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  1. So I'm pulling this old plot outta the closet with my friend Chiemi. I forgot some parts of it, but I have the main idea. If you'd like to add or anything feel free to ask.

    So there are these children who have been experimented on in an attempt to make them supersoldiers. Two of them, Riley and Reini(Unless more of you join. We can have different characters of course.) are a success. They are the first survivors of the hard trials and tests, however, and run away from the compound where they're being held using the exo-suit equipment, usually used to carry large objects. When safe, Riley began adding weapons and defense systems, and plotting revenge with his 'Sister'. The basic minions of that shadey organization, whoever they are, are the failed experiments. They have become black blob-like ink blot creatures. They generally resemble the people they once were, but are made of black liquid and shapeshift. While easy to harm, they are made of liquid and reintegrate easily. Basically, they are out to destroy who made them. Kinda cliche but hey.

    This is generally the idea of the suit. []
  2. Yay! :3 Lol I like the idea of my little girl using such giant machinery there. That's badass. xD
  3. Yush! ^^ Mine will have a flamethrower and a minigun. Other than that I dunno. They're kinda crudely sooped up. o.o
  4. I like fire o-o ooh A rocket launcher xO
  5. YUSH YUSH YUSH. Anything to add to the story? Kinda a short summary. e.e
  6. I dunno o.o Are we starting from way in the beginning?
  7. Yupsh. .3. We could even start with the escape for fun, if you want.
  8. Kay .3. thoygh I might bw gone for a few days, probably should have said something before. I'm going to minnesota at 4am tomorrow.
  9. It's an RP. It can wait. :P
  10. Vaykay is over xO
  11. Is it possible for someone to join who designed their own mecha, even if it differs greatly from the size and design of the one depicted, with a child with different origins than the two genetic experiments?
  12. Well it kinda depends. Not too huge. As for the person operating it it could really be anything, there just has to be a valid reason for them to meet. Not like a random "Oh I was walking here and there was another person in a mech!" Kinda thing. lol

    Give me an example and I'll see.
  13. Well the character I have in mind was born with an unknown brainwave that allows him to synchronize with machines that have complex interfaces his mech is based on Evagelion I can scale the mech down to an appropriate size but it looks like an Eva unit but because he was born with that brainwave he was seized by powerful affluent parties who wanted to use his gift in combat, and he could've escaped with the others but from a different sector
  14. Nah, that wouldn't fit quite right. Because the only reason they have those mechs is because they used them to bust out. They didn't have them before they left. If your character already has one it wouldn't be the same. And I'm not saying they can't meet out in the wilderness, just that there has to be a reason for them both to be near each other. You know?
  15. Oops. It's a dot. Derp.
  16. Yes, it is a dot.
  17. So when and how are we starting this?
  18. Ehh... Whenever I'm not busy with kids under ten and I feel inspired enough to write it? ^////^
  19. Alrighty then! :O Fine with me. I need to thjnk of another rp to do though, I have two that post once a day and I'm booooooored