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  1. Thomas's Island

    Summer begins and you receive a letter from your friend, Thomas O'Reilly.
    To my good friend.
    Hello, This is a letter from Thomas O'Reilly. As you may have noticed, summer is upon us, and as you may remember, my birthday is in a mere week away. As such, I have decided that this would be an excellent time to invite you, as well as a collection of other my good friends, to a week long party. We will be heading to the closest dock to my house, where we will take a boat to an island that has been in my family for a few generations. Once, there, I assure you there will be no lack of things do. If it makes it easier on you, you don't have to get me anything for my birthday this year, showing up will certainly be enough. You can come to my house as early as 12:00. We will head to the dock at 2:30. If you have any other questions, text me.
    Best regards, Thomas O'Reilly
    Hello and welcome to the OOC thread! In this RP, players will be a group of teenagers and young adults who share a mutual friendship with the rich and eccentric Thomas O'Reilly, who takes them for a short vacation to a mysterious island. Before long, things go awry and the group finds themselves against a strange threat as they try to unravel the secrets of the island.

    The Island:
    Known simply as "The O'Reillys' Island" the island was once the site of a town governed by Thomas's ancestors. An entire year of inclement weather ended up wiping it out, as crops were unable to properly grow. Since then, members of his family have been on and off the island, and for now it's mostly used for vacations. It is some miles off the coast of Virginia.​

    Island (open)

    The Island First Edit.jpg
    At X1, there is a dock. From there they will follow a path straight north until it hits the river, which they will then follow a path along the river east to head to the vacation cabin at X2.

    Over the course of the RP, I will keep a map to hold any information regarding the Island's geography, for example, if the group sees or hears about say; an abandoned lighthouse, it will be marked on the map.
    Character sheets.

    Appearance: (Pictures are preferred, but if you can't find one to fit your character, text will suffice.)
    *If I accept your character, I also expect a short PM with you to discuss their companionship with Thomas. Mostly things like how they treat each other, how long they've known each other, and how often visit each other.

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  2. Thomas O'Reilly
    Thomas Scott O'Reilly
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 19
    *Actually Illustration Pending.​
    He is soft spoken, articulate, and analytical. His first interaction with a new person, if he can help it, will be a friendly one. He ties to be an open book, always giving answers to any questions about him. If it's a question he doesn't like, he'll try to redirect it by giving a vague answer. Overall, he tries to sound direct and polite at the same time. As much as he likes the friends he has, it is difficult for him to actually initiate interactions with new people, and he doesn't like to speak unless he knows exactly what to say.​
    He is a large fan of the strange and occult, as well as ancient religions and mythologies. He is also interested in the paranormal. Finally, he is a nerd for the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
    He isn't fond of large crowds, noise, or unsanitary conditions.
    He trys to avoid heights and insects at all costs. Additionally, he gets nervous very quickly when alone.​
    He was born to a rich family, enjoys an expensive lifestyle, and aspires to be an author. Other than that, he has never really discussed his past with his friends.​
    One of his many short stories was finally published locally.​
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  3. Hi, will be chara building but @Mippu and I should have a chara up in a few hours or so... :D We're excited to get join!

