Those Hunted: Thorn Rising

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  1. ~London, University of London licensed apartments, 1:23 PM~

    Kato smiles, standing out on the balcony of the second floor apartment, tapping his cigarette off on the ledge before taking another draft of it and exhaling, flicking the entire thing off the balcony ledge as he smiles, looking over the other apartments in the area, hood up to protect from the chilly weather. He tucks his hands back into his hoodie's pockets, walking back inside as he hears a knock at the door. He sighs, before saying "That's strange, she shouldn't be back yet." He'd been bumming a stay from a girl he met, having played the 'bad boy' routine out to try and get a place to stay rather discreetly. He was actually surprised how well it had been working, and he actually had begun to think about settling down here, with her of course, it'd be only fair. The weather wasn't amazing, but it was a nice place, and he supposed he could get himself registered as a immigrant or something and maybe start over again, this time living his own life, not a lab rat's. He shakes his head, clearing his mind of these thoughts as he yells out "Elizabeth? Back so soon? I'll get the door for you." She normally took longer going to the grocery store, maybe she forgot something, her purse maybe? No, that was gone, what then? He rounds the corner, now in the hall with a bit of hesitation, not walking down it yet, some unknown instinct screaming at his senses, before the door blasted off the hinges.

    A breaching charge, one of the new 'silent' ones, they sounded more like a loud thump rather than a boom, but they were just as good at creating dangerous splinters from door handles. He watched as the handle flew towards his face, slowly, gracefully even, not quite processing what he's seeing for a moment, moving to furrow his brows in confusion, before his eyes widen. He slides his shoulder back, slipping around the corner, not having to speed up too much for that, not that that made it any easier on him. It felt like he was stretching out too suddenly for a workout, but there was no time for that, the brass knuckles, where were they? He moves over to the coffee table, picking up the knuckles, a souvenir from some bar in Germany, having taken them after once breaking his knuckles on some guys' jaw, and finding them to have helped his fists cope with hitting in the style he had been taught. He was hoping that they'd be trying the non-lethal route first, but given the fact that they had blasted the door, he wasn't all that confident in the hope as his fists raised to just below his chin, slightly extended in front of him as he bounces on the balls of his feet.

    He almost sighs in relief when he sees the first man round the corner, he wasn't wearing a mask, just a balaclava, and he was carrying a stun baton, even better. Not only would he be able to punch the face easily, but that stick was a hell of a lot easier to dodge than a bullet. He charged him, no fluidity in the movement, telegraphed to him at the speed he was moving. Glad for the fact that they had sent a easy opponent first, Kato doesn't speed himself up as he dodges the swings with ease, ducking and weaving, before taunting him, with a "You're hitting air guy!" Kato wasn't happy about having to do this, but he knew that the brass knuckles would hurt his opponent a lot less than a gun or something. He pounds the knuckles together, "Snel"(Swift) on one, "Slag"(Strike) on the other. He didn't have a clue what either word was, but he knew that they were well built. The assailant gives a yell of rage as he makes a wide swing at Kato's head, and Kato has a quick moment of thinking "Katta"(I've won), before he leans back to almost horizontal from the knees up, the man stumbling forwards into the swing he had made. Kato's left hand comes up, wrist slack for a moment before cocking up nearly before hitting the man, adding to the hit as it crashes into the man's left jaw, right under the chin. The man suddenly goes a little slack, slumping a little bit as Kato straightens up, his right hand coming down from above in a twisting punch downwards to the area right between the top and back of the man's head, causing him to go flying into the floor quickly with a smack. He doesn't rest however, kicking the baton up and out of the man's now limp hand, catching it in midair as he looks to the hallway, two coming out this time.

    For a moment, he worries that these two might be mutants, before seeing a embossed "World Rebels". He thinks for a moment ~Who the hell are these guys?~ Before they charge at him, not happy to see their other member on the floor. Kato decides it might be time to get out, rolling over the couch and table the first is now slumped over as the other two charge at him. He gets out to the balcony, before having to duck under a swift and controlled swing from one of the men. These guys are wearing masks, this isn't going to be as easy with that helmet on their head. He swings into the man's gut, finding no give there, and having to speed his arm in order to get it out of the way of the return swing from his partner. He decides to go low with his next strike, ducking down suddenly to deliver a right haymaker to the man's groin, grabbing the baton from the ground and swinging it up into the other man's. He's glad to see some give, at least those strikes seem to have done something, the baton more than the hit. He's forced to duck under the return from just the punched man, as the other slumps to his knees. He keeps ducked down, shouldering the man through the glass door, before winding up with a swing, two handed with the baton, more like swinging a bat into the other man's mask. He doesn't speed this up, trying to save his strength for later, but it does have a effect at least. The baton cracks across the mask, knocking it off, with Kato following all the way through, throwing the baton away like a Baseball player that just hit a home-run, right off the ledge.

