    Bio: Xypher is a orphan she was in foster care from age 8-18. She hardly remembers her birth parents other than when they discovered her powers they immediately got rid of her for fear of what she and others would do to them. While in foster care she was moved from home to home a lot due to either being in abusive families or families thinking she was too "strange" to keep. Sense she got out of foster care she's been working hard for everything she has learning quickly how to survive and be strong during her years of solitude.

    She now lives in a run down apartment in a somewhat bad neighborhood, she works at a local night club as a waitress at night, during the day she studies college courses online trying to improve her life. Xypher stays out of trouble as much as she can but if shes cornered into a fight shes not afraid to kick anyones ass.

    Personality: Xypher is a quiet, independent, caring, and sweet girl but she usually keeps to herself not use to being social around strangers. Shes often day dreaming or lost in thought which makes people think shes not listening or caring whats going on but thats not true she listens very intently and tries to be as helpful as she can be. She loves antiques, history, reading, listening to music, animals, children, and movies. Shes got a quick sense of humor and a healthy dose of sarcasm but only when she feels its appropriate.

    Other: Animals tend to be attracted to her and instantly fall in love with her, and she loves them as well.
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  4. Okay I so did not try to copy your orphan Bio I swear I didnt even know yours was till after I posted mine XD lol
  5. Name: Hetah McCarthy (Hayra V. Halten)

    Gender: Female

    Nation: Germany

    Age: 21

    Power: From her mother she has obtained the physical ability to appear dead to the normal eye due to lack of responses to most stimuli. Though, because she was given over a decade of normalcy to unwittingly prepare herself for these changes, nature tells her to breathe and is capable of doing so without thought, unlike her mother who had to struggle and study behavioral psychology in order to blend in with the rest of society. Mentally, she was presented with the capability of a sixth sense towards 'seeing' the emotions of others, as well as controlling them efficiently. From her brother she has been forced to take the powers of hyperregeneration, allowing her body to naturally heal much faster than the average human, as well as hyperceleritis, allowing faster physical movements and instictive reactions.

    Weakness: Should someone greatly upset her to the point of tears, rage, etc, her body goes into a form of shock, starting with hand, knee and lip tremors and erupting into wild, unpredictable mood swings as the control over her own emotions snap.Of the hyperregeneration, it is a very beneficial power unless her body were to be crushed or the bones broken and twisted out of shape so maliciously that it be made physically impossible for them to align themselves properly on their own. In both cases she would be likely to live, only it would be blindingly painful and her body would remain grosteque until someone assisted to rebrake and realign what is out of place. At one point, she was stabbed through the heart. The organ almost instantaneously reformed around the blade, the handle beating in time with the rush of blood. Removing it some hours later had resulted in her falling unconscious after dizzying stars took hold of her vision.

    Bio: Hayra was the young daughter of a successful and well renowned philosopher in Neuralphysical Theories, and his wife, a seemingly average woman with an uncanny knowledge of mechanics and biology, though she held a Professor's degree in Psychology. Everyone who met her parents would always promise that good things would come to her as she grew older, having the better halves of two inspiring minds. She was clever and quick witted, always devouring her lessons with predatorial speed, though all examinations that she was placed under assured that she had no present Mutated genes. As it was always known, her intellect and curiousity developed admirably, catching the attention of the Government. Fearful, they placed strenuous observation not only on this 'star pupil', but on her family as well. With each passing day, it soon became clear that all was not as it seemed in regards to her mother.

    Avangeline, as was her name, never slept, ate, fell ill, bathed, defecicated or urinated, and upon closer examination when she was unaware of their watching, rarely blinked or even breathed. It was startling and unnerving, with her sentance being immediate death. Her husband, upon being informed of this, pled ignorance to this knowledge and told her prosecuters that she had fallen pregnant with another child, begging that they let her finish the trimester and deliver before she be killed. They refused. The unborn child, they reasoned, carried the potential of developing into a Mutant and was a risk to national security. If he or his daughter did anything to stop them, they would be charged with Treason and put to death. Her father, in his desperation, turned to an old ex-friend who hated him for refusing his wish to wed his daughter, as well as Hayra's own heated refusal to marry him. Setting his eyes on the girl of fourteen though, an idea was formed and an agreement struck.

    Whatever deal that had been was not honored. The man was of the Guards and with some forged documentations and falsely notarized letters, he was able to transport Avangeline away from her cell and into a new holding area. Instead of following through with this, she was instead taken to one of the numerous experimentation zones, where she was sedated immediately upon arrival and hooked to one of Germany's first, custom designed Transfer devices. Several other countries had already taken to purchasing and/ or distributing these contraptions internationally, but Germany wanted to make some 'adjustments' to the design. Mostly failures, of course, but they tried.

