Thorki (LokiXThor) Plots

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  1. What I'm looking for
    • Must be 18+ (as I intend for many plots to take a NSFW direction)
    • Must be interested in one of the ships/pairings listed below
    • Somewhere in between intermediate and advanced

    About me
    • I will write in first or third person
    • Private or public (though I strongly prefer messages)
    • I am only familiar with the Marvel movies and some Norse mythology so my characterization will follow that.
    • I want to play Loki in all the plots

    (all checked boxes are listed as possibilities but are not hard and fast rules)

    Plot Ideas

    Pre-Thor AU: Odin falls into unexpected Odin sleep prior to the time he is to name his successor and Frigga is left to make the decision. She declares both her sons be crowned king and that they will work together. As they have had a drastic decline in contact over the years it leads to more contact, confessions come out and apologies are made.

    Post Avengers AU 1: Instead of being confined to a jail cell he is instead magically bound to Thor. Loki is very difficult and makes things difficult for Thor despite Thor's attempts to reconnect and help his wayward brother. His frustration comes out in other ways, Loki pretends to hate these advances but secretly loves them and provokes Thor.(mostly smut and some dub con)

    Post Avengers 2: Wanting answers about why Loki did what he did on Midgard Thor visits him in jail to question him. Loki gives no answers and Thor becomes angry and aggressive. (Short rp mostly mature content)

    Jotun AU 1: Loki was never taken by Odin and left in the temple. He raised as a Jotun, however Laufey had a plan to bring peace between the realms and since Loki could shape shift (and was quite small) he was raised as a girl. Closer to Thor's coronation Loki is sent to seduce him and become his bride. (Some gender identity crisis in this plot)

    Jotun AU 2: Arranged marriage between Thor and Jotun princess Loki. Similar to above but Loki attempts to ignore his groom as he has negative ideas about Asgardians. Thor is determined to get Loki to love him as they were once childhood friends.

    Also open to mpreg, other AU ideas and modifications to the plots I've listed

    Please state which plot you're interested in when replying to this thread or messaging me.

    DO NOT
    Message me with OC plots or any other Loki pairings.

    Thank you ^_^
  2. I'm rather torn between the first two, they both seem fun
  3. I'm game for either it really depends on if you want to go more fluff or angst
  4. Hmm... The second one then
  5. Adding one plot to this that isn't Thorki.

    Frostiron (TonyXLoki)
    Loki (Actual name is Thomas) is a teen (18) recently kicked out of is home and has to become a prostitute. Tony by pure coincidence is out one night and sees this attractive teen and picks him up. Loki immediately knows who's picking him up, and decides he needs to get in good with him. Tony can either A). keep hiring Loki freqeuntly or B). Take the philanthropist route and decide he wants to help the kid out. Whichever you think is most in his character.
Thread Status:
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