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  1. After the events of New York Loki is taken back to Asgard where he awaits his sentence and that is, life in the dungeons. With a snarky remark and a long and harsh conversation with his adoptive father he is sent down there, it could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for his mother who tried her best to make him comfortable but even that won't help. When the reality finally sank into the God of Mischief he started to grow depressed, angry and perhaps some what resentful about what he has done.

    A few weeks have gone by and Thor has spent it trying to restore order across the other realms since the bridge has been destroyed, when finally everything was over he thought about Jane and how much he missed her. Little did he know he was going to see her again but not in the greatest of circumstances, Jane has stumbled upon the Aether a very powerful energy source that is surging through her body if not removed it will kill her. When Thor found this out he arrived on Earth to find his love and take her back to Asgard, Jane did have one request, she asked if April her best friend could come with her. Thor agreed and the three of them were taken back to Asgard.
  2. Alice as been Jane's friend for a year now and thing with her as been the most fun, But for some reason lately things have been weird Frist they both go to some abandon place and than she goes missing for hour's, than this guy how was kind cute but his outfit was weird say she wanted want to go to his place. than out of nowhere some bean of light come down and the next thing she knows she was in a weird ass place there so many thing happening. She hated this so much so many thing going on and no one was telling her shit the happen thing is as they were walking she lost them in a blink of a eye.

    Alice was trying to find the both of the but she had a feeling that the more she looks the more she was getting lost, no one was really happing her find Jane and her lover boy who she kind of had a feeling about. It was funny though the place was huge and beautiful, as she continue on in her hide and seek. she soon makes her way into a huge room with cages? well they didn't look like it but there was people inside them they look like boxes.
  3. In one of the cells was Thor's little brother Loki, he was sitting down on his bed with his back against the wall. His dark hair falling in front of his face, though he couldn't help but get the feeling that he was being watched. Standing up he walked to the front of the cell, "are you lost mortal?" Loki asked watching the strange girl, "you shouldn't be down here." He growled.
  4. Alice let out a sigh of being mad at herself for getting lost, this always seem to be a problem to her, as she was making way down to the halls of people in a boxes she yell out in surprise when someone spoke to her. She quickly spin around on her heels only to kind of come face to face with a man who seem to love Black and Green, he is kinda cute the way his hair fall over his face and that oddly dark aura around him he seem to have that badboy look about him "yeah yes I am sorry hehe.....but do you know where I can find Thor he has my Friend with him" she asked him sweetly she didn't know why she was asking him he was in a box which look a lot better than they other's and she wonders why he was here.
  5. Loki placed his hands behind his back, "so Thor brought you here? Interesting, I can only help but wonder was his mortal woman with him? Jane Foster?" Loki asked, "I can only imagine how frustrated his father is with him for bringing you both here." A small smirk went across his face, "if you are looking for a way out the stairs are on the left it will bring you back to the palace."
  6. Alice watched him with a slightly eyebrow raised, how did he know about Jane and his father who was that plus wasn't this guy mortal, well than again after what she saw she isn't wouldn't be that shocked by it. "how do you know about Jane and who is his father" she asked him before taking a step closer to him. this man was really interesting he knew her friend and most likely as way out of this place and back to her. she didn't notice it at first but the second time she saw a small smirk on his lip and my god did he pull it off well.
  7. "You don't know who I am do you?" Loki asked, "my name is Loki. I am Thor's younger, smarter and much better looking brother." He responded with a grin, "so tell me why has Thor brought his mortal woman here? And why are you here?"
  8. She stand there before wanting to laugh but she could that would be so rude "Your this brother but why are you in here and I don't know why he brought her here" she said crossing her arms over her chest but that she was mad or anything it was just that her finger's were a bit cold, but oddly she really didn't know why they were here.
  9. "You seriously don't know do you?" Loki asked, "you know the whole events in New York? I was responsible for them." He smirked feeling proud of himself and not showing any remorse, "you better leave before you get into trouble for being down here."
  10. Alice was shock o hear him say that it was his fault that he kill so many people and he didn't seem like he really care on what he did, her happy side seem to change into a glare and anger "why...why did you do that you hurt so many people and rip family's apart." she said angrily removing her arms and placed her hands on her hips. she was so mad at him now she thought that him being here was bad but now hearing that he belongs there "maybe I should and you know what ill say this before I go. for the sake of the people of New York I'm glad youre in that box thing at least you can hurt anyone anymore" she said before turning on her hell and angrily stomping away.
  11. Loki laughed as she walked away, "ah you mortals always make me laugh." He responded before waving her off and walking back to his bed sitting down, in all truth Loki did feel bad about all the people he harmed and it was haunting his nightmares he just wouldn't let anybody know it.