    He turns back to the other man as the now maskless one starts to fall to the ground, not unconcious, but dazed. He notices that the glass has only served to piss him off, turning around to jump from the second story, hopefully onto the scaffolding below, a foot going up onto the ledge. He almost blinks as he notices a all too familiar sight, about twenty feet away now from his face. A bullet, .308, or something similar. It looks like it's about to go through his eye at this rate, and it's moving quite quickly, even for him. He rolls himself, hood billowing out as he tries to speed himself up in time, feeling a loud buzz and intense heat whiz past his ear. He also felt his neck pop in a unhealthy manner, he's going to need to find a chiropractor or something after this. As he feels his hood snag, the bullet passing right through it, he decides to roll with it, continuing to spin as he falls through the first level of scaffolding, before breaking his attempt at pretending to be hit as he sees a head pop over the ledge. He raises his right hand in the two fingered 'salute' he had learned in the time he was here, brass knuckles still sitting on those fingers before he crashes through the first panel of plywood. He tries to turn as he falls, having to speed himself up again as he catches the bar to swing out from the fall, rolling a little bit as he hits the ground. He stuffs his hands into his pockets, leaving the knuckles in there as he starts running, ducking instinctively as another bullet hits the ground near him, this one having been a natural miss. Were they testing him? Trying to kill him? Trying to corner him? He didn't have time to really tell, they were shooting at him with a silenced rifle, these guys had to be meaning to kill him for some reason, or something worse.

    He didn't have time to think about that, deciding to run into the bakery's front door, rushing up the stairs in the back, right towards the window that overlooked the one-story building nextdoor. He jumps through the window, forearms coming up to cover his face, before rolling as he hits that roof, continuing his run. It's a shame to do that to the poor baker's place, he was really good at his job, he had even given a free loaf or two out to Kato. Whoops, too late to think about that now. He does his best to focus as he starts running across the roof, jumping over chimney's and the like as he tries to flee the sniper's sight. The next bullet was much more off, he must be getting away at this point, it pinged into one of the shingles nearby as he was running. Wasn't the UK supposed to be nice this time of year? He doesn't have time to really finish that thought either, before jumping this time in through a open window, connected to the roofs. He starts sliding down a series of stairs bumpily into a pub sliding across the floor and knocking over a table as he comes to a stop, before standing up, looking about the pub, for some reason not having started running right off again, judging the faces of those around him.
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  2. Two days ago

    The sound of the Ospery nearly made the sound of the man infront of Echo Squad seem mute, but the intercom in each of their helmets helped. They were in Japan, hovering over a very large skyscraper around midnight, the skyscraper was unusually silent, not even a light sine though the hundreds of windows. Staring out the open door rubbing her eyes, Cyborg's fingers snapping infront of her brought her attention back to the front. Sarah listened to the man giving orders, his Japanese hinted in his English speaking voice, "The lights of this building went off about two hours ago. Not one person has left, and any police we send in don't respond to our calls. At first we thought it were Rebels or Black Thorn, but now we arent so sure." The static of another radio echoed in the Squad's ears. "This is Alpha Squad! We are on the third floor from the top and need immedant backup. Half the squad are dead or missing, and Delta Squad just opened fire on us! They are shouting weird fucking things calling us traitors. I repeat we need immedan-" The sound of a body falling and bullets continuing to fire sounded before finally the radio went silent. Sarah took one look at her squad and said "Lets get going boys."

    Taking a running leap, the Squad jumped from the Ospery, each of their wingsuits activating gliding them safely to the top of the building. The silence was broken from the sound of Cyborg crashing into the concrete, leaving cracks in the roof top. Below them, they heard an explosive go off, and then silence. They took a formation and walked towards the door, with Alexander on point, followed by Cyborg, Sarah, and finally Treehugger. The decended the stairs quickly, and once they reached the third floor down, the went in guns ready.

    They walked into a massacre, bodies of Alpha Squad, Delta Squad, and Japanese workers littered the floor and desk. In the cent of the dead, were two men, one competly covered in shadows, his face hidden along with any other visible skin. He was on the floor, sounds of fear escaping his shaking body, the man who stood above him went by Bulldog, leader of Delta force. Aiming the guns, Alexander spoke up first, getting the closest to the man.
    "Bulldog, put the gun on the ground now! Open your fucking eyes man you killed some damn friendly's!" Alexander took another step, stepping over a body, Bulldog smiled like he lost his mind, then aimed at Alexander. He fired twice, the first hitting Alexander's chest, the next hitting his forehead directly. The other three opened fire, pushing Bulldog away from the man and over a desk. A stray bullet hit his hostage in the head, pushing him to the ground. Colt approached the body, reaching down to feel his pulse. He pulled back quickly cursing and saying "Damn that guy is cold as fuck!" He shook his head and addressed Sarah "It was Cyborg's gun Stripes. He didn't make it." Sarah looked towards Cyborg and yelled at him. "Why the hell didn't you watch your fire! The civilian was at a low point, and why the hell did you shoot low!" Cyborg's head tilted slightly as if confused and said "My scanner's didn't pick up a hostage Ms. Elizabeth." As he spoke, a sound of laughter echoed through out the building's floor, and an all to familiar voice said "Hello Ms. Elizabeth and gang. Remember your old pal Insanity? Course you do. I would love to stay and chat, but business calls!" The dead hostage body twitched, then evaporated into a black mist. A few seconds later the power came back on.

