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  1. "Don't worry, Esther. I'm sure a master will take you as their apprentice." Counsel member Fredrick told the young girl, ruffling her short locks. The young magician had been found a few months ago, and already she was far past what the counsel normally taught young magicians. Green eyes focused on the small stone in her hands, focusing her magic through the medium. "Besides, the master who takes you in will have to be great to keep up with your potential." The older man smiled as he sat down next to the smaller girl.

    Looking up at the older man, Esther shook her blonde hair. "If a master wanted me, then they would have come already." Going back to her rock, she focused on a simple light spell. A glow started to form slightly above the rock, growing as Esther pumped more and more magic into it. "Every other master I've seen has just been scared off." Cancelling the spell, Esther started throwing the rock into the air, grabbing it at its peak before starting again.

    Fredrick frowned at the young girl. "Hey, someone's going to take you in. If I could, I know I would but you'd move too fast for me to keep up." He smiled, nudging the girl's tanned shoulder. "Besides, you still owe me for trying to steal my lunch from me!" That got a small chuckle out of the girl. It was good she was no longer completely hostile toward the counsel, however each master turning her down only served to turn the young girl inwards towards herself. This worried Fredrick quite a bit. Even if magicians were reclusive by nature, a true hermit of a magician could be quite dangerous.

    Esther shrugged as she closed her eyes and leaned back. "Well, it looks like you're stuck with me for a while." She let the breeze play with her pixie cut locks, enjoying the sun on her skin. Fredrick looked over at the young one and sighed, getting up to leave her alone. She didn't seem to be in the mood for talking, so it would do the man no good to try and talk to her. Besides, he had his duties to get to. Magicians had been coming to him frequently asking for extra protection for their apprentices. Paranoia was filling the magician community over the different Warlock attacks. It seemed no wonder that magicians were avoiding taking on apprentices.

    Taking his seat back with the other counsels, Fredrick got ready for the day. Little did they know that they would get a very unexpected surprise.
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  2. Alexi Vosher was a true to life hermit. A recluse who cared for little more than to practice. Study and practice. There was no subject scary or forbidden or elusive enough to cause the middle aged man to wary his choices. He'd studied necromancy, alchemy, magical physic properties, elemental magic, curses, cures, and just about almost everything else he could get his hands on. He was by most standards, a genius. Still, there was one fault that no-one could get about him. How did he manage to be a hermit when he lived in the middle of the community?

    Ever since he had joined the magical community, he found his perfect house right off the bat. A small shack of a house just a few streets from the magicians university, a knowledge base for the magical arts. He never wanted to teach, even though he had been practically begged to join them. His extensive knowledge could be useful for those under his tutelage they said, but it never piqued his interest. Instead, he moved into his house and very few ever see or hear from him save for the random noticeable incident.

    He had been working on a special mixture in his lab when he heard a knock at the door. It was a courier from the university, which only caused him to grumble and try to ignore him. More knocking and he growled. That incessant knocking is going to throw me off. He tried to focus but he couldn't as he heard more knocks and this time, a voice. "Master Vosher? I have a letter for you!"
    Now he was mad!
    As he turned to ascend the stairs, he accidentally poured the full contents of his vial into the other, hearing a very audible fizz. "Oh dear me...."

    The courier fled down the street when he watched the house before him shake like it was subject to an earthquake. His windows shattered and his front door almost twisted off its hinges and all of his neighbors were subject to the one rare time they would hear him...when something went wrong.
    "FIDDLESTICKS! BLASTED COURIERS!!!" The smoke poured out of his house through every shattered window and the front door like a dragon resided there. His neighbors merely shook their heads at this new event and continued on their regular business.
  3. Esther sighed as she passed by a few other new magicians, talking about their new masters. She hadn't even known that there were any master magicians coming today. Determined to find out what was going on, she pulled out the small stone that helped her focus her magic. Moving to a hidden corner, she breathed deeply, trying to remember the words to the invisibility spell she had read recently. "Re... Removemus conspectus." With a whoosh, she faded out of the sight of any other magician. Looking down to see herself looking through her own hands, she started for the counsel room. She was going to figure out why the masters didn't want to see her.

