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  1. She sat on the snow white floor with her wrists and ankles shackled. Staring at the plain white wall opposite her, the "16" year old used her magnificent hearing ability to listen in on a conversation what was occurring outside of the room. "Are you sure it's safe to keep in here?" One person spoke, probably a 24 year old male. "Yes, we've chained her up and let no in there." Spoke another. Also a 24 male. "Who cares! She's a vampire for christ sake! And you think chains will stop her?!" A slight smirk made it's way onto Ivy's face. Yes, it's true. This innocent looking girl is actually a vampire. With her long waist-length snow white and kind face, you'd think her just another teenager. If it wasn't for her blood red eyes that is.
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  2. The room was, all in all, quite expansive, with 3 separate cells lining two, long walls - 6 cells in total, closed tightly and shut to the outside world. No one in the room could see each other, but some knew they were not alone - that others were locked beside them, in other cells, shackled to the snow white floor like petty prisoners.

    Delynn was in the cell across from Ivy, the teenage vampire, although they could not see each other. Delynn suspected others were trapped with her, judging by the heavy breathing coming from the outside walls, but she was too focused on her escape to think much of it.

    Delynn was a mage. Or, a wizard, you could say, but she preferred to be called a mage, an adept user of magic. She wasn't very good at her spells just yet, but she was training to perfect her arcane practices at a hidden sorcerer college, miles away. These men - these savages - the ones who locked her up, were human supremists. Extremists who existed to eradicate the presence of any and all mythical beings. The mages were just one group of many they were looking for, including vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, sirens, and so many others, creatures that once lived peacefully on the outskirts of human society.

    Delynn knew that she needed to escape. She knew it. She wasn't strong - not one bit - but she was smart, and had the aid of magic on her side. Closing her eyes, she imagined a ball of pure flames, igniting in her hands, and soon, she was shooting fire out of her finger tips, trying her hardest to break through her oppressive shackles.
  3. Gotshalk entered the main room with the other men without their notice. He took care to be silent; he knew the hubris and false bravo of younger men and didn't wish to rouse aggression from them in making his own stance of the situation abundantly clear. His footsteps heavy, weary, as though through his years burdens manifested into weights. Nothing felt real anymore, and he could no longer afford to be naive of the dangers the supernatural posed. 'That Eldricht Mess' he called it. He hated the imprisonment element side of things since he started working freelance with this organization, but he needed money and it did help clean the streets of Monsters. It didn't fit into his neat equation for stability and continued peace though. What purpose did imprisonment have other than for study? Reason with them (ha! unlikely) or just kill them. Those were the only true options.

    As a mortal, he understood just how feeble his chances were against the surge of What the Hell is This?! coming to his city. All he had really was grit, nearly 30 years of hard living, a knife, and a gun. His curiosity too, damn it, kept him going from going insane.
  4. If they want to keep me locked up in here, lets see how far they're filling to go. Thought the vampire before pulling her bindings with enough force that caused them to explode. Wearing a soft smirk, Ivy used her super speed to race over to the iron door and smash it.
  5. Delynn couldn't deny that she heard the loud bang from outside of her cell, almost as if someone had broken down a massive iron door with sheer, brute force, letting it slam onto the ground with a deafening smack. It had to be the cell door - it had to be, and that meant that someone had escaped, and judging by the noise outside, it was the captive in the cell straight across from her.

    "Excuse me!" she shouted, hoping to be heard by the escapee outside. Maybe, if this person could escape their own shackles and knock down a bomb-proof door, they could help her, too. Again, she shouted, increasing the volume to a height she'd never spoken before, "Excuse me! Could you possibly do me the kidness of giving me some help, here?!"

    Delynn shook her head. There is absolutely no way on this Earth that they heard me... she thought to herself, despondently glancing at the iron door to her side. That thing was thick enough to hold some of the most powerful creatures this world has ever known; why would some escapee hear her? Let alone, help her, too...