    One Day Ago

    Sarah stood around the grave, a few tears rolling down her face. Cyborg stood next to her, and Colt on the otherside of her. Alexander lay in the ground infront of them. The funeral was quick, his family has already pasted on and he had no significate other. The rain started to pick up, and Cyborg and Colt tried to get her to come with them to the car, but she stood frozen. They both left towards the car, leaving her alone to think. Insanity's voice echoed in her head. He was suppposed to be dead. He had to be dead, but he wasn't. Cursing to herself, she heard movement beside her, and felt the rain stop hitting her. Looking up, Colt and Cyborg stood next to her once again, umbrella's at their side.

    Present day

    Sarah sat across from Cyborg at the corner of a small cafe' in London. Colt was back in the states, resting up till their next assignment. Sarah had to push Alexander out of her mind and forget her sadness. Her phone ringed, and she slide it out of her poceet and answered quickly
    "Sarah, this is Micheal Day, London's MMF director. Your the closest available unit and we need you to investagate some gun shots reported down the road. Normally we would have some officer's check it out, but the citizens are reporting the World Rebels. I'll send you the coordinates."

    As quick as that the call ended. Sighing, she stood up and left some money on the table and left. She told Cyborg what was going on and jumped into her Camero, speeding down the road. She slowed down as they were reaching the spot, and quickly pulled the car over as a few people began leaving a pub in quick fashion.
  3. Xiphos was in the pub sitting at a table in the back corner facing away from the wall toward the room. His eerie scarlet eyes catching the whole ruckus that was the boys entrance. He was wearing black jeans, a dark blue long sleeve shirt under a light hunter green hoodless coat, and black combat boots. His raven black hair falling slightly into his eyes. He smiles softly at the mysterious boy catching his gaze, but tilts his head slightly in concern. What was he running from? He wasnt afraid like some of the other customers, he was confident he could escape if things came to that. For now he stayed in his seat watching him curious of what his next move would be.


    Sanura sighed as she trudged through the falling snow, her breath showing in the fridged air. Not that she didnt like the snow but it wasnt her favorite thing to walk in. But she had little to no choice being without a vehicle and not much money. She rubs her gloved hands together in a attempt to warm them up, her right hand was clad in a black glove, while her left was in royal blue. The gloves ran up her forearms almost to her elbows, leaving no skin exposed. She was wearing a puffy white coat with a light black long sleeve turtleneck underneath, dark blue jeans, and white snow boots that went halfway up her thigh. She had her hood on that had a black fake fur rim, concealing most of her snow white hair. Her dark peridot green eyes that almost sparkled, gazing out in front of her as she continues to walk down the snow covered sidewalk.

    Glimpsing a blur of red(im assuming the Camera is red lol) she looks toward it, seeing a Camera outside a pub where some patrons seemed to be intent on leaving in quite a hurry. Hmm that was odd, not only the patrons but the Camera. Most people dont drive nice cars like that in this weather, curiosity overwhelming her she quickly crosses the street heading toward the pub. Her gloved hands in her coat pockets her usually pale cheeks now rosy from the cold.
  4. "No no no! Not fair!" Cecily laughed and yelled at the same time grabbing at some snow and forming it into a ball. She had just been hit on the back of the head from a snowball sent flying from Dustin's hand.

    "It's perfectly fair! It's not like I have any snow powers! And that didn't even hurt." Dustin laughed as he spoke too, enjoying the time together in London. Dustin and Cecily often took trips down to London to relax and have fun. They lived in the country about an hour and a half away in the same apartment complex. Their town was small and not nearly as brilliant as London.

    Cecily turned to Dustin and threw her own snowball, hitting him square in the chest. "Ouch!" Cecily jokingly said when the snowball hit Dustin the chest. Their was no point in hitting each other with snowballs since either way it felt like they had been hit at the same exact time. Dustin gave Cecily a funny look then ran over to her and held her tight, trying to knock her down into a snowbank. Cecily held her ground though and started to laugh hysterically at Dustin's attempts.

    Cecily suddenly stopped laughing and she crumpled into the snow with Dustin on top of her. "Cecily?!" Dustin yelled at her, slightly confused. He could tell something was wrong. He quickly got off of her and tried to help her out of the snow but Cecily was unresponsive towards him. "Cecily? It's okay. It's okay." He grabbed her and pulled her out with a hard tug, slightly hurting his own arm a bit, and pulled her into a cradle. He looked around for some place warm to go inside of. Cecily was having one of her "moments" and needed to be some place safe in a warm environment and not outside in the cold.

    Her "moments" came in and out on occasion. Some times she was more in tune with darkness around her and she could sense a lot of bad things. If she sensed to much she became overwhelmed and would pass out with her mind enveloped in darkness. It was slightly a painful experience for the girl, as she fought daily with temptations and dark thoughts.

    Dustin saw a pub where people were rapidly leaving, but it was still open. So he figured why not go inside? Holding Cecily close to his chest, still in the cradle, he trudged through the snow to get to the pub.
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  5. Stepping out of the red car, Sarah looked towards the bar, but couldn't mind noticing a figure holding someone up trudging in the snow towards them. Fearing the worst, she pointed inside the pub telling Cyborg "Check out what is going out in there! Use force if necessary." He nodded, so Sarah grabbed her revolver and wallet and headed towards the couple (Cecily and Dustin). Nearing them, she saw a man holding up a girl in his arms. Keeping her revolver ready, she called out looking around to make sure it wasn't a set up and held her hand up saying "Whats wrong with her? Is alright?"