  4. Name: Mitchell "Mitch" Novak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Mitch stands at 5'11" and has slightly toned form as he jogs every morning as part of his daily routine. He dresses in casual outfits and occasional semi-casual wear. He doesn't like wearing too many layers and often has a jacket with him in any weather.
    Personality: He's a history geek with a slight OC streak and a stickler for rules and regulations. He's kind of a no-nonsense kind of guy and despite how he looks, he's got a bit of a sweet tooth. He's sarcastic and has a bit of a mean streak with a hidden mischievousness that usually comes out when he's pranking his twin brother. He also panics easily and is prone to over reacting with a bit of melodrama.
    Likes: History, sweets, books, libraries, order, the History Channel/Discovery Channel, Boats
    Dislikes: Rule breakers, vegetables, Matt giving him headaches/problems, exams, air planes, heights, snakes, FALLACIES
    Fears: Snakes. When they were 7, their father took him and his brother on a camping trip a snake managed to get in his sleeping bag. Heights, he fell off a tree when he was 8.
    History: Mitch is the twin brother of Matt who is good friends with Thomas. Despite his gut instinct telling him that Thomas is weird, he grudgingly became friends with the rich kid as he hanged out with his brother a lot. That and he throws really good parties.
    Misc: Despite his athleticism, Mitch has absolute zero endurance.
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  5. Name: Matthew Novak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Personality: eccentric, curious, happy-go-lucky, mischievous, more comfortable around unusual people, talkative, moody
    Likes: unusual things, mysteries, urban legends, supernaturals, cheese flavored things and cheese in general, animals, weird plants, fortune telling
    Dislikes: uniformity, conformity, blank white walls, very little noise, long lists of things to do
    Fears: closed spaces
    History: He hangs out with the crowds that responsible parents warn their kids about and does things people find either dangerous or insane. He still has scars and marks from all sorts of adventures and he's not about to slow down. He's broken into abandoned buildings to summon spirits and he's gone on expeditions in small forests. He's not one to talk about his escapades much, but he writes everything in a leather-bound journal he made himself.
    Misc: He's allergic to berries. He still eats them from time to time just to try.
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  6. Do you have a specific style you want for the characters? cartoony or anime? or is anything ok? obviously they should be humaniod
  7. They should be normal humans. Anything is ok for the picture.
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  8. Mitchell and Matthew are accepted.
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  9. Name: Arabella “Bell” Valeana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Arabella has natural long red hair that she temporarily dyes a light pink color when she goes on her “funtastic” weekend. Her eyes are a light emerald color. Her skin is lightly tanned. Her height is 5’10 and weight 130lbs. Arabella is always dressed for the occasion is the most current fashion available to her.
    Personality: Arabella is well kept and well mannered. She loves a good book and music. She is like any other young adult on the surface. She aspires to take over her father’s fashion company, as a result to strangers she keeps a pose and calm attitude. On the off chance she can take a break from her boring life, she love a good party. Her small circle of friends affords her opportunities to cut loose away from the media’s eyes. Arabella cares a lot about appearances, is very charismatic, has a wondrous memory, and smart. She is also very crafty, being able to make any outfit work for her.

    Likes: seafood, pasta, books, music, horror films, sweeties, nature, drinking, trendy clothes, singing.
    Dislikes: rodents, bad smells, uncleanliness, rudeness, flip flops, cherry flavored anything.
    Fears: spiders and isolation
    History: Arabella is the youngest of 3 children, all heirs to the Valeana fortune. Her father runs the family business, being the fourth generation CEO. Her mother on the other hand is a hard working field biologist. Her eldest brother is almost as studious as her, but Arabella is a natural business woman. Arabella excels in what her brother struggles to learn and accomplish. With her clever mind, quick learning, and sharp charisma, Arabella was dubbed the likely successor before she was 13 years old. This hurts not only her older brother, but her sister as well. Her sister may be beyond beautiful and quick on her feet, but her reckless behavior and lack of discretion leaves her behind on the heir list. Due to the race among the heirs, her relationship with her siblings are less than ideal. Growing up, her father never had much time for quality time with Arabella. He did support her fully in all her hobbies and academics. As a result she is a trained musician, has a wicked shoe collection, and already has her bachelor’s degree in fashion design. Her mother on the other hand spent more time with all her children, even taking them on her research trips when she can. Arabella developed a love for nature, this passion is even reflected in her designs.

    Misc: Arabella has won many music competition for guitar and voice, as well as design awards, earning her a position in her father’s company as a designer. She hates drugs, but takes every opportunity to out-drink even the burliest of men. She always has a book stashed away somewhere.
  10. Arabella is accepted.
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  11. I would like to join this RP if its okay. I want to create a female character who's super flirty and insecure about herself xD
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  12. Go ahead.

