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  1. Rory got to a bed eventually, after taking a shower and given something to eat. Finally, he set his bag down. The whole time, he had been worried to leave it anywhere, but now he was able to set it down. Sighing softly, he glanced at a few of the homeless people that were sitting or lying on their own beds. 'They all have it worse than me,' he thought to himself.

    Glancing around, he realized that he hadn't seen Angelo recently. Feeling a chill run up his spine, he bit his bottom lip before getting to his feet, a worried look on his face. Oh, God, if Angelo was gone, too, then Rory would be all alone. Praying that Angelo was just eating or in the shower, he left the long hall with it's military-style beds, heading to the front desk to ask after him, already shaking.
  2. Angelo was on the side smoking seeming to sit in the shadow, he flicked the cigarette away from him letting it fall to the ground with a boot following it and mushing it so the embers would die out. He walked back inside through the front entrance running his hand through his hair as he looked at the front desk. Were stood a trembling Rory as if he had seen a ghost, Angelo walked up behind him as the lady gestured to him.

    " I'll take care of him " He said to the lady who smiled at him, Angelo put his arm around Rory and began walking back towards the bedrooms. He let Rory go once they were in the bedrooms he looked at all the homeless men and women on the beds looking worse than him and he shook his head saying " We can't be here..to long...we dont belong here..." He said shaking his head " We can go to my old parts dealers place...he abandoned it after some guys came in and wrecked his stuff...." Angelo had not felt like using the items they had here since people needed more than he did right now.
  3. When Angelo finally arrived, Rory felt like he could breathe again, though it would take a couple minutes for his pale skin to go back to its normal color. As they walked back to the beds, Rory forced his pounding heart to slow, his breathing to steady. By the time he was back at his bed, he was looking rather normal once more.

    Nodding at Angelo's suggestion, he said, "That'd be good. Hopefully, they won't be able to first due there, and we can get to work on finding Marcus." Forcing a smile, he added, "But it'd be good to get some sleep first. I think I'll collapse if I stand much longer. Sitting at the edge of his bed, he sighed, trying to push back memories of Marcus that tried to claw their way to the surface. 'It's been nearly two days already,' he thought to himself. 'And I still haven't gotten any closer to getting Marcus back...' Taking in a steadying breath, he glanced at his backpack, deciding whether or not to get his laptop out and trying to find anything on Marcus. Deciding sleep was more important, he sniffed at his clothes, wrinkling his nose as the stinging remnants of the pepper spray hit his nose. "Let's just get some sleep, okay? In the morning, we'll leave first thing."
  4. " you sleep...ill keep watch " He said with a smirk as he sat down against a wall and looked at the doorway, the chances of cops could be high or low. They could search everywhere for them so it was better to be safe than sorry, He looked down at his watch and then back up at the ceiling.

    The groaning and the turning of people made it sound like the zombie apocalypse at times, the fact that he had come back to the same place in which he was left bothered him...having no family had really taken a toll on him and all these people were just like him.
  5. Rory lied down on his bed, ignoring the sounds of the homeless people. His pillow smelled like vomit, but he was too sleepy to care, and was asleep in minutes. Falling into a deep sleep, he didn't dream, but was pulled into a full, restful sleep. Eventually, the lights in the hall were shut off, and most of the moans quieted down. No one entered or left, and in a few hours, Rory woke up, feeling refreshed.