    The half man, half robot nodded and turned towards the bar and walked towards the door, his hat pulled low to cover his robotic face and his trench coat kept tight. Walking through the door, Cyborg scanned the area, and noticed who everyone was starring at. A man in the center of the bar standing next to an overturned table. He felt his outer thigh open up, and he quickly threw his hand down and drew his automatic pistol. Feeling it close up, he aimed it at the man saying "Sir, we have reports of a shooter in these area's and your not in the best spot right now in a pub with a table overturned next to you. Please comply."
  6. Kato frowns, as if the pissed off drunk guy collapsing next to him wasn't enough, though it was a nice comedic effect with his beer spilled all over him, now he had another guy pointing a gun at him, and this one seemed a little bit more experienced with it as looks around, raising his hands as he says "Yare yare..." He reaches up to his hood, scratching the back of his head in a rather innocent gesture, before both hands interlock behind his neck, before saying "You know... World Rebels... You guys are pretty rude you know." He hardly relaxes for a moment, but shoots off, deciding he needed to get the fuck out of there right now, and speeding his legs to help with the process. He makes a zig-zag towards the man, jumping off of tables, stools, bouncing around like a pinball machine. With all the civilians there having gone to the sides for the most part, it's still nearly impossible to get a shot on him without risking the injury of a bystander, and before no time, Kato is right on top of the man.

    Quite literally in fact, he's jumped the man, much like one of those workhorses used by gymnasts, his hands go to the Cyborg's shoulders, and help propel him forwards, and out the window in the door to the bar. He moves to slide across the hood of the Camero, a brass rivet on his jeans marring a streak in it as he shoots past and through the snow, footprints hardly showing up really, not having pressed into the snow for long enough to sink in as he runs. He feels his legs screaming as if he's been running for a entire day, trying his best to ignore it, starting to leave civilization further and further behind, his thoughts going back to Elizabeth, and what she's going to come home to. He starts thinking about the nights they spent together, longing for things to return to that way, and not noticing the tree until it's too late. He's already a couple miles into the forest, quite a ways from anyone willing to help him, and that 'little' scratch across the entire hood of the Camero was not likely to earn him any friends.

    His only thought as he ran towards the tree was ~That's kind of close to my path- OH SH-" The last part of that thought is said, right as his shoulder crashes into the tree, side of his face too. He feels something pop, a familiar one of his knee, and goes spinning and bouncing through the forest a few feet, losing speed rapidly as the side of his face starts bleeding from a series of superficial scratches. He lies there for a moment, feeling his knee twitch and writhe in agony, and screaming out in pain. He sits up a little bit, trying to bend his knee, feeling the lower leg flap about fruitlessly and the spears of pain that stab him subsequently, but finally, his goal is achieved. His knee pops back into place, a trick he had taken forever to actually realize worked, having it happen just a few times on accident, and now pushing himself over to a tree, legs useless now, the muscles feeling like they're both set on fire and shredded. He pants, looking at the path he took, and seeing it quickly disappearing into the snow. He shivers, realizing just how cold he is now, not having thought about the weather when he ran from the apartment, but now wishing he had a jacket, or anything warm for that matter.

    He pats his pockets for a moment, hoping for a stroke of luck, desperately hoping he'd brought his lighter, before his face turns to horror, it's gone. Resting on the floor of the pub in which he had made his escape from, was his Zippo lighter, butane, with the kanji "Live" on it. He shudders in the cold, seeing the last of his tracks already starting to dissapear in the blizzard, and feeling his extremities starting to go numb already. He shivers, hands going to his upper arms and rubbing them a little quickly, then to his face, trying to use friction to keep himself warm, breathing into his hands, all the efforts only providing temporary boosts. He wonders for a moment if they might call a chopper to search for him, before shaking his head. He gave them no reason to bother with that, maybe they'd leave Mother Nature to finish him off...
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  7. Dustin stopped in the snow as the stranger with the pistol began to talk to him.

    "Whats wrong with her? Is alright?"

    'Yes, because I'm going to tell a perfect stranger that my friend here senses the dark in people and passed out from being overwhelmed. And that's the only genetic make up we don't share with each other. Ha. Okay. Lie.' Dustin rarely ever said anything sarcastic. He usually just thought it. Especially when Cecily was like this. "She's mostly alright. She fell into some snow and is freezing cold. I was hoping to go into that pub but I see that," Dustin observed the pub and noticed the cyborg who went in, "that maybe there is a problem in the pub. I can't find a taxi either in this weather and we live an hour and a half away. I just need to get her warm." Okay so it wasn't a complete lie. It was all true, he just left out the fact that she was a supernatural character.

    'Oh crap. If something strange is going inside that pub she might be sensing that. And that can't be good for her either. I wish we shared this too, at least then I could understand.'

