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  1. Skeleton


    Annabelle sweet
    The Human with special powers.
    Sweet | Shy | Funny | Gullible | Stubborn
    She doesn't know that she is wanted
  2. Eldarivich Malkon
    257 (looks 21)
    Vampire with a need for a special kind of blood
    Cold, indifferent, passionate about some things, power hungry
    Desires to gain power
    Vampire Lord.jpg
  3. Want me to start???
  4. You had the idea.
  5. True. I'll start it tomorrow :)
  6. See you tomorrow, then. :)
  7. setting: The human is caught and just now shown to the ruler guy.

    Annabelle frowned trying to get out of the guys grips. She frowned. She closed her eyes softly. She didn't know what to do. She stayed quiet. She didn't know what to do. She felt her thrown she glared. " Ow!!!" She stood up, she seen the guy on the throne she shook her head and went to run, " Let me go home!!" She whined. But they slid her to where Eldarivich can see her, but she was on her knees. She just gave up, tears falling.
  8. "Are you sure it's her? She doesn't look like much." the vampire said, his voice thick with a Romanian accent. The man who dragged her in here nodded, and Eldarivich waved him away. He lifted himself from his seat with ease, and glided over to her, his strides long and graceful. He circled her, and lifted her face upwards to meet his gaze. "You have no idea why you are here, do you?" he laughed softly and returned to his seat. He motioned with his hands, and another man came from behind.

    He dragged her away, whether she came willfully or not he didn't care. He shoved her into a room. The walls were of a dull, grey stone, but the room was well furbished, with a bed fir for a princess and a mirror/desk where she could do her make-up or write or draw or whatever. He slammed the door behing her, and the distinct sound of a heavy lock could be heard, followed by the portly man's heavy footsteps.
  9. Annabelle didn't know what to do. She sighed softly. She closed her eyes and frowned, soon she stayed quiet cause she realized what to do. She closed her eyes. She frowned, She didn't know what to think. She didn't speak, she felt his hand on her chin to lift her face. Her eyes opened. She was so scared. Soon, she felt that a guy was taking her, she tried to fight back, but that didn't work out. She frowned when he closed the door, She hated this. She knew she had no chance though.
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Not open for further replies.