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  1. IC Thread
    Things had turned out the way he had planned. He was given limitless amounts of power by his mother and father, the sun and the sky, but when he graced the land with his presence, no one respected him. The people of the land ignored his laws. They ignored his pleas to do good things. They heckled and harassed his disciples. And so his disciples abandoned him.
    "It is impossible." They said.
    "We just can't..." Tears flowed from their eyes as they spoke those words, relinquished their scepters and left him forever.

    And just like that, his world was gone. He was left to watch the people of the land bathe in sin. Any good was extinguished and tainted.

    His mother and father returned from their paradise to council him, but he refused to listen. They advised him to create a stronger, more loyal disciple. A single powerful being to purge the people of their evil. But he refused. Anger was coursing through his body now.

    Why should he cure them of their sin?

    Why should he do anything for them?

    They turned their backs on him!

    And so he would do the same!

    As decreed by the Lord, Ib Dhas'aad En,
    the first world handed down to him by his mother, the Sky and his father, the Sun,
    shall be left to it's own devices!
    To never receive aid!
    To be left to wallow in it's own darkness!
    The lord, Ib Dhas'aad En shall create a new world!
    The second world! Dhelir Datohya, shall be home to the purest of beings!
    So has it been said. So has it been written.
    The Second Land...
    The Story...

    The young God, Ib Dhas'aad En has transported you to his new world, Dhelir Datohya. He's picked you because you showed that you were pure at some point in your life. However, past betrayals and trauma has transformed the once jovial and kind god into a tyrant. He's ripped you from everything you knew and thrown you into a simplistic land without technology and no way of ever returning home, unless you can convince him to return to his first world and try and purify the beings there.

    However, convincing the god will not be easy. For one thing, he resides in a large temple at the top of the highest mountain in the land, and the path is guarded by his six beasts, Lurza, Berey, Arhma, Yetime Muhold, Moltlem, and Tandiyahb. However, the God, Ib Dhas'aad En made sure to create this land devoid of all weapons, so it is up to you six to figure out how to defeat the beasts without hurting them.

    The Young God
    Ib Dhas'aad En

    The Beasts...

    A small cat with teleporation abilities, she speaks telepathically and she has a crude sense of humor. However, she loves riddles and gives the utmost respect to anyone who can solve them.
    - Solve her Riddle [The Scholar]

    A giant bird who constantly flies through the sky only landing to eat. He does not speak and he is completely and utterly wild. However there is a saddle on his back, so he must have been tame at some point.
    Yasmine al-Ansari [Merry Berry] will defeat Berey.
    Solution: Berey needs to grew wild after the loss of his rider and needs to be retamed.

    A black and silver furred wolf who always seems to be alone. There are wolves in the land but they do their best to avoid him.
    He always shakes his head as if he can't believe what he is seeing.

    Extract debris from his eye [The Physician]

    Yetime Muhold
    A massive fiery salamander, this beast is terrifying yet very vulnerable. Her roars always sound like pitiful cries for some reason...
    Fredrica Bergvall [Lady Bernkastel] will defeat Yetime Muhold.
    Solution: Yetime Muhold is a baby fiery salamander who needs a mother's love.

    A humongous sea serpent who lives in the sea bordering the second land. She is quite peaceful however whenever she swims a trail of murky and green water follows her.
    A large deer with a mass of horse atop and around his head. He spends his days and nights dragging his horns against any surface available to him.
    Candace King will defeat Tandiyahb.
    Solution: Tandiyahb suffers from an abnormality that deer sometimes get. He has regular horns, but they curve downward and obstruct his muzzle so it's hard for him to eat.