  13. Name: Michelle "Mishy" duBois

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Michelle has light blue eyes and long honey-blonde Hime cut-styled hair, trimmed with perfectly level bangs and straight-cut side lock. She stands at 158 centimeters and weighs 135 pounds. She usually wears a white-lace frilled short dress paired with white boots. She likes lolita fashion since it complements her to such perfection. After all, Michelle strives for elegance, grace, and beauty

    Personality: Michelle is extremely confident and sure of herself. She knows her talents and knows her weaknesses, and uses both to her advantage. She can be extremely flirty - though there is often an ulterior motive behind it. She’s got some serious emotional walls and rarely lets anyone get past them. She also is extremely manipulative and cunning.

    She can be mean and abrasive at times but that's just because she's insecure about herself. She doesn't like it when someone steals the spotlight from her, or if someone's attention was taken away from her. She can be incredibly bitchy so better watch out.

    Likes: Shopping, Travelling, Spas. Massages, Paris, Fashion, cats, pastries, boys, men, wealth, money

    Dislikes: looking ugly, liars, annoying people. poverty, girls who are prettier than her, flirts, girls, sluts, bitches

    Fears: Crustaceans, getting embarrassed, looking ugly, letting her walls down, being vulnerable and lonely.

    History: Michelle grew up to be the typical mean and spoiled rich girl thanks to her parents.

    She was born in a wealthy family with her parents' constantly pampering her and spoiling her. Everything she wanted was easily given to her with just a snap of her fingers. But even if she had every material thing one could imagine, it cannot fill the void inside her heart. You see, she had always craved for her parent's love. They were always so busy with work that they could barely give Candy some family time.

    Due to this, Michelle started acting out and became a really really spoiled brat. Her bitchy and bratty attitude started to develop from here and it grew more when her parents noticed it but didn't even say anything about it. They also didn't say anything when Michelle started drinking at the age of 15.

    When she got the invite from Thomas, she immediately accepted it in hopes for her parents to miss her and be noticed by them.

    Misc: Allergic to crustaceans. Her face would literally get swollen and red like a tomato when she eats any crustacean nor get contact with the shells of it.
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  14. does none of our character know each other other than thomas?
  15. Since my character (Matt, the twin in red) has been friends with Tom for a long time, it's likely that he'll know your characters by extension.

    @DANAsaur I'm gonna write in that Matt has a crush on Mishy. Would that be okay?
  16. That would be wonderful! I imagine Mishy teasing Matt xD She'll be like "Oooh twins! How about you and Mitch visit my bedroom tonight? We can have lots of fun~ Do you think your twin fantasizes about you? I'm sure he do. I bet the two of you always fantasize with each other"

    if that's the case then can Mishy be frenemies with Arabella? Mishy's incredibly jealous of her soooo.. yeah. Fake friends. Is that okay?
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  17. Cue Matt looking shocked beyond disbelief...then pleased. Clearly he's into all things not typical.
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  18. That would be the same with Mitch (the Blue Twin). He'll prolly know the others too.
    fjdkfajdhfajksdfkah! That doesn't help Mitch's crush on her! XDD He hates her brat-like qualities though. He'd totally be slighlty strict-ish with her if that's the case, but imagine Matt and Mitch arguing at the corner and Mishy passes by and they just pause and follow her and go "Damn, she's hot" at the same time. hahahahahahahahaha

    @koolkat4595, Mitch tots would prolly be friends with Arabella since their personalities are so similar. He'd be sort of at peace with her, she can make it so that she can calm him down if he'll be over-reacting/panicking over something? That's just me.
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  19. @DANAsaur yesss i was imagine that same thing when i was reading your CS.

    @Mippu sounds about right then.

    @Boss Megu that would be great. they would get along well.

    now i kinda was a love interest but idk if it would fit my character :boxedin: it could go either way so ill think on it
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