Thorns Keep (The Cursed Town) role-play

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  1. First thing like I've said in the first post for the RP. This is my first public Role-play So don't expect perfection . Secondly: English isn't my first language. So please bare with my spelling mistakes or with my grammar errors/issues
    What is Thorns Keep ? Thorn Keep is a small beautiful village in Sweden.But their is more then it looks in the town. The town was cursed by a witch from ancient times .

    What is the curse ? firstly the towns people who in the town or anyone who moves in the town can't not leave .Each month in every year.In the first day of the second week. A portal opens to another Dimension filled with different supernatural creatures . Each month with one different creature . meaning 12 creature for 12 month.

    What era is the rp in ? The RP is in the modern times but I am planning on most of the weapon will be in medieval state. since the the village is sealed off and they don't have the technology . meaning no cars/guns and ect

    What is the plot/story of the story ? I'm planing that the plot of the story is going to be about a new family moving in the town. they'll be shocked and scared but eventuality they'll turn into the heroes of the town and the Savior of it . Now in the town there will be special group in town who fight the creatures but with the help of the new comers they will turn better( well that's what I plan for).

    What characters can we play as ? You can play as major roles which are the new family that just moved in, the light knights( the towns people who are the protectors of the town) or MAYBE JUST MAYBE I'm thinking about maybe people can play as the main leader/ the head of the creatures but just maybe. now you can play as non major character which are towns people.

    How many character can we play as ? you can play as high as 3 character at a time. we do prefer if you play as 2 character as it fills the town even more but its not forced on .

    What do I expect from other role-players ? Noting special just creative people but we do expect them to be online everyday. but if your going to play a major character You must come online each day for at-least 1-2

    Now I'm Going to Ask you a 3 questions .

    How many characters can you handle ?

    what creature do you want to be in the story ?

    do you think the leaders of the creature should be controlled by people ?

    sign up sheet.

    If your interested into joining the group . first you answer the 3 questions and then you tell me which position you want.

    Here are the open positions \/

    The family:
    1 Father: Taken(me)
    1 daughter : taken (me)
    1 son:

    The light Knights:
    1 leader:
    1 co-leader:
    6 knights :

    Town People:
    1Town's leader :
    4 farmers:
    4 fishermen:
    1:combat training
    2:shop keepers
    1: the oracle
    1: bartender
    10 towns people: *

    The role-play will start when there are enough people
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.