    "I demand extra protection!" That was the first thing she heard when Esther had snuck into the counsel room. A haggard looking magician was holding his apprentice, a young dark haired boy, close to his chest. "Those damned warlocks nearly took my apprentice from me! I say we need more protection for those living with apprentices!" He stomped his foot before stroking an obviously nervous and shocked boy's head.

    Fredrick sighed and shook his head. "I'm sorry, but we simply cannot spare any more protection to individual magicians. You'll simply have to make do without the extra help." Esther walked closer to the man, hoping to get a better position. As the counsel sent the man out, a courier came back, panting a bit. "Ah, did you send the letter I requested?"

    The courier nodded. "Yes, I sent it to Master Vosher." As soon as the name left the man's lips, the whole counsel blew up in different questions.

    "You sent him a letter?"

    "You know he doesn't recognize the counsel!"

    "He calls us a university! A university!"

    "Why in Heaven's name would you ever send him a letter?!"

    This piqued Esther's interest. Who was this Master Vosher?
  4. After finally clearing the smoke from his house and watching his neighbors slink about their daily business, Alexi got to reorganizing his lab and house. The explosion, if you could call it that, wasn't lethal by any means but it shook up his house and made it a disaster. His front door was practically hanging by one hook, his books were everywhere, some of his vials were broken and his hair and clothes were a mess. His long silver and black locks were stained with black soot and his clothes were none the better.

    Still, at least he hadn't died. He knew it was unlikely when the two mixed, but he would have hated to give that damn council any reprieve from him going away. No-one over there seemed to like him. Well, there was Fredrick, but he wasn't a friend. More like a tolerable acquaintance. He stopped by once in awhile..chatted about things at the university, about the recent attacks here and there but never in detail and always seemed to wonder when he'd take an apprentice of his own.

    More than likely, the council was meeting now. The whole business with this warlock was ridiculous enough without having everyone up and down the street asking for armed protection or at least someplace safe to stay. Being a hermit had its perks and this was one of them. He never had to deal with anyones problems. Only his..and those were few and far between.
    As he headed into one of his storage rooms to reorganize the books that had scattered in there, he had a brief though of what had happened to the courier that had disrupted him earlier and caused this mess, but the thought quickly left as swiftly as it had come.
  5. Fredrick sighed as he held his hands up for the counsel to calm down. "Alright, you are dismissed." The courier nodded before leaving the room. "Now, the reason I sent him the letter was that we need help in dealing with the Warlocks. He is a powerful magician, if not the most powerful. If we are going to get those apprentices back, then we will need his help whether you like it or not!" The man slammed his fists down, leaving the whole room shocked.

    Esther jumped at the man's sudden slam, nearly losing her invisible spell. So everyone was worried about these Warlocks. Was that why no masters were choosing her as an apprentice? Maybe because they didn't want to get attached only to end up losing her? The girl nearly scoffed, running a hand through her hair. They wouldn't get close to her. She wouldn't let them.

    The courier, rifling through his letters, stopped in dread when Master Vosher's letter sat neatly at the top of his bag. It seemed in the rush to get away from the smoke, he had forgotten to actually give the man his letter. Running before the counsel started to ask questions about the magician's whereabouts, the man ran back to Master Vosher's house. "Master Vosher!" He knocked fervently on the door. "You have a letter from Counsel member Fredrick!"
  6. Alexi heard the courier at the door and growled. It was a different courier this time, the voice was different. Still, why couldn't they learn that he wanted to be left alone? Did they not know what a hermit was..or think that he put himself on open visitation to whoever needed to swing by? Clambering through the remains of the rooms wreckage, he finally made it to the door. "What?" He noticed the letter with the council seal on it.
    "A letter from council member Fredricks sir." He glared at the man and then took the letter from his hand, ripping it open and scanning through the contents.