    The reciever of this Transfer was no one but Hayra. Long story short, Federal Agents were purposely alerted by the Guard to this unauthorized experiment and arrived shortly after Avangeline's last breaths were taken. Finding no one but her widowed husband, unconscious and staged dramatically on the recieving end of the Transfer, he was shot through the skull. Reports were made that after his being notified of his wife's Mutant abilities, he was driven to madness. In an attempt to save his unborn child, and in his dillerium, he attempted a Transfer so that he could sacrifice his own life in exchage for Avangeline to live normally, ignorant to the fact that such a process would seal her death. His daughter, Hayra, had gone missing and was presumed as dead.

    Personality: She is curious by nature and will do almost anything to find the answers to her questions, be it why Mutants are hated so, to why her parents didn't just run away all those years ago. Strangers tend to think that her sometimes skittish demeanor would leave her impatient and enthusiatic, but nay. On the contrary, she understands the value of patience and does become quite stubborn when something or someone questions her beliefs, putting on a distict air of level headedness and determination to stick through with her opinion until proven otherwise. In order to counteract her hyperstimulation, parkour was taken up as a pastime, and through/ during these exercises is when she becomes her most jubilent, afterwards leaving her with an almost lax and carefree attitude. Normally, she is quiet and speculative, keeping her mouth shut and eyes open, a soft voice only speaking to air a suggestion or thought, the image of an inquisitive child in her openness. Unless she loses control.


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  6. You definitely made yours different from mine. No copying involved. :)
  7. Just a question. What exactly do you mean by that first power?
  8. Okay cool =)
  9. Like, she doesn't need to eat, breathe (less so, but still needs to on occasion), sleep, etc. So, if she were to simply lay down and close her eyes she would appear 'dead'. Though they can be used for more practical things as well.
  10. Cool. So, she's a possum in human form?
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  11. Interesting way to put it, but yeah, I guess she is, haha.
  12. Name: Howard Vance Baker, known by "Jäger" to his crew.

    Gender: Male

    Nation: American

    Age: 30

    Power: Control over minerals, metals, stuff like that. Magnesium, Gold, Iron, etc., the purer, the more power he has over it.

    Weakness: Heights, another with the same power as himself, himself, certain gems [Diamonds, Rubies, and Topaz all react to him like an apple in a fire.]

    Bio: (I'd rather make the story, than write one before making one, but okay...)

    Howard grew up in America, of course, in the rolling hills and valleys of Texas, in a secluded ranch just below the Panhandle. He drifted through school and college, absorbing most of the information taught, and absorbing anything he got wrong, and proceeding into the sciences, of electronics and materials. However, in this field, increasing strange things happened. He never touched something, but sometimes chunks of ore or metal would shift in place, and would even occasionally meet with others, and react... violently. As his studies grew, so did accidents around the labs he was in happen, especially when he seemed to be aggravated or annoyed, and especially when angry. After a couple years at this, he decided that maybe his fears were confirmed: That he had some type of control over such things.

    And so, because of the accidents, he found himself alone in a room one day, no one quite willing to stay in the same room as him when it came to labs, and he focused on a piece of copper wire. After a moment, it had started bending, taking shape to an image within Howard's mind. Now deathly afraid that he'd be found out, he left, roaming America, looking for others like him to band up with, doing jobs here and there, mainly in smelting and refining. He would often go to an area where he feels large amounts of gold, or other precious material, and bring them up, refining the dusts that he has into gold spheres, or small bars, and then selling them. After dropping out of college, he was 19. 5 years of wandering against other various gangs, bandits, and other criminal groups have taught him how to fight, including lessons he has taken when he finally found a group similar to him.

    His 'crew' were people he found on the side of a street one night. They had seemed ordinary, but he knew they were different. They looked homeless, but he knew they weren't. Minutes after passing them, he found himself cornered by the group, all of them wielding small weapons, a pipe, a small knife, a switchblade, and a baseball bat. Minutes later, they became friends, and they went off to their hideout.

    5 years later, they had gone from a small group of misfits to a small group of professionals. They all knew how to fight, they all worked in sync with one another, though at a distance, and they all had funding from different groups, criminal and official, to do certain 'work' for them. And Howard was the middle of it all, until he took a job to hunt down hunters, and remove them, presumably from a larger group of 'Powered's. And so he sets off, alone, to find and hunt them, based off of his nickname.

    Personality: Gruff, reserved, sarcastic on the outside. His inside personality will be rped, if anyone manages to get to him.

    Other: idk.
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  13. All accepted! I have a social life sadly, so I'll make my character soon!
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  14. 'Social life'? What is this, 'Social life'? x3
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  15. I know its a very foreign language to me as well. Is it Russian? lol
  16. German. Much more confusing than Russian.
  17. Nah must be Swedish, there always social lol
  18. So, how many are we getting here? We've got Magneto over there, the possum, an elemental ninja, and a tech-god. And then we have Wolf's character, coming soon to theaters near you. Are we starting soon?
  19. Rofl ninja? I guess she can be seen that way XD
  20. How do you NOT? She's dressed like a ninja. She has elemental powers. Thus, elemental ninja.
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