'This Wasn't What I Wanted!'

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  1. "Everyone, don't let anything that can get us arrested appear on your computers. I'm not losing another one of you." Digging around in a box full of spare computer parts that he kept underneath his desk, he took out a new hard drive. Switching it out with his old one, and taking out every other storage device on his computer, he pulled on a hoodie over his clothes. "Who knows, they might just be looking for squatters, but if they find us here, with all this equipment, they'll probably think we're terrorists."

    Putting the memory sticks and hard drive into his backpack, he also packed his lightweight laptop and the four prepaid phones he kept on him at all times. Just as he was about to give the order to leave, he heard a knock at the door.

    Almost instantly, he paled slightly. "Shh," he whispered, trying to keep as silent as possible. He counted the number of thumps on the door. Five. It was the police. Police always knocked five times. Dropping his backpack, he crept over to the door, making hand motions for the others to hide. Luckily, there wasn't any suspicious equipment in the front room, so everyone would be fine, as long as the police didn't have a search warrant.

    Plastering a fake smile on his face, he pulled open the door. "Hello, officers. This is about the squatting business, right? It's just me here, but I was going to the homeless shelter soon anyways."

    "Riiight," the first policeman said. "Can I see an ID, then?"

    That caught Rory off guard. He hadn't had a real ID since he was ten! And all his fake ones were in his bag, but if he went over there to get it, the police would follow him, probably finding the others. Shit, shit, shit, shit.

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  2. He was shocked when the door was knocked on he looked at everyone and rushed into his officer opening the backdoor and guided everyone through the backdoor speaking silently saying " Stay in my construction area and if we have to leave go down the ladder and out the back " he then looked back out at Rory and then at the bag that he had stuffed full of things. He heard ID and could feel Rory's worry from here, so as quietly and as sneakily as he could he crawled along the floor and dragged the bag to himself.

    Opening the bag he shuffled through it until he found the ID, but now it was only a matter of getting the ID to him while the cops are right there. He simply went along the wall behind the door so that they couldn't see him. Since Rory's one hand was still on the door knob he put the ID on his hand hoping he would take it, he heard one of the cops shuffling and looking through the crack of the door. He then squared up to the door so that the cop couldnt see him, he continued to hold the ID until Rory was hopefully going to take it.
  3. Chris had just finished packing he had a backpack with only 4 flash drives 2 terabyte external hard drives and his laptop.. everything he needed was on that. hhe had wrapped almost all of it in plastic bags and inside cloth.. inside the second bag which was a tight fit one strap bag.. he put his rda and a few touch pads in it and some sentimental stuff his mom gave befor she died.. ....... "knock knock knock knock" shit no one uses the front door..knock " "

    he gets up and runs to the offiece he climbs on top of the high cbinate and waits.... from acrosse the room he saw his leather gloves he used when runnning....... and his bombs (smock and noise for quick get always..) he climbs to pack them
  4. Ciara had already need packed when she heard the five knocks. Shit, she thought as Rory motioned for them to hide.
    She slipped into the boys' office with her bag and listened quietly, watching Angelo attempt to hand Rory an ID, since thee were so many in his bag. She was hidden away off to the side, so she wasn't spotted when the policeman poked looked in slightly, not seeing Angelo inches away from him, which made Ciara smile a little.
  5. While Angelo was getting the ID to him, Rory had decided to play the 'crazy-homeless-person-who-gets-distracted-easily' card, hoping that it would buy him some time. "So...yeah, ID...well, you police officers get IDs, too, don't ya? Special police IDs? I used to have a special ID, can't remember what for..." He continued rambling incessantly for a few minutes, pretending not to notice the furtive glances the police kept giving each other.

    When Angelo finally gave Rory the ID, he quickly glanced over to see which one it was. Lewis Wetherly. Okay, he could do this. Sneaking the ID over to his back pocket, he started saying, "But you want my ID, right? Not some police officer's or that Polish man downstairs..." Slowly, he began pulling the ID out of his pocket, raising his hands when the police raised the guns they were carrying. "Woah, mate, just getting my ID. Here, you can even get it out of my pocket for me." Turning, he let the police officers search him for any weapons, before finally looking at his ID and scanning it with the verifier clipped to their Batman utility belt.

    "Right," said the officer closest to him. "Mr. Wetherly, is it? Our intel says that there are at least six people living in this part of the warehouse, is that true? Or is it just you? We also have intel that the social security number for this identity was used by a man who was dead in 2011, and that you have ties to a terrorist. You probably knew him as Marcus Yary."