    So they want my help to stop the attacks on apprentices eh? Makes sense..I've been hearing alot of stories on that from everyone. Seems this Warlock, or warlocks, are out for blood. The question is why? Draw out someone in particular or just for general bloodshed?
    "Fine." He shut his door as well as he was able and headed deeper into his house, opening his closet and grabbing a small crystal ball and a book before sighing. This would be the first time he had set foot out of the house anywhere near the council in years. They would not be delighted to see him.

    Still, if going meant he could do this and then return to his little hermit life then it was not to be helped. Gazing at the mirror version of himself, he knew he wasn't much to look at. Little shorter than 5'8"..athletic but thin, weak looking body frame, long black and silver shaded hair, yet his eyes were his most unique feature. His left was a shade of gold and the other a bright shade of green. Quite the oddity for anyone in his time.
    He sighed once more. Guess I better get this over with. "Telunverso!" His body shimmered as if engulfed in light and then he was gone, traveling at blinding speed towards the councils meeting place...and to Fredrick.
  7. The whole council was in an uproar by the time Alexi arrived. Men and women alike paused only to reaffirm their uproar, shouting louder and fiercer than before. "He simply cannot be here!" One council member finally spoke for the rest. "Master Vosher is certainly powerful and talented, yes, but he is unpredictable! How can we trust that he wouldn't just join the warlocks to tickle his own God damn fancy!"

    "ENOUGH!" Fredrick used a spell to silence the council while raising his own voice. "We have a guest." He continued, quieter than before. "It is wonderful to see you again, Alexi. I assume you got my letter since you came." Shifting, the older man trained his cold blue eyes on the black and silver haired man. "Warlocks have been taking the apprentices of various magicians, and it has gotten to the point that we need to address it as a council. However, I doubt we can handle this on our own-" He was interrupted by a roar of displeasure, only to silence it once more. "So, I sent a courier to get you to come. I thank you for taking the time to visit us once again."

    Esther moved closer to look at the supposedly super powerful magician. She had expected a giant with golden hair and blue eyes to come in. What she got was a thin man with strange eyes and hair. Forgetting for a moment that she was using a spell, she nearly scoffed. "That's the guy you all are so afraid of?" The collected gasp quickly alerted the young girl to the fact that she was found out. "Uh oh." With that her invisibility spell dropped.

    "Esther?!" Fredrick quickly stood, walking over to the young girl. "What are you doing here? I am so sorry, Alexi." He interrupted his questioning before continuing. "Where did you learn to use that spell? And why in heaven's name are you sneaking around the council?!"

    The blonde haired girl shrugged. "I was bored. So I wanted to see what you old fogeys do here." She looked around, green eyes taking in all of the shocked faces.

    The old man sighed. How had he gotten stuck with this one. "That doesn't answer where you learned that spell! You shouldn't have been able to use such a high level technique for so long!"

    Esther shrugged. "I read it from a book. Besides, why can't I use that spell? It was easy enough to memorize."

    "You are only a beginner! A novice! A child! Only someone with much, much more experience than you should have been able to use that spell!!!" Fredrick exclaimed.
  8. As Alexi whooshed into the council chambers, he felt the various emotions of the council. Confusion, hatred, envy, loathing, and hysteria all wrapped up in one room and directed straight at him. Fredrick tried to calm everyone and address the issue at hand. Alexi paid attention to what was being addressed and even as he did, he could sense something else. A foreign presence, cloaked by magic. Not very powerful, a novice perhaps. One of the students? Maybe a spy...I'll check in a bit to see exactly what you are my mysterious friend.

    When she called the council members fogeys, he snickered. That was a word he didn't get to hear very much, let alone directed to some of the most potent, powerful and influential members of magic society. She definitely had guts to unleash such insults to people above her grade. Still, such impudence was not conductive of a pupil.