    In the state Cecily was in was the two's most weakest moments. While Cecily was in her little zone you could kill one of them without killing the other. Or at least they were pretty sure. Once Cecily had passed out and Dustin went running to her, he tripped and fell down a flight of stairs and sprained his ankle. Cecily didn't. It was the one time in their life they hadn't shared pain. Though only a week later karma hit Cecily and she sprained her own ankle, both of them healed at the same rate after that. So maybe you could kill one and a week later the other would die. It wasn't an exact science.
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  8. Illya checked over her riffle once again while waiting for the heavy drop-ship to reach the LZ. Looking out the rear hatch looking at the city below dully noting how the city itself seemed to be sleeping in the evening hours. She smiled to herself remembering her home town and the times before her IMC 'employment'.

    'Snow, I haven't seen any since the op in Japan.' She thought remembering the supply mission before her mood turned somber. 'We lost so many in the MMF ambush.'

    Trying to distract herself she looked around taking stock of the supplies in the cargo storage. It took some time but eventually she gave up after counting out the titans, firearms, and gear she had no interest trying to go through and count every piece of medical equipment and every bullet. Bored ever so bored. 'If god is real than why does he make my life so boring? I wish-' her train of thought was cut off by the com system.

    "Hey boss can you come up here we're getting something on radar." The pilot called from his place in the fore section. With a sigh I turned on my coms system.

    "Pilot send the data to my HUD." With this a green status light showed on the heads up display. A live feed of our radar displayed on the inside of my visor. It was a friendly signature: fj-241. But something wasn't right it was closing too fast.

    "Pilot any information on the tag FJ-241?" Not five seconds later the requested files replaced the radar display. On the second line of the file. It said the shuttle holding the tag fj-241 was confirmed KIA two weeks ago. 'Oh shit'

    "Pilot flares now it's a-" I was too late a IMC anvil two missile smashed into the cockpit. I didn't have time to get to attempt to save the craft so I did the next best thing. Jumping into my customized stryder/atlas hybrid titan I used the Titan a shock absorber I gave the ships AI a two word command. "Eject pod!"

    The cargo section of the craft ejected as the ship exploded when the fires hit the fuel storage. Bracing for impact I knew I would be fine. I just hoped that someone found me before the the IMC could.
  9. Rub your hands together, legs, anything, friction, stay warm, stay warm. Kato's feeling it by now, sluggish, cold, the world's moving faster, no, that's just his reflexes slowing. He takes a few sticks off the ground next to him, feeling his legs starting to scream again. That meant there was a bit of life coming back to them, he might be able to walk, he hoped he could, staying still now meant death. He rubs the sticks together, trying to get something to happen, before chucking them away, realizing the futility of acting like that. He pushes himself up against the tree, before noticing something, a hummingbird? No, it sounds more like a plane or something. He looks up at the dropship, thinking for a moment, "That's odd, rescue's got out here fast." His reflexes start to return as he sees the missile, watching in horror as it slowly punches into the airplane, seeing a few things falling from it. He tries to take a step, and fails, just as things crash into the ground around him. "Itai... Itai..." His legs still weren't going to be fit for running for a while, he paws through the snow a little bit, finding a branch and helping himself back up.

    He's not sure what logic possessed him to do it, but he starts limping towards the wreckage, a branch under one arm as he approaches the crashsite, his legs still mostly useless, only being held up through his desperation to find something warm, anything warm really. He thinks back for a moment, thinking about the softness of a pillow, the warmth of a bed, as his thoughts start to get deeper and deeper into the softness and warmth that is a bed. He starts to think about someone being there with him too, his mind constructing a better place than the one he's at, before making it over to the most intact looking part, throwing open the door, and falling forwards. It was soft, much softer here, warmer. His mind sinks further and further into it's little delusion, trying to comfort him from the cold, in reality he's chattering, lips turning blue, but whatever he had fallen into was much warmer, much softer. He's not able to really think straight by this point, too out of it now, and definitely not able to actually notice his surroundings, just that it's much warmer here than out there.

    Kate's mouth opened and closed a few times, still in shock as to what had just happened outside. She looked down at her paper, then back outside, then to her paper again. Oh no, she'd done it, she'd involved the people around her in a story. She looked at the paper, seeing the movement of the fleeing blonde in the hoodie mirrored by the crude sketch, the story having talked about him escaping into the forest, but nothing on from there. She calmed a shaking hand, took a drink of her coffee, and took up her pencil again. The cafe was nice, and sure, it was next to a pub, but who knows, that probably added to how nice it was just by way of contrast. She adjusted her glasses a little bit, placing her pencil to the paper, and trying to write, but she found she couldn't, she'd developed a writer's block. She curses, realizing what she had written had probably just played out somewhere, a chapter in a thriller she was trying to write, but she couldn't write anymore. That meant only a few things, either he was a mutant, or she was about to do something in the story. She was never able to write when she was about to be a part of one of her stories, no matter how minor the part. Maybe it was something to keep her from changing everything, but no matter how much she tried to force it, her hand wouldn't go to the paper. She straightens up a little bit, pushing her chair back, and grabbing her notebook and pencil, tucking the pencil into her pocket. She holds on the the notebook a little shakily, and grabs her coffee, that should keep her other hand still, she didn't want to spill. She headed over to the door to the Cafe, and stopped there, not sure what to do now, having been ready to leave, but looking to the situation playing out before her, and just holding the door, almost invitingly.
  10. A tired Illya was starting to wake up and noticed two things. The first was that it was cold, second there was something warmish on top of her.

    "Why is it cold?"Illya whined still half asleep.