    Sighing, Delynn resorted to frost magic, concentrating until she was finally able to shoot the pure essence of cold, straight out of her finger tips, praying that if she freezes the shackles, they will be cold enough to snap like glass.
  6. "Dammit!" Came a loud cry from a guard who was standing nearby "This is why I said we shouldn't keep them here!" Shouted another angrily as more charged in to try and stop her. "Take her down! Sedate her or something!" Similar orders were barked as countless men either ran in to try to stop the young vampire or ran in the opposite direction towards the exit, not expecting an incident like this to occur. "Someone get the other one! Before She wakes up!"

    A couple men nodded and ran quickly towards a small cage-like contraption on wheels which harbored another of these creatures. She appeared to be asleep, or unconscious. She looked similar to the one who had just broken out, As far as the usual vampire like features, that is. They didn't seem to be related in any other way, though. Though closed, her irises wore a deep crimson shade, and her pale face was covered with long, wintery strands of hair. As the commotion went on, the girl, looking to be older and not quite as innocent as the first, began to move, her crimson eyes fluttering about trying to gain their vision.

    When they finally shot open, deep, blood colored orbs scanned about, observing men running around like crazed animals and a strange building she didn't seem to recognize at first glance. And a woman, with similar racial features to her own, although she sported broken off shackles on her wrists. Was it another vampire?

    The woman was still trying to gain her full consciousness as the men closed in on her. It was then that she realized she was in a cage. "Get her!" Said one to the other "Are you crazy?! Did you see what the other one did?! I'm getting out of here before she wakes up!" Strength hadn't quite yet returned to her as she remained on the floor to the portable cage, her head turned towards the chaos, observing through a white veil of hair.
  7. Ivy was about to escape when she heard a voice. "Excuse me! Could you possibly do me the kindness of giving me some help, here?!" Pausing for a second, the vampire turned to the door she heard the voice from before slamming her knee into it, which forced the door to explode just like the previous one. "You called?" She spoke before making her way into Delynn's cage thing.
  8. Delynn's eyes widened, exposing shiny green irises, striking in their emereld color. They were unusual eyes, colored more vividly than most, and they were looking straight at the escapee, a white haired woman with deep, hungry red eyes - almost like blood - that just kicked her door in, saving her from this dismal, oppressive place.

    Delynn, not saving much time to think, quickly decided that this woman was a vampire, a fearsome undead creature who fed off the blood of the living to stay powerful, one of the many species Delynn loved to research in her spare time. She never knew if vampires were real or not, of course, but this woman was the closest thing to a vampire she'd ever seen. Magnificently acute hearing...Delynn thought excitedly. That's how she heard me!

    This loss in momentary concentration had caused her frost spell to fizzle out, but Delynn didn’t care. The shackles weren't cold enough to snap yet, but to a vampire who could bust down such an imposing iron door...these chains were twigs.

    Deynn nodded emphatically, sitting up straighter and collecting herself, trying to appear calm despite her racing heart. There were guards everywhere, all around the prison, examining creature by creature, attacking, arguing, or simply running away amongst the chaotic fear. Alone, Delynn wasn't sure if her spells could save her, and the thought of dying so age 19...Delynn couldn't fathom it. She still had things left to do.

    "Yes!" she called to the vampire, her British accent becoming more apparent as she crawled closer and closer, taking deep breaths. "Yes, I did! These shackles are...quite oppressive, and I, being a prisoner as well, supposed that you could, mayhaps, help me, with such an endeavour, so that I may walk free again, and help you...try and escape here. If you don't mind, that is, breaking these chains, first..."
  9. "Please. You don't have to beg like that." Ivy told the fellow prisner before picking up her chains and snapping them. As the girl had predicted, they were like twigs. When a gard rushed in and went to attack them, the vampire slammed her fist into their face, not even turning around.
  10. A guard rushed into the vampire's cage while holding a large spear. "She's awake!" He yelled to the other guards.
  11. A guard rushed into the vampire's cage while holding a large spear. "She's awake!" He yelled to the other guards.
  12. Delynn's eyes widened yet again - this time, even bigger - as her jaw dropped open, hanging almost unhinged from the rest of her skull. She covered her mouth with a pale, bony hand, breathing rapidly and pointing to the man who was punched, resisting the unbearable urge to scream. "That man!" she shouted, still pointing. "He's...he's..." She lowered her tone, eyes narrowed. Gasping slightly, she whispered, "Did you...?"

