Thor: The Early Years(Rin and Chello)

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  1. Before brothers were enemies they were friends, they fought together, played together and trained together. Those times were so simple, so innocent. Loki did not know of his true origins and he was happy, for the most part he wanted so much to be like Thor in the fact that he was physically strong. But Loki wasn't built that way, he was thin and lacked any sort of muscle, but what he lacked in size he made up for in intelligence and magical skills. Though he could still hold his own in a battle thanks to the training sessions he had with his older brother, he even managed to beat Thor at one point however Loki thought that Thor let him win.

    The fifteen year old woke up in the morning and got ready for the day, before he headed down to the dining hall for breakfast he decided to wake up his older brother. Loudly Loki pounded on his door, "Thor wake up!" He yelled, "you can't sleep all day. If you don't get out of bed I am going to eat all the food!"
  2. Thor groaned, rising his head slightly as he heard his brother calling. His mop of dirty blonde hair was crumpled on one side, the perfect bedhead and he let out a giant yawn. "Go away, Loki,"he mumbled, falling back into his pillow. It took his brain a minute to register the word "food", but once it did, Thor shot out of bed, throwing his sheets to the floor as he threw on some trousers. He ran his fingers quickly through his mane and bolted out of the door, accidentally bumping into his brother in his haste. Without noticing his indiscretion, he raced to the dinning hall. "Not if I eat everything first!" he called over his shoulder to Loki.
  3. Loki fell to the ground with a thud, "ugh..Thor!" He yelled getting to his feet and chasing after his older brother, "you are so mean how could you just run into me like that." Loki was quick on Thor's heels, and when they both reached the dining hall their mother was standing by the doors. "What is the meaning of this?" The queen asked, "are you two fighting again?"
  4. Thor took one look at his mother's crossed arms and stopped dead in his tracks. He knew exactly what to do. Though he was still a little sleepy he gazed at his mother with his light blue eyes, trying to look as innocent as possibly as he swayed slightly from foot to foot, his hands clenched loosely behind his back. "No, Mother. Loki and I were just looking forward to breakfast." He then flashing his childish smile, his finishing piece.
  5. "I see, well no running in the halls you two know that someone always gets hurt namely Loki." Frigga responded walking the boys into the dining hall, she was always overprotective of Loki and it got on Loki's nerves sometimes. "That's not true, I don't get hurt all the time." Loki frowned.
  6. Thor couldn't help but chuckle at his mother's comment. Loki was always getting hurt. I wonder why that is, he thought for a second before shrugging the notion away. As they approached the table Thor looked up to see that the king had already taken his seat at the table. "Father!" he cried out gleefully
  7. Loki sat down at the table he was a little upset that his mother was always so over protective that he couldn't do anything, why couldn't he be more like his older brother? It wasn't fair that Thor was physically strong and he wasn't, he looked over at Thor when he called out for their father. "Must you be so loud?" Loki asked.
  8. Thor stuck his tongue out at his brother, quickly before his dad could see it. He took his seat beside his father on the other side of his brother and smiled up at the great king.

    Odin took a sip from his goblet as his gaze passed over his two sons. "Thor your looking rather healthy." His eyes then settled on his youngest. "Loki, try a little more meat." Odin's voice came out harsher than he meant it but nonetheless it was harsh.
  9. Loki looked down at his plate, his father was always on him to eat more. "Yes father," Loki responded with a slightly sad tone in his voice. He picked up his fork and started eating, "are we going to train today?" Loki asked looking up at his father and brother, "I am getting much stronger father." Loki smiled, "so can we?"

    Frigga looked at Loki, "dear as long as you eat all of your breakfast then maybe your father will consider letting you train."
  10. Thor had been shoveling food into his mouth as quickly as he could. At the mention of training, he paused mid-chew. "Ca' we 'rain please Fader?"he asked through his full cheeks.

    "Yes," Odin replied, agreeing with his queen, "so long as you do as your mother asks and finish your food. A true warrior leaves devastation in his wake. Devastation and empty plates." He smirked at Thor and gave him a playful shove.
  11. Loki looked down at his plate there was so much food Loki could never eat all of it, "well I'll try to eat all my breakfast." Loki responded, he attempted to eat all of his food but could only get through almost more than half.

    Frigga looked at Loki, "I am glad you ate more than usual my dear." She smiled, "you may go and train with your brother and father but please be careful."
  12. Odin opened his mouth, but after receiving a stern look from Frigga, closed his mouth and seemed to rethink what he was going to say. "Yes, good job Loki. Way to build some endurance. And well done yourself, Thor." He patted Thor's head as he stood.

    Thor looked from his plate to his father proudly, only smears of food left on the porcelain, matching the ones that laid on the boy's face. Thor rubbed his sleeve across his mouth, removing some of the leftovers yet producing a huge streak as he did so.

    He jumped of his chair and rushed to the king's side.
  13. Loki stood up and walked to his father's side he smiled lightly, "thank you father." He responded, "let's go..I'll race you out to the training grounds Thor." Loki laughed and ran out of the dining hall making a dash towards the outside, "you aren't going to win this round." Loki called back he wouldn't let Thor win this round.

    Frigga stood up and walked to her husband's side, "go easy on Loki dear. You know he's not built like Thor, take care of his size." She softly spoke.
  14. "Hey that's not fair!" Thor cried as he bolted after his brother, leaving his patents behind.

    Odin watched his boys race off as his queen approached him. "I'll try my best, dear," he replied as he placed an arm around her waist. "You know all I do is just to try and prepare them for when they're older and things aren't as simple."
  15. Loki was laughing, "hey you are bigger and older so it's only fair that I have a head start." Loki was grinning from ear to ear, finally he approached the training grounds breathing heavily. "I did it, I did it. I beat Thor," he chanted.

    Frigga nodded, "I know you you do it's just Loki isn't built like Thor. I worry about him getting hurt," she sighed. "But I know I have to stop worrying about Loki so much, he's becoming stronger everyday."
  16. Thor frowned at his celebrating brother. "Cheater," he accused, trying to catch his breath. In truth, however, even off they had started together Loki would have won. Thor maybe be the stronger of the two, but what he gained in strength he lacked in agility compared to his younger brother.

    "This training is what would make him stronger my dear. Just be patient." He kissed his queen's hand and followed after his sons.
  17. "Hey I'm no cheater, maybe you should ease up on the sweets brother." Loki teased nudging him playfully, "I wonder what kind of training session father has for us?" He thought. "I'm ready for anything," Loki was happy that he got to train with his brother and father.
  18. Thor pouted. "But they taste good," he muttered to himself, glancing at his belly. It may not have been big but Loki's was noticeably slimmer. Before he could say another word, their father entered the training grounds.

    "Alright boys what shall we train for today?"
  19. "Well maybe Thor and I can spar," Loki responded looking at the swords off to the side. "Then you can coach us back on what we need to work on, and I promise Thor I won't use my magic." Loki grinned a little, knowing him that was a lie.

    Frigga was standing on the balcony watching the three of them, she knew that Loki always used his magic when fighting with Thor.
  20. Odin nodded. "Yes, a good spar is a good way to start." He glanced at Thor, who gleefully nodded his arrival, determine to make up for losing the race. "Alright then, take your stances."

    Thor took a few steps into the training area, loosening his shoulders as he walked, confidence clear as the smirk on his face; he may not be quick but he was strong. As he set his feet he noticed his mother on the balcony, staring intently at his brother. A sliver of jealousy snaked its way into the pit of his stomach and set his mouth into a hard line. He raised his fists, ready.
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