    The titans AI decided to answer "cockpit is currently open. Close cockpit Y/N?" She lazily swiped at the holographic y closing the hatch. She then instinctively hugged the pillow closer. It responded by curling up closer to her. Wait pillows don't cuttle… she got irritated trying to fall asleep comfortably. As such she whined to the computer.

    "Did they pack my PLQ?" She asked childishly.


    Illya in her tired mind looked for the easiest solution. "Drive it here" once again Illya whined. As such the AI activated the auto pilot of said vehicle and opened the hatch allowing her to depart dragging her new 'pillow' behind her like a sack of potatoes. Boarding the PLQ before throwing 'pillow' onto the bunk before taking off her armor and heading to bed in her undergarments seeing as she was too lazy to change into something else. She then climbed into the bunk and dragged the 'pillow' under the sheets and cuddling up to it and falling asleep none the wiser with Kato in a iron grip.

    Unfortunately for Kato when he wakes up later he will have to deal with the angry female once she awakens.
  11. As his sensors picked up the man's face, a small female voice spoke up "Kato Tsukede. Japanese. Age 19. Run away from Japan. Genetic Mutation: Extremly Enhanced speed." Being distracted by the female voice in her head, the man bolted and jumped over Cyborg. Cyborg tried to use his robotic speed to catch the man, but his nagging human part of himself stopped himself for a strange reason. Trying to run after the man was pointless, so he followed him outside and gazed at the scratched up car and swore alittle to loud. Looking towards where Sarah was now approaching the person they saw earlier, a man with a woman in his arms. He took this moment to radio into base, and let them know what's going on.

    "Cyborg to Britain base, the call on the World Rebel's is true. I approached a man, Kato Tsukede, and he said-" Replaying the recording, he mimicked the voice near perfectly "You know... World Rebels... You guys are pretty rude you know... He then ran for it, vaulting over me and scratching up our car. His location is unknown, but headed toward a wooded area it seemed."

    "Alright Agent Cyborg, we will send a squad or two to secure the area. You stay there to insure perfection, and send Agent Elizabeth after Kato."

    Big Pin took a hit from his cigarette and swirled his cup of wine with his other hand. He watched from the top floor of his 110 floor building as the sun rose from over the horizon. A smile sat on his face as he stood up, setting his cigarette in the ashtray that sat on his desk. He finished his glass of wine and check his watch saying with joy in his voice "It's almost time, better call the boys..." He grabbed his cell phone and called a number, where his head soldier was stationed.

    "Mr. Destea, you may proceed Operation Black Sky. Send some men to scout out London, have a few set some explosive devises around some....important land marks."
  12. Xiphos blinked in surprise as a Cyborg entered the pub, apparently the boy in front of him had already caught someones attention. This wasnt gonna be fun, he was about to activate his powers to help the kid out when suddenly the kid nearly vanished in a blur of movement. Basically glomping the Cyborg in the process or fleeing out the pub doors. Wow well that was a interesting power, not even bothering to try and follow him Xi slowly gets up from his seat. Setting a couple bucks on the table for his drink he walks out of the pub a minute after the Cyborg does. Noticing a red Camero almost immediately he grins, he liked fast cars, especially sexy looking fast cars. He pulls out a pair of sunglasses from his coat pocket slipping them on to hide his crimson eyes even before he focuses on a small group that the Cyborg had approached. Unsure if he should involve himself or not he hesitates before shrugging and walking away down the sidewalk his hands in his coat pockets.

    He passes by a cafe noticing a girl standing in the doorway holding the door open like she was inviting someone in, but there was no one there. With a small frown he looks up at her stopping in front of the cafe. "Uh hi there, you okay? Pardon my intrusion you just seem a bit distracted" His voice was smooth and kind.


    Sanura stopped just short of the pub parking lot upon seeing the blur of a boy slide across the red Camero she had seen earlier. Leaving a not too nice looking scratch, yikes that was gonna make the owners mad. What the heck was the boy doing? Completely confused by the situation it takes her a minute to notice a small group had gathered near the pub, there looked to be a Cyborg, a woman, and a boy that was carrying a girl. Automatically concerned for the well being of the girl that seemed unconscious in the boys arms she disregards any caution she should have and walks up to the group. Not paying much attention to the woman and Cyborg her focus is the boy and girl, her green eyes concerned.
    "Hi there, sorry to just drop in here like this but is she okay?" She nods toward the girl in his arms. "Was she injured or anything?" Subconsciously she clenches and unclenches her left hand that was still in her pocket.
  13. Kate gives a blink, before nodding, saying "Y-yeah, I'm fine, I'm just..." She looks around, coffee starting to shake in her hand. This story didn't have a good storyline, it was really risky, and she hadn't even decided if she wanted to break the normal 'rules' of literature and have the protagonist lose. Now she was a part of the story too, which meant her life could be on the line in just a few moments, her gaze drifts off like this, trying to think of what her next plot point was going to be, but unable to even think of it. She wasn't particularly well known, she was quite glad for that, she maybe had to sign one book a month, but still, she was afraid of what she just had got herself involved in. The last time she had been this close was on her last book as well. She had ordered the same drink as one of her characters, even though she hated it, and drank it in silence, before throwing over the table like in the story, the other character spot had been filled with some random guy. She had managed to play that off somehow... But this... This was different.