    Fredrick was right about one thing though. She should feel fatigued after staying under its influence for so long. "Hold your tongue a minute Fredricks. I want to see something." Alexi turned and faced the girl. "Tell me something tired do you feel?" One of the council members stood to rant at Alexi and he whipped his head towards the man, a magical sigil appearing in front of his left eye and an instant later, a golden chain and lock wrapped around the mans mouth, preventing him from talking until it would be released.

    "I am having a conversation here lord Bishop. I ask that you be patient until I am finished." There was a light touch of sinister tone to his voice when he spoke to the lord Bishop. As he faced Esther, he asked again. "So, how tired do you feel?"
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  9. Esther raised an eyebrow at the man as he questioned how tired she felt. What did fatigue have anything to do with her using the spell. The master locking one of the council member's mouths shut however was pretty fun. Looking over at the master, Esther raised an eyebrow. "I don't feel tired at all. What? Am I supposed to feel tired?" Her voice gained a curious tone. The blonde tilted her head as she watched this new man. He seemed fun, like someone she could actually respect besides Fredrick.

    Said man was looking at Esther in exasperation. Many a student weren't ready for anything like an invisible spell. He could feel the heated glares from the different council members. Alexi was already getting off track, let alone the former thief sneaking into their meetings. Yes, the warlocks were a huge problem, but it would do no good to interrupt Alexi when he was interested in something. This something just happened to be the girl that scared off almost all of the masters who tried to take her on.

    The young blonde kept an eye on the man in front of her, her posture relaxed. She crossed her arms across her chest. What would this magician say about her using the spell? Maybe tell her she wasn't supposed to. Whatever happened, she couldn't let herself get her hopes up. He would eventually lose interest like the rest.
  10. Alexi watched her body to see if she was lying to him. She was telling the truth, no heaving of the chest, no severe mana reduction from what he could tell from looking at her, and still standing straight, not hunched over. Impressive. "Not bad for a novice I guess."
    He turned his attention back to Fredrick. "So what exactly do you want me to do Fredrick? I'm a hermit...I live alone. You know this and you send people to my house, which is tilted and more broken down now thanks to you. Do you want me to kill them?" Another of the council members spoke up. "How do you know there are more than one?"

    Alexi glared at her and it was feared he would attack her too, but he sighed. "Multiple areas of attack over too short of a time. Kidnappings of sophisticated students from expert teachers suggest more than one partner, possibly two or three depending. When talking about attacks, teachers always report at least two different magic types used. Most warlocks cannot master more than one and those that can are rare and few between. Besides, if it is a master warlock, he has either a very eccentric magic regain or has alot to use from and either one does not bode well if that's the case."

    Alexi drew a short breath before continuing. "Also, most spells cast against students are not lethal. Possible one case but no evidence to support. Suggests that the attacker is not mastering lethal offense magic like most warlocks tend to do. Warlock code of battle: End your opponent quickly before they end you. Not the typical code follower...if it is a warlock or warlocks in the first place that you plan on sending me after."
    Fredrick had to stifle a loud snicker listening to Alexi run the interruptor into the ground. Even with his multiple magic studies, Master Alexi Vosher was in most senses a genius.

    He turned to face Esther again. "And what of this one? Is this the one you plan on sticking me with? If so, she better be ready Fredrick. I'm going back home." With a wave of his hand, he released the chain around Lord Bishops mouth and he gasped audibly for air as Alexi headed for the door. "Damn you to hell Vosher! Never come back!
    Master Vosher stopped in his tracks and lord bishop shivered before he heard Alexi yell "Telunverso!" and vanish from the room.
  11. Esther blinked as the man left in a flurry. The next few moments followed in the same manner. The whole council blew up before Fredrick pulled her aside. Taking her back to her temporary room, he started to help her pack up. Esther wasn't sure if he just wanted to get rid of her, or if the strange magician really wanted her as his apprentice. The thought excited her. A real master, someone who wouldn't baby her with the basics, was going to teach her! The whole idea nearly left her in shock.