    I only need five people.
    I play one of the chosen people as well as the young God and the four beasts.
    The answer to how to defeat the beasts without hurting them is in their descriptions. However if you haven't figured out how to defeat them by the time I create the IC, I will give you the answers.
    Only one character per person.
    If you read the rules put "Woof Hiss Scree Meow Gurgle"
    The chosen people are from modern times (this month/year/day)
    No superpowers
    Each chosen person will defeat one beast. You can choose.
    No hyper sad/abuse backgrounds
    Each post must be at least 8-10 sentences.
    No godmodding. No Mary/Gary Sues/Special Snowflakes etc.
    Also, the god didn't just choose Japanese people or Americans. He chose from all over the world. No character can be of the same nationality as another.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: [Anime only]
    Age: (16+)

    The Chosen People and the beasts they shall aid
    Fredrica Bergvall and Yetime Mulhold [Provide motherly love]

    Yasmine al-Ansari and Berey [Must be re-tamed]

    Souk Kaipo and Lurza [Needs her riddle solve and an intellectual equal]

    Candace King and Tandiyahb [Needs abnormal horns to be removed]

    Marco Morales and Moltlem [Needs her scales cleaned]

    Aðalbjörn 'Björn' Hauksson and Arhma [Needs to be shown that there is still good in the world]
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  2. wait.. a world that contains wolves but no weapons? great. Does the 8-10 sentences apply to posts involving initiation/continuation of conversation?
  3. Appearance:
    Name: Fredrica Bergvall
    Age: 18
    Nationality: Sweden
    Occupation: Finishing the swedish equivalent of high school
    Personality: Fredrica is softspoken, calm and collected. She can find beauty in pretty much all things, but even she has a limit. When someone is being unfair, mean, or straight up evil, she will not hesitate to tell them off. While she may at times seem very confident, she is in truth extremely self conscious, and easily finds faults in herself. However, this lets her more easily relate to other people's worries, and so she can be a shoulder to cry on. Fredrica also has a tendency to put too much stuff on her own plate, sometimes pushing herself to the birnk of destruction.
    Bio: Fredrica aims to become an engineer, and hopes to enroll in one of Seden's finest schools. As such, she spends a lot of time studying. She was a very awkward kid, and used to be bullied a lot, but once she grew up a bit things changed. She started making friends, and people realized how kind she was. Her interests include photography, music and fiddling with computers and other electronics.

    Dibs on Yetime Muhold. If anyone else wants her, then I will woof, scree, hiss and meow until I get my way.
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  4. @Raitoningu
    What do you mean?

    And yes, but the wolves don't attack humans (except for Arhma) they simple go about their lives and pretty much ignore the humans. They might stare a but though. :3
  5. @Lady Bernkastel

    Accepted! :D Ehehehe I feel like you've figured out the solution to the Yetime Muhold task. Have youuu? :3
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  6. Well, uh, I've come up with A solution... Or, well, not as much of a solution as a problem itself. But I figure the solution will be worked out in the RP if we know the problem.
  7. So what is your solution? Do telllll :D
  8. Well, I was thinking that her cries must be because she's in some type of pain. I figured that she's either hurt in some way, or having lost something that was dear to her, for example a child. The solution to defeating her would be to ease her pain, making her calm and happy again.
  9. Welll she has lost something dear to her and it has something to do with a child, but it's not what you think. Try dwelling on that a bit. :3
  10. So she's lost something, and it has to do with a child, but it's not the loss of her own child... Perhaps it was the loss of something as a child?.. To the pondering machine!
  11. Did a child steal something from her?
  12. Hmmm she's lost something dear to her, it has to do with a child, but it's not her child, and she didn't lose it as a child...

    Show Spoiler

    Princess Aryakumara went into Tantrum Mode on her, and now she's lost the feeling in her tail

    Did a child help her at some point, and she's looking for it so she can repay it?
  13. HA! xD
    But unfortunately no. >: She has lost someone dear to her though.
  14. Okay, she's lost someONE dear to her, it has to do with a child, but bla bla bla... It could be that she lost her own mother, but then again she didn't lose it as a child, and then I don't see where the child part would come into the picture...

  15. BUT YOU ALREADY GOT IT!!! :D You just said it! :D
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  16. Yaaaay! :D






    (Sorry for the use of all those gifs, I'm just so gaddang excited!)
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  17. I wish there was a higher 'like' option cause that was a very lovable post. xD

    And since you got the answer I shall add that to the first post. [On how to solve Yetime Muhold's problem, along with your name so other's know that she has been claimed.]
  18. I know that feeling... I wish there was a 'like' equivalent to smite.

    Ahh, and the feeling when things go official is lovely. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of people's first posts.
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  19. So, which of the chosen will you be? Or will you just pick the one left when the others are done choosing?
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