    She shakes her head, bringing her mind back to the current subject, before saying "Uh, yeah, I'm fine, I'm just... I'm thinking because..." She looks up and down the sidewalk, it had been a big enough stir when a mutant had published a book, even worse when it sold well considering her power. She gulped a little bit, before just handing him the notebook. Still open, the page describes the man who had just jumped over the car, red, just like in the actual world, and even Xiphos leaving the pub. It trails off halfway through a sentence, but it's a stunning accurate description of everything that happened. "I... I might have caused this."
  14. Dustin wanted to get somewhere warm and quick, he was nervous talking to people and suddenly another person walked up to Dustin to talk to him about Cecily. Cecily was freezing cold, she still had snow on her and slowly the snow seeped into her clothes making her soaking wet. 'Why isn't she waking up? This is a long time for her to be gone. Something is happening, this isn't normal.' And Dustin was right, it wasn't normal.

    "She's okay. Just cold. She fell into some snow and-" Dustin stopped, he suddenly was started to shiver in his boots. 'I'm starting to feel Cecily, I'm cold just like her. This means she isn't just out because of something she is sensing. Crap. Does that mean I'm about to pass out too?' Dustin started to shake a little bit but he remained strong, holding Cecily tighter against his chest. He wouldn't let himself collapse in front of strangers. He had to be strong.

    'What happened to you, Cecily?'

    "We just need to get warm. I need to warm her up and soon. I'm scared she's going to catch something." Dustin's voice came out almost has a plead, even though he wasn't sure what these people could do for him. He wasn't really asking for help, he was more or less thinking out loud.
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  15. Sarah nodded and said "If you insist, but make sure you get her in a warm place! I'd suggest getting your girlfriend in the pub, but considering it's an investigation site now, I'd try that library across the street." Turning to leave the couple, someone else approached them. Walking back towards the pub, she spotted a horriblly gruesome sight. Her beloved car, had a scratch all across the hood and a dent to finish it off at start to finish. Next to her car was Cyborg, who was clearing out the pub of all civilian's. Going to him, she angryily pulled him aside saying "What the hell happened? Where is the suspect and more importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CAR!" Cyborg sighed and responded ashamed "Mister Tsukede managed to escape, and is heading towards the forest down the road, and command want's you to capture him alone, because I have to stay here with the clean up crew."

    Shaking her head, Sarah climbed into her car and drove down the road, and as she neared the forest, noticed smoke coming from the forest. Pulling the car on the side of the road, she left the safety and warmth of her vehicle and dove head first into a pile of snow.....literally.
  16. Kazu was already arrested by the M.M.F. - Mutant Military Force due to being an illegal mutant in the country. He had stayed hidden for the past years along with his mother but somehow they got the wind of him.


    He had a navy green, cotton padded winter jacket on him with a hoodie covering his face. He kept a low profile for as long as he could but the luck was not on his side today. The ground was filled with almost an inch of snow and the city was quite packed. The weather was cold as he used both his hands to cover his face and nose, followed by him exhaling and inhaling the same air. It was to keep himself and his hands warm. Kazu was out doing errands for his mother, or rather, his mother did not ask him to do any errands. They just ran out of milk and bread and he decided to go buy some, before his mother came back from her job, that is. He saw a grocery store nearby and decided to enter. It was also a popular store, since there were alot of customers. 'Damn.. This place must be quite popular' He thought to himself as he scanned it. He went straight to the isle in the store which had a great variety of breads. He picked his mothers favorite as he moved to the next, where he could find some milk. He picked up two cartons of milk. "Well, that should be enough for now.." He whispered to himself as he looked towards the checkout counter. And that is when it happened. A robbery occured in the grocery store as a few men ran in holding heavy guns; Shotguns and Assault Rifles. They seemed to be prepared for anything since he noted that they wearing kevlar vests. He was able to deduce quickly that there were four men trying to rob the store.

    "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" They said, as most of the customers panicked and did as they were told. Kazu hoped that they were there just for the money and nothing else. "Okay.. Okay" He said as he slowly laid on the floor with his back towards the ceiling. He folded his arms behind his head. It felt as if misfortune was following Kazuhiko. The streets were filled with government military as they canvassed the area. Crimes and among other things had happened for the past two weeks so the security was tight as ever. What begged his mind was the reason for why these people even decided to rob this particular grocery store. I mean, it is a popular grocery store, they might have a few thousand bucks in the safe, but was that really it? Was there more to it then just that? Two of the men were walking around the store making sure that none of the customers did anything foolish, the tird one however, was on the lookout if any of the official government people came, or even the police. "ANYONE TRIES TO DO ANYTHING.. ANYTHING... IT WILL NOT END WELL FOR THEM.. GOT THAT?? HUH??.." The men were serious about this joint, they were damn serious. Kazu just wanted them to get whatever they wanted before the ones he was hiding from came. That was the M.M.F. They have been lurking throughout the city to uphold the peace for a long time now. Were they trying to catch their attention? What the hell was their ulterior motive? The fourth man, however, grabbed the store clerk by his neck and asked him some interesting questions. "WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS THE DEVICE?" He screamed at clerk. "YOU EITHER TELL ME. OR I WILL KILL YOU!! ALONG WITH THESE CUSTOMERS" The man with the gun glanced at Kazu and the customers on the ground. Some of the customers were quite frightened as others were crying. It was not helping the situation, but he couldn't blame them. He was quite and collective, he knew how to act during a distress situation like this.