    Fredrick helped Esther put her things in a bag before using a similar spell to Alexi's to get him and Esther to the magician's home. Turning to Esther, he kneeled down in front of her. "Now, Esther, I want you to understand something. I'm not going to force you on Master Vosher. The only way you can become his apprentice is if he chooses you himself. However, I know he sees your potential." Squeezing her shoulders, Fredrick started again. "Despite this, I don't want you to get your hopes up."

    Feeling her shoulders sag, Esther nodded. "Understood. Just another Master who won't teach me." She couldn't help the hope that was bubbling up in her chest. However, the crushing reality threatened to devour her. Out of all of the masters that had even considered her, all of them found her to be too difficult to work with. This was her last chance, in her own mind. If even this man rejected her then she needed to give up. It would never happen.
  12. As Vosher rushed home, he knew it would only be a matter of time before Fredricks brought the girl. He had to be ready. Fredricks would be anxious and wanting Alexi to get going as fast as possible and that meant he had less than 10 minutes before they used the same spell or one like it to get to his house, as rugged as it looked now. He sighed. Why did he sign up for this? All he wanted was to go there, speak his mind and go back to being alone. Instead, he found a little spy who turned out to be quite the mystery, pissed off the lord bishop and stirred up things at the university.

    "Oh well, can't do anything about it now I suppose. Might as well go with it." Walking into his house, he summoned a pack that he had enchanted long ago. It had the capacity to hold anything he could throw inside it, holding it in a alternate state of reality until he needed it, at which he could pull it from the pack. Off course, to anyone else it was empty but for him, or those he willed it to, it was magic. Still, there were limits. He couldn't hold his entire lives works in there as there was only a certain amount of space and he couldn't hold huge things like tables, beds, people or anything of the sort, but it did the trick for wands, staffs, books and whatever else...especially if he didn't want to pay out the nostril for something he really wanted or needed.

    As he threw some of his necessities in the pack, watching them vanish into the forever void, he heard the sizzle of magic outside and poked out the window. Fredricks and the girl were there. "Hmmm...her name was..Esther I believe. This will be interesting." He rushed back down to the basement, forgoing the alchemy items but taking some of his already made potions that weren't damaged or leaked everywhere during the accident this morning and tossing them in the pack.

    As he ascended the stairs, he yelled to the door. "Fredricks! You're not waiting on a invitation I hope? Get in here..and the girl too!" He clamored into one of the far back rooms, grabbing a couple books with various incantations and spells he'd documented over the years. He rarely let these out of sight. They were ancient, powerful and dangerous. Foolish young-lings might try to break in and use them. What a disaster that would be. He stepped back out and faced the two, his look still as ragged as when he first arrived. "So, where's our first destination...and what do you want me to do with her?"
  13. Fredrick walked in with Esther, keeping her close. The young girl had a clear look of awe on her face. The place, though damaged from a previous accident, looked like Wonderland to her. Spell books, potions, all of the knick-knacks that magicians held that she had heard about ever since she was a young child. What she wouldn't give just to read through some of those books or test some of the magical items! They all spoke of great adventures she simply couldn't wait to embark on. However, she respected the man who owned the house, if only just slightly. She wouldn't touch anything without explicit permission.

    Looking to his old friend, Fredrick shook his head. "I'm not going anywhere. As head of the council, I have to stay here. However, if you could take Esther with you, I would be extremely grateful." He glanced down at the fourteen year old, ruffling her blonde hair before continuing. "I can't force you or coerce you into taking her. It's against the magical contract an apprentice and master makes. If you don't take her on as an apprentice then I will just bring her back to the council. However, I think you both could learn great things from each other, and she has the potential to be great, just like you."

