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  1. Genre: Super-Human
    Setting: New York and surrounding cities, 2016
    Quick Run Down: We are those gifted with powers, or those that are hunting. Once the world gained a strange virus that gifted those born with it powers, the world went into a craze, and those who obtained the virus were killed. Still to this day, those who have powers are hunted down, but unless you are a government official it is still illegal to kill these people, so those that hunt them illegally are gave the same rules.
    1. Kill On Sight
    2. Dont attempt to reason

    In a alternative universe, superpowers are real, but unlike here they do not want them. Instead they hunt those who have them down, and put a bullet into their brain. This universe is more advanced in technology then are world. They have hovercars, robots, etc. Some gear is illegal to the civilians, such as Jet Packs, Jet boots, mech's, etc. You are aloud to be hunted, the hunter, or a mix of the two (Like my character :3). Any powers are aloud, besides OP stuff. Everyone has a weakness as well.

    Might add on this tomorrow, very tired Dx

  2. I am very interested in this. I haven't roleplayed super humans much, but the genre has always been fun when I have.
  3. Awesome :D I'll try to make it fun for whoever joins
  4. I'm in if you so choose.
  5. Great! Id be satisfied with one more person
  6. How would you feel about a government-sponsored hunter purposely given the virus to even the odds?
  7. ^^ Sounds Similar to what I had in mind for my character! Wanna do a hunter pair?
  8. Love to. :D
  9. Should I start up an OOC?
  10. I'd say so. ^^
  11. Then it is settled, starting tomorrow I shall make the OOC
  12. If your looking for more Im interested
  13. So, how many peeps are you looking for? And where is the OOC?
  14. And when/where do I post a character, if at all?
  15. Awesome! Let me know when to post a CS
  16. Making it now, got distracted by Metal Gear Dx