    Kazuhiko was in a peculiar situation. He could've used his powers to render the enemies useless, but if he did, the M.M.F. would notice. The reason for why they would was because he couldn't control his power anymore, not since they left Japan. He could go overboard with it and have it attack and destroy the store, which would definetly alert the M.M.F. And for some reason, they were not after the money. They were after some sort of a device, but what kind of device? "I-I-... Please.. I don't know what you're talking about.. Please.." The store clerk said, his voice was filled with confusion and fear. The robbery man got all angry as he screamed and shouted at him, followed by him shooting him in the chest. That man's life was now over. The store clerk was dead on the spot. The blood was covering the counter and the wall. It was a straight point blank shot. The customers screamed in distress. "JOE... JOE.. WE GOTTA GO.. THEY ARE COMING" The man who was on the lookout notifed the men. Whatever they were after, they couldn't get it now. "SHIT.. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? LETS GO.." Joe beckoned. As the men ran through the backdoor, behind the counter. They made their way out. Not so late after, the M.M.F trucks came and blocked the entrance after seeing what had happened inside. That was not enough though, alot of customers ran out and screamed for help after the men had disappeared. One of the trucks seemingly drove past and towards the backdoor. They were probably after the men who tried to "rob" the store. Kazuhiko was unable to react since he was already inside the store. He slowly stood up as he gazed at the M.M.F. His nightmare came true. They had devices which could easily find out if you were an illegal mutant or not. He couldn't even use the backdoor since he assumed they would surround it too. Because of those robbery mens. "SHIT....You've got to be kidding me"
    He slowly took his hood over his head as he put his hands back into his navy green winter jacket, followed by him trying to walk past them. Trying to get out of danger.

    One of the men who was scanning the people who came out was able to confirm that Kazu was indeed an illegal mutant. "You there.. STOP" They said, as some of them pointed their guns at him. "You're an illegal mutant.. You're coming with us.. now.." He could not even use his powers as he raised his hands in the air, with his back turned against them. They used some special cuffs around his wrists which would render his own powers useless. "Are you FUCKING kidding me.." He yelled, as they pushed him towards a truck with a barred cage around it. They shoved him inside as some of the men sat next to him, to make sure he didn't do anything foolish. Yes, he was captured, he wondered how his mother would survive. He had to find a way to make an escape. The device only gave them the notification of him being an illegal mutant. His identity was not yet revealed. That would only be revealed once he was back in their base as they have other devices which involves his prints and what not, to get an overall data about him. They drove past a pub where something else was brooming. He noted a few faces outside it as his truck went past. 'I need to find a way out.. Before they take me back to their base..'
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  17. The basement of some random house
    Howard sat at a table in the middle of a dark room, not needing the light. He was assembling another weapon, of course, that feeds off his power. Using lightweight metal alloy that he didn't bother to name, he could make many magazines of solid 'lightweight,' and the weapon will simply use his power to pull it up, turn part of it into some other kind of explosion metal that would be turned to powder, and the rest of it into a aerodynamic bullet. In short to medium ranges, Howard would also be able to give it the properties of a hollow point, armor-piercing, explosive, or fragmentation.

    He had made a gun that only he could use, was very customizable, had many ammunition types, and he could make more ammunition most anywhere. He very very pleased with himself.

    As an add-on, he turned it more into a crossbow with a barrel. Much better for round velocity and range.
  18. The girl was panting hard as she sprinted through the snow stumbling and falling. She was looking around frantically. All she could see for miles were trees covered in snow. She fell again and this time didn't bother to get up. It was inevitable, the Black Thornes had sent their best operative to execute her and soon enough those shadows would be coming after her. She heard the crunch of snow under some heavy boots and spun around. Her eyes opened wide in terror. Nadroj was slowly walking toward her, his deep purple eyes cold with focus. He was wearing a black coat with purple patterns and the snow was sticking to his black spiky hair. "Misako Arula, you certainly are very elusive, you dragged me halfway around the world hunting you, but i'm sure you always knew you would die." His face remained expressionless. "You have been deemed a threat to operation Black Sky, illegaly hacking the Black Thorne servers and syphoning information about our projects. You have all but commited suicide." Nadroj looked the girl directly in her eyes, assessing the level of fear in them. "And now, you die." The shadows, on cue began to swirl around Nadroj on the ground, when they stopped a figure began to rise up out of it, taking a humanoid form but devoid of all facial features but a mouth. The creature gave out a demented laugh and sprinted toward the girl who managed to get out one final scream before the shadow creature began ripping apart her limbs.
    Nadroj walked away from the blood soaked snow over to Kalona, wearing a similar coat. His blonde hair did not show the snow as much. "If we're already here in London we might as well stick around and see how Black Sky plays out, who knows, maybe Big Pin can integrate us into his plan." Nadroj's expression was still cold. "Perhaps, let us go, this place is too cold for my shadows." The two walked off in the direction of the city and the London base of the Black Thorne.
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