    Thor and Jane went looking for Alice, "there you are Alice. What were you doing down there?" Thor asked, "you don't want to be there with all of those prisoners."
  12. Alice let out a shake sigh after finding out that he was the one that hurt so many people, she was sacred and mad she was scared because of that and mad because how can they let him live for the crime of his deed. She looks up when hearing a voice and it put a smile on her face. "Hey...heh sorry about I...I got lost" she said looking back with a slight glare it was weird her mother always told her to forgive people that how you move on but it's hard sometimes to forgive people. she looks make over to Jane and smiles "so how are things are you better now?"
  13. "I'm alright Alice, at least I will be." Jane responded with a small sigh.

    Thor looked at Alice "Well please be careful next time, I'm guessing you've talked to my brother?" He asked as he led them back to the palace, "I'm sure he was his usual charming self."

    Loki sat with his back against the wall and hugged his knees the lights were starting to give him a migraine, "ugh.." He complained, "stupid blinding lights."
  14. she nods her head before looking over to Thor with a blank look on her face when he talked about this brother "yeah I did sadly and he isn't all that nice....he..told me that" she didn't say that last part she was still so mad at him, quickly she shakes her head at him before turning to Jane "so what has lover boy show you" she smirks at her with a playful wink huting that they did something as they were by themselves.
  15. "Well that's Loki for you, he's not a good person. He was, but not any more." Thor sighed, "but he is still my brother and I still care about him."

    Jane squeezed Thor's hand, she then shot a look at April. "We didn't do anything, and Alice I have to tell you something." Jane explained the situation with the Aether and how it will eventually kill her if it is not removed.
  16. She looks over at Thor before smiling that was what family was for, after he was done she looks back over to Jane before having her heart nearly broken by the word "wait how do we get it out of you?!" she asked in a bit of fear she didn't want to lose her friend do they open her up or what. she looks down getting teary eyes Jane was her friend she was like family to her she saw her as a sister.
  17. "Hey, we will figure out a way I promise you." Jane assured her giving her a hug, "Thor said there is going to be a large dinner for us. Let's go and get something to eat," she smiled.

    Thor nodded, "come let's go." He spoke leading them to the dining hall, "I hope you two are hungry." He smiled, there was a lot of food spread all over the table. "Take a seat you two."
  18. Alice Hugs Jane back before nodding quickly rubbing her eyes from the tears as she puts a smile on her face, when hearing that there will be dinner for them she fault like she was on a high paid vacation and when he took them to a dinner hall there was food everywhere "oh wow there so much food haha I never seem anything like that before" she said running over to the table and look at all the things that was there. she looks back at the other two before remember where she was. she blush from her embracement, after saying sorry shyly she took a seat near Jane but she lets her seat next to her lover boy. she giggles to herself as she give him a nickname plus she love teasing Jane. "Oh way are you sure this os ok with you Father?"
  19. "Well he isn't exactly happy about it but he will get over it, he knows that I care about Jane and want to help her." Thor responded, "while you are here you may explore except the dungeons they are not safe." He told her, Thor then sighed. "So how did Loki look? From what I heard the guards he is looking sickly."
  20. she nods her head before reaching out and grab some grapes, she understands on the pleases she can go but she may have to ask where that is so she not just come across it. "oh Loki he didn't look sick to me maybe it was cause I was there I don't know......what was he like Thor before whatever happen to him" she asked she didn't want to ask to many things about this life only because it was rube but that him he didn't have to tell her much if he really didn't want to she was just wondering.
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