    Esther watched the two adults, feeling a nauseous doubt slowly filling her chest. This man could reject her just like the others. Whatever so-called potential she had didn't matter when it came to the other masters. If he rejected her then fine. She would just sneak out and find the apprentices herself. Then some master had to take her on as his own.
  14. So he came to dump the girl on him and then go back to politics? Typical of Fredricks. Ever since he dove into that life, Alexi found that it changed people, and rarely for the better. "Apprentice huh?" He gazed at the girl. She looked very young..way too young to be someone he would consider teaching. Most pupils he considered were almost 18 and had at least a few years of practice under them. Yet, here stood one of the lead people of the council, asking Vosher if he would consider this girl for apprenticeship.

    "You know how I feel about apprentices Fredricks. You knew that even before you brought her here, did you think that would change? Do I LOOK like someone who wants to teach!?" He sighed as he stepped around a batch of clutter towards the duo. "Besides, you've told me nothing of her capabilities. What can she do?" He turned to her before Fredrick could retort.

    "What can you do!? What have you studied?" His eyes burrowed into her, holding a fierce, judgmental gaze. A apprentice was not chosen lightly, even one such as he knew that much. You had to find someone who complimented either your lack of strength or your strengths as a whole. How could he do that when he, considered a master of the magic arts, knew nothing about this young-ling or what she could even do? Did she even know the fundamentals of basics?
  15. With the sudden loud voice aimed at her, Esther glared. She squared her shoulders, puffed out her chest, and stood tall. "I can do some elemental magic, I started to study portals and travel magic, but Fredrick took away my books. I know a spell for necromancy, but again Fredrick took that book away. I wanted to start studying alchemy and managed to make a simple potion, but the council got mad at me for that. I've mastered all of the basics. I work hard, sir. Give me any task, and I'll finish it. No matter what challenge you give me, I will conquer it." She had only started most of what she learned.

    Fredrick stood a ways away from the two. He knew the two were a good match. They just had to see it in each other. However, that would be hard considering how adverse Alexi was to apprentices and those younger in general. He doubted the girl would impress him. She would most likely be sent back to the council. There was always a hope though.
  16. Alexi scowled. " best. You have very little, if any, first hand experience in most or all of the magical arts, you claim to master the basics but I doubt you actually know what the basics entail, you face off defiantly against those stronger than you in hopes of possibly intimidating them but also more than likely as a sign that you're worthy..something I care very little for. You're limited within the walls of the university because you're ambitious but ignorant of your own self limitation and that in itself is both dangerous and self empowering. You try that while out with me and I won't hesitate to show you exactly how little you are to most other people in this world. You better understand that."
    He turned to face Fredrick. "This is a once only exception Fredricks. You got lucky. Walk with us to the gate and tell me where the closest attack was. I need to examine it myself to see what I'm getting myself into."

    As he walked to the door, he turned to face Esther again. "I hope you have your stuff packed and are fast because I'm not slowing down for you. Come along....apprentice." With that, he exited his house and entered the city on his way to the gate. There were multiple attack sites to search, much to teach this young-ling and several apprentices to save, if they were even able to be saved. That was the ultimate mystery that hung in front of Alexi Vosher right now was...why?
    The gate would be about a half hour walk at a normal pace, but even for his frail body he moved like someone who trained to run. At his pace it would take less than 12 minutes to reach the gates of the city.
  17. The words cut Esther like a knife. He saw through her attempt to gain his approval. His last warning made the girl's heart shrivel up. No, she didn't want to go back to that. Never again. So the girl would try to conform to what the master wanted. She wouldn't show him just how much his words affected her. That was a sign of weakness, one that she could not afford to show. She said nothing as he called her his apprentice. After his verbal attack, she felt the title was too clean, too powerful for a dirty and mediocre girl like her.

    She nearly had to run to keep up with the man. He moved quickly for such a frail looking thing. Esther made sure to keep up without showing how much effort she was using just to keep up with the taller man. Despite his utter disdain for her, he had taken her on as an apprentice. She couldn't fail him, not with the threat of sending her back hanging over her head like a rainstorm. No, she would prove to him that she was more than his description. She had to. She needed to.