    Getting into a sitting position, he stretched before glancing down at Angelo. "Hey," he said, desperate for coffee. "Doin' okay? I don't want to be on the roads and the to have you fall asleep...Wanna get some coffee? There's this decent Turkish place not to far away, I think," he added, rubbing his eyes with the backs of his hands. Pushing himself off of the bed, he groaned, smelling his clothes again. Ugh, that awful pepper spray was still on them. "I need some new clothes," he said, frowning. "Let's just go...I don't want to stay here any longer...I think the cops might find us..."
  6. He stood up stretching and adjusting his hoodie " Alright lets go the bikes are around back " He nodded as he made his way through the wave up the homeless and hungry people, He almost got coughed on and he was about to attack the man but that would of been stupid and would of caused a scene making the police come. He pushed out the door and walked around the corner to the alleyway heading right for the bikes.
  7. Flinching as he saw Angelo nearly punch an elderly homeless man, Rory calmed down when he didn't, glad that a scene hadn't been made. As they walked to the bikes, he asked, "Where's this guy's place? I hope it's not too far?" Rory, like Marcus, had always hated riding the bikes, and the moment he got on one of them, he wanted to be off. "I wanna try and find Marcus soon....I can't stand all this waiting...who knows what those guys are doing to him?"
  8. " The place is not far at all and when we set up there ill get on with a few of my friends..who are in jail to see if they have noticed him " He nodded as he climbed on the bike and put his hood up looking at Rory " You ready? " He said with a smirk as he turned his bike on revving the engine
  9. Rory, already feeling shaky and ready to he off, forced himself to nod, and they were off. In the daylight, he felt extremely exposed, and though he had his hood up, he worried that every CCTV camera was getting a shot of his face, that as soon as they stopped, goons with riot shields and more pepper spray or Tazers would take him away to be interrogated and tried as a terrorist.

    Swallowing past his fear, he followed Angelo, trusting that he knew where they were going. Wishing he had gotten something to eat first, he stopped at a red light, feeling like he was going to fall the moment he stopped.
  10. As they raced along they soon reached the torn up shop, turning into the alleyway besides it and skidding around back and stopping infront of the garage door. He pulled his hood down sighing a bit looking at the shop all torn up and it made him a bit sad

    His friend didnt deserve what happened here.
  11. Seeing the effect the place had on Angelo, Rory got off his bike, patting him on the back gently. "Looks like a good place to stay," he said softly, gazing up at the building. "We'll be safe here. I know it." Forcing a smile, he shakily walked to his bike, checking that his laptop was safely in its bag.
  12. He nodded and awoke from his memories with a pat on the back, he got off his bike and grabbed the garage door and yanked it up but it stopped due to a lock on it, " motherfucker " He said taking in a deep breath and stomping on the lock smashing it between the rust and an rock under it causing the rust to slowly wither away and the locking mechanizim to open. he pulled the garage up dusting his hands and guiding the bike inside and up the ramp putting it next to the tool table and taking a look around. " Good ol times in here..."
  13. Guiding his own bike inside, Rory did the same as Angelo before looking around. As soon as he had gotten his fill, he sank down next to an electrical outlet and plugged in his laptop, feeling a desperate need to find anything about Marcus he could. Still, the moment he powered on, he realized that the outlet had no electricity and abandoned the plan, putting away his laptop.

    "We should gov-proof the place. You know, make sure no one sees what we're doing in here, no matter what...."
  14. " Good idea...oh and for power i'll get that up in a minute " He said pulling out his phone and punching in some numbers, He walked through the door to the main show room were rows of bikes sat covered up and dusty the register, seating areas and tv and then a camera in the corner that looked fairly new. he ducked behind the counter before it could see him, shaking his head as he crawled along underneath its view and coming up below it. He pulled a wire from his pocket and plugged his phone into the back of the camera. he began recording the room his phone on speaker as a guy came over the phone saying " AAAY ANGELO! " angelo chuckled and said " Hey marty i need a favor " The phone went silent and then marty said " What did ya do? " " Damnit marty i just need power in the old shop " " In the old shop? shit that should be easy..i'll have that running in 10 minutes stops " " thanks marty " " No problem angelo " the phone hung up and the recording ended on the phone also. He unplugged the cable and put it back into his pocket and walked right out infront of the camera laughing, shouting to the back " I got one camera down! i put it in a live recording feed so it plays the same tape over and over again but they cant actually see us "
  15. Rory remained in place as Angelo went inside, a healthy dose of paranoia keeping him in one spot as he checked for cameras. When he heard Angelo shouting from inside, he finally went in, though he was still checking for cameras.Taking out his own phone, he asked, "Whose camera was that? I thought you said no one was here." Shuddering as he glanced at the camera, he frowned at it before taking a deep breath.
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