    Rory's eyes fly wide open. Not Marcus. No. Marcus was not a terrorist! Rory paled a couple shades before saying, "Marcus was not a terrorist. He was the nicest guy I knew, and I won't stand to hear you pricks talk about him like that." With that, he made a reach to disarm the police officer. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to do, because the next thing he knew, he was on the ground, staring at the nozzle of a mace canister. "No!" he shouted, just before the officer's finger twitched, and the torturous substance was sprayed into his eyes.
  6. Now...do it now! this is the time to strike back against this type of abuse, this may make Rory mad but i rather escape with him and not without him. He spun around the corner with a grunt, his arm was still a bit in pain but his feet were working just fine. The officer looked up and noticed Angelo soar around the corner and was more surprised at how fast he moved rather than why he was there, The foot connected to his face and caused him to do a skip hop back into the other officer. They both fell back and tumble down the step way holding onto the railings trying to get back up, While there tumble was happening he went down and grabbed rory with his good arm. " Come on get up, we have to go now " He lifted him up off the floor with another grunt and patted him on the back looking around for some water. He then kicked the door shut and locked it so that it wouldnt be easy for these officers to try and clear the room, He guided rory knowing he couldnt see with that death spray in his eyes.

    " Sorry about that Rory but i couldn't let them take you " He guided rory to the couch as fast as he could and frantically looked for some water, He opened a drawer and saw a water bottle and took it out. " Cant believe i still have this plastic water bottle, He took it and then walked over to rory and said " Alright im going to drown you real quick hold still! " He grappled to rory's head and tried his best not to shake it. He pulled open his eyes and began dumping the cooling water onto his eyes, just to help rinse out enough to were he was able to help them escape.

    He then looked around and shouted " Alright guys! were leaving! " He heard the sounds of rushing feet from the front were the cops were making there ascend now, He smirked and said " Ready Rory? " Holding him by his left arm to make sure he new that someone was there for him in his blind fit.
  7. The whole time Angelo was dealing with the policemen, Rory was letting out strings of curses, punctuated by screams of pain and fits of crying. As he writhed on the ground, he desperately rubbed at his eyes, trying to get the mace out, but that only served to rub it in more. By the time Angelo had guided him to the couch, he was still spewing out curses in every language he knew, wishing that he could curse in more languages.

    As Angelo was looking for water, Rory had tried to stop his thrashing, but that hadn't helped much. With tears running down his cheeks, he tried to stop struggling enough for Angelo to pour the water into his eyes, though opening them wider only hurt more. Once Angelo had stopped the flow of water, Rory tried to resist the urge to rub his eyes as he sputtered up the water that had gotten into his mouth and nose. He still had the remnants of the mace on his hands, and touching his eyes would send him into another curse-ridden spiel of pain.

    Opening his eyes when he heard Angelo talking and grabbing his arm, he revealed that they were red and bloodshot, tears still streaming down his face. His vision was too blurry to see anything, but it was comforting to know that Angelo was gonna help him get out. He absolutely could not believe that he was that close to being arrested, or that Marcus was a terrorist. That was not true.

    "Get me...out of here," he muttered to Angelo, leaning heavily onto him.
  8. "klunk " the was thhe sound rory made as he hit the ground.. then the sound of the officers .. he knew something had gone wrong.. he waas in route to the big room (thats what he called it ) he got there just as angelo cleand his eyes.. "thuis is it" he chucked a boomb at the cops and a green gas filled the area they fell to their knees.. itching their eyes and complaining of nose pain..
    he pur his hands on his head "where we headed"
  9. Ciara rushed to help them. "Here, hold still a moment," she said to Rory. "I've got a solution for your eyes." She always had a smaller aid kit stashed away on her person, and she took it out now, pulling out a medium-sized green spray bottle. "Alright, Rory," Ciara said softly, putting a hand on his face to keep him still. "This'll dissolve what's left of the mace in your eyes, okay?" She sprayed quickly into his eyes. "It takes effect in sixty seconds. Let's go." She helped Angelo with Rory, giving Angelo a small smile. "And we all know that we are not terrorists, especially Marcus. We are fighting for what's right, like when Washington fought the British and such." She smiled.
  10. Not being able to stop himself from flinching as the solution was sprayed into his eyes, Rory winced, the mace still burning his eyes. Glad when both of them were helping him to get out of the room, he started counting down from sixty, wishing that the solution would work quicker. Groaning as his shin collided with one of the desks, he resisted the urge to reach down and rub the place where he had gotten hurt, he lost count, and was left wondering how much longer he had.

    "They've...probably covered the back exit..." Rory muttered as he felt the burning recede a little. Sixty seconds must have passed. "Let's try to head towards a shelter, maybe, or something...Just somewhere to spend the night at, okay?"
  11. " hah i bet they didnt cover the bike entrance " He was always building ya know..Bikes skates other devices just to help the crew out but today hah today was the day they would use his invention for escape. " Follow me...i know how were getting outa here " He said as he continued to help rory he brought them all down to his work space were he said " hold onto rory real quick " He left from under his arm and rushed over to another door in the workshop and opened it with a key. He then said " alright who's taking rory on there back? " he gestured to the 5 bikes in the workshop shed he smiled a bit.
  12. as Angelo moved from under