    Fredrick nearly wanted to sigh as he followed the two. "The latest attack was outside of Meomorphis. It's just west of here, so it shouldn't be too hard for you two to find." He hoped the apprentice and master wouldn't make him regret trying to bring them together.
  18. Vosher hurried along the paths of the city, at least one out of every group of people gazing in amazement at seeing Alexi out and about..especially with one of the major teachers of the school. Meomorphis...great. The entire city was a powder keg already due to such conflictions with its people and their governing system. Now with the disappearance of the pupil there, things were probably going to be worse.
    "Alright, if there's any contacts I should meet have them meet at the front gate of Meomorphis. I don't want to be there any longer than I have to be Fredrick. I'll try and keep you and the rest of those fools updated when I can."
    As they approached the gate, he stopped and turned back to face the town. All in a day, his house was shook to its foundations, a personal summons, a apprentice and a harsh task set before him. Fredrick had already started the trek back to the council and left him with Esther.

    He turned to Esther. "Keep up. On the way to Meomorphis, I'll go over the basics and get you started." His satchel hung at his side and as he dove his hand into it, grabbing one of the books he had tossed inside. He knew immediately which one it was, since the magic felt somehow connected to him. It was like it knew what he wanted. He pulled the book out and blew the still existing dust off of it.
    "A book of basics. I think it will be good to here." He handed it to her as he walked. "Don't read it until we find a place to rest. I want you to listen first before you read about it. Consider it your first official lesson."

    He cleared his throat, preparing for a educational rant and hoping it would stick with her. "You mentioned you knew a spell of Necromancy, but do you know why it's so forbidden by most schools and teachers? It's because it's far too dangerous for the caster...the necrotic spells feed off of the users life force. Anytime your creature is injured, it heals itself by stealing from yours. Powerful creatures, but at a very high price...especially if they die. Elemental magic is quite popular with most teachers and is among the basics younglings learn, but in order to fully master and attain the best control, you have to beat an elemental of the type with it's own type of magic, a feat that is rarely accomplished by wizards."

    He turned to her. "I want you to understand something. I meant what I said. I'll teach, but you have to learn. If you can't, you'll not survive me or whatever is out there waiting. Any questions so far?"
  19. Esther managed to keep up with the man, taking the book from him with a nod. She listened to him intently, eyes widening in sudden realization as he explained magics to her that no one had tried to explain before. They simply took the magics away. This, however, she was willing to listen to. She nodded as he explained just what the prices for using these magics came with. He told her she'd have to learn, something she could do. It wasn't the condescending way that the council had used, it was someone who was willing to teach her and expected her to pull her weight. "I understand, sir. My only question is what your definition of the basics is."

    Excitement started to trail down Esther's spine. She was going to learn something! Like, actually learn something! Not just sit there while the council members didn't explain just why what she was learning was so dangerous and couldn't be taught. Now, she got an explanation, one that she would hold with her as she thought about that one necromancy spell she had managed to learn. She had not known the consequences, but now they struck her like a bell. This was going to be exciting.
  20. "My basics are the very fundamentals of magic and their building blocks. I study what is needed to know and what should be expected. What the basics are, to me, is what magic was originally founded off of to what it became now." He continued on his way, smirking slightly at her attentiveness. "You also mentioned various things about alchemy and elemental magic. Elemental magic is almost along the same lines as the accursed necromantic spells. Each time it is cast, especially for those unaccustomed to their use, they have a backlash. A hurtful sting that can be merely unpleasant or dangerously lethal to its user. That is why it is recommended that new wizards take things slow. So they don't get foolish...and kill themselves."

    The city would be in sight soon. He wished he did not have to go there, but times like these called for drastic action. He would have to warn her about the dangers of the city, if she wasn't already aware. "Tell me, what do you know of Meomorphis? What have you heard? Do you know what you're in for before we get there?"
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