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  1. It has been a tough life growing up for Loki he lost his mother at a young age and his father blamed him, he neglected and abused him. To make matters worse his father remarried a woman who treated him the same way, not to mention his older brother felt the same way towards his younger brother. Loki spent all of his time in his room avoiding any conflict, because of all of this he can no longer trust anyone. Finally after years and years of all of the harm, the crying and begging he decided to leave Asgard and make for the one realm where he didn't think anyone would look for him, Midgard.

    Only packing a few things he walked down to the biifrost where the gate keeper opened the bridge and sent him to the realm but before he did he wished him well, when Loki arrived there he wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do or where to go but at least he was safe. Using his illusions to disguise his clothing from the mortals, walking around in the cool winter air Loki finally stops at a park bench to sit down. He seemed tired, tired and severely under weight for someone his age and height. "Where do I go now?" Loki thinks.
  2. Brenna walked through the park quickly, she was late for her morning shift, and from the look she'd got last time there was big chance that grumpy old lady would fire her if she didn't hurry. She pulled her scarf over her nose the wind was making her eyes water. As she was lost in her worried thoughts, she passed a young man on park bench.

    Any other day she might have ignored him, but something about him drew her eyes. He was only wearing a thin coat despite the cold wind, and although Brenna had always thought men with longer hair looked kinda unkempt, the semi-long black hair he had was clean and well cut, it was sort of beautiful in a way. He had a sad look in his eyes, and despite the rush she was in she wanted to stop, and talk to him.

    Suddenly her phone began to ring, it was the café. She swore under her breath and picked it up. "I'm on my way, okay." she mumbled into the receiver.
  3. Loki continued to sit back in the bench before finally standing up, he needed to figure out what he was going to do and where he was going to stay but with no money well no money that will get him anywhere here he was a bit lost. Walking with his head down he lightly bumped into a girl, "oh I'm terribly sorry." He spoke, "I did not see you there. Suppose I should have watched where I was walking," Loki slightly smiled. "My apologies," he nodded slightly and continued walking.
  4. Brenna was surprised when the man knocked into her, at first she had nodded mutely as he'd walked away, but as he left she suddenly felt the urge to say something. "Um, wait." She ran back to him and handed him a coupon for the café. "It's for a free coffee..." She smiled nervously feeling really dumb for chasing him down. "Come by anytime..." she awkwardly waved at him and then hurried away. Why had she done that? It was so weird. She stuck her nose in her scarf and hurried as fast as she could away from the mysterious man.
  5. Loki took the piece of paper from her looking it over before watching her walk off, he thought it was a bit odd that she handed him this but at least she was trying to be nice something he hasn't seen in a while. Sighing he continued to walk the cold weather never did bother him, though his mother never wanted him to stay out for long and would always worry about him. A few hours passed by and Loki decided to head to the location stated on the coupon, walking in he went to the front of the cafe sitting at the bar. It was strange it seemed so natural for him to do that, though he had been observing Midgardians for a while. He waited to be served.
  6. Brenna turned around smiling pleasantly as she heard someone sit down. "Hello, what can I get for you?" she started a little, it was the guy from the park. She straightened up a bit and smoothed her apron. She smiled again. "Did you come to use the coupon?..." she quickly looked around for the old lady. "I'll slip a doughnut in too, for free." She tilted her head in the direction of the display case.
  7. Loki nodded and handed her the coupon, "I did indeed. Thank you for that by the way, it's been a while since anyone has been this kind to me." Loki smiled, "I hope I didn't hurt you when I ran into you. I'm still feeling bad about that," Loki looked out towards the window. "The snow is really coming down isn't it?"
  8. "Um thanks, uh, Yeah it is." she nodded looking into the beautiful flurries falling, he was so polite. She looked back at him studying him. He looked so lost. yeah that was the word, lost. She'd felt that too. Ever since Jake's motorcycle accident, and the funeral. She forced away her bad memories.

    She poured the coffee and handed him a glazed doughnut. "If you need anything, just say." she smiled.

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  9. (Alrighty!)

    Loki took the coffee and the doughnut, "thank you." He responded with a smile, he had to admit he was starving, well that did have something to do with him not eating in a while. Putting some cream and sugar into his coffee he took a drink, no wonder mortals liked this stuff. The doughnut was just as delectable, it reminded him of the sweets back home and it didn't take him long to finish it off. He hoped that he didn't look like an animal as he devoured down the sweet treat, that would be embarrassing.
  10. Brenna smiled at him over her shoulder as she served some pie to another costumer. She hoped he wouldn't leave until her shift was over. Having him there was comforting, in a way.

    Her shift went by pretty quickly, and it was about noon when she clocked out. She was about to approach him again when one of the other girls begged her to take out the trash for her really quick, Brenna sighed, but took the heavy bag. She lugged it through the kitchen and out the backdoor, which locked upon closing, outside. She'd have to walk around the building since she didn't have a key to the door. The dumpster was down the back alley a little ways, so she had stumble a little while to get it there. She finally disposed of it and turned to go down the alley when three guys started stumbling out of the intersecting alley. They were drunk.
  11. Loki walked out of the diner but something caught his attention, he noticed the drunk guys and something about them worried for Brenna's safety. So he walked up to her, "hey Bre ready to go?" Loki asked pretending to act as her boyfriend hoping it would send them away from her, "how was you shift?" He asked walking up to her putting his arm around her.
  12. Brenna internally let out a sigh of relief. She'd been a little worried back there. She was glad he'd showed up right then. "

    "It was good." she smiled. As they walked down the street she whispered "thank you." It was weird, a nice weird, having his arm around her. She suddenly realized she didn't even know his name. "My name's Brenna, what's yours...?"
  13. Loki could lie about who he was but what was the point, "Loki. The name is Loki, and you are most welcome Brenna. I just had a bad feeling, I know how drunks can be especially around a young woman." He responded with a smile, "shall I walk you home?"
  14. Brenna blushed "Sure..." They kept walking "That's a cool name, I've always thought uncommon names were cool, my poor kids if I ever have any will probably hate me for giving them weird names, haha."

    They reached her apartment, "here's my house, thanks for walking with me." she smiled, she felt like she smiled a little too often sometimes, but it was just in her nature.
  15. "Thanks my parents wanted to give me a name that wasn't common," Loki smiled. When they arrived at her apartment he smiled at her, "you are very welcome. Well I hope to see you again," Loki started to walk away he wasn't sure where he was going to go it was cold outside and he had nowhere to stay.
  16. "Would... would you like to come inside?" she asked. "You don't have too, I just, don't have anything planned today... I kinda like talking to you."
  17. Loki turned to her, "sure..I'd like that." He smiled, it would be nice for him to get out of the cold for a little while. He walked in and looked at her apartment it was really cozy, "nice place you have here."
  18. "Thanks." she smiled. "Go ahead and sit down." She poured herself an orange juice and sat on the couch. She tried to think of something to talk about. "Tell me what do you like doing Loki?"
  19. Loki sat down on the couch, "well I like to read a lot. In fact I've read so many books I have lost count," Loki responded with a chuckle. Something about her made him relaxed normally people would make him nervous especially new people.
  20. "Oh I love reading too." she laughed "maybe we can exchange authors. I have a bookshelf over there you can borrow anything you want."
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