    Delynn glanced all around, slowly stepping out of her cell and noticing the dismal prison layout. 6 cells, all containing once imaginary creatures except the two that were now vacated, and cages hanging on the ceiling, filled with weak, tired, and likely tortured creatures, such as the crimson-eyed vampire hanging sleepily overhead. Delynn wished she could save them all.
  13. The scream along with the sudden spear pointed in the girl's direction was enough to wake her up fully as she shook her head lightly and quickly reacted. She gracefully stood up and dodged his every move, suddenly appearing behind him and pushing him roughly into the cage she had just resided in for even she didn't know exactly how long. She jumped back off the platform, landing softly on her small, bare feet. She slammed the door behind her hard, dusting off her small, curved frame as she turned around to face the chaos once again, now in a fully conscious state. "How fun" a sinister grin tugged at the sides of her pale pink lips, revealing two fangs where her canines one resided. She began to walk through the chaos with an invisible evil aura as it seemed surrounded her. Men who got closer to her were suddenly filled with terror, and the ones who dared to get too close and try to attack were roughly thrown to the side with a simple, elegant flick of her wrist.
  14. Ivy shook her head, "No, he's just knocked out." She then exited the cell to greet a fellow vampire. "We have a fellow vampire. Interesting." The vampire said to herself as she noticed the evil aura.
  15. The woman's grin grew farther from side to side as the younger vampire addressed her non directly "A pleasure" two normally polite words fell from her lips with a sinister tone to them that seemed rather natural for her. She stopped as she examined the vampire, bowing down low as to greet her. As she rose back up, a man had tried to charge at her, causing her to quickly turn in his direction, her crimson eyes glaring at him and piercing through him. The man simply cowared down until he was on the ground, his eyes fearfully focused on hers. She knelt down beside him, placing a single, thin finger under his chin. "Where is he?" She asked, knowing the man would know who she was talking about whether or not he was willing to admit it.
  16. Ivy shook her head, "No, he's just knocked out." She then exited the cell to greet a fellow vampire. "We have a fellow vampire. Interesting." The vampire said to herself as she noticed the evil aura.
  17. Ivy watched, curious to what the vampire what talking about. Whose "He"? She thought as she watched the scene before her unfold (What's the fellow vampire's name?)
  18. The whole eye widening thing for Delynn was starting to become mildly excessive. Everything she saw seemed to make her eyes expand in shock, curiously consuming her hectic surroundings. This, however, this aura, was enough to make Delynn have a minor blackout she was so intrigued. What kind of magic was this? A forcefield that both served as an offensive spell and a defensive spell? It was like...a mage's dream! The closest thing she had in her own spell arsonal to a vampiric forcefield was a little spell that cloaked around her for about 60 seconds, causing her to take just a little less damage when fighting. Which, reminded her...

    Quickly, Delynn closed her eyes, concentrating on her power as she imagined herself getting stronger, fortifying herself like a armored camp at the defense. Within seconds, a light, aery, and teal ball of light appeared in her left hand and, upon raising it into the air with protection on her mind, a turquoise shroud appeared around her small body, cloaking her in an ethereal armor. It certainly didn't last long, but it could be the difference between life and death, a confident security Delynn desperately needed.

    Opening her eyes, it registered in her mind that the vampire with the forcefield was not the original escapee she met just moments before - it was the sleepy one in the cage, an almost identical lookalike to the first vampire. And, for some, unknown reason, she was looking for a man, a particular "he" that Delynn was not aware of, and, all at once, she was completely intrigued.
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  20. The man simply shook as he watched her, making her a little annoyed. "Useless" She broke her gaze and stood back up, walking over to join the two. She opened her mouth to speak to the younger head, but stopped when she looked over to the mage that stood beside her, looking as though she were about to explode. She raised a brow as she looked at the girl, shaking her head briefly as if to say 'Oh well' or 'whatever' and turning back to the other. "Excuse my manners, my name is Mina." She stood tall and grinned as she announced and introduced herself, "And you are?" She held out a pale, thin hand in the young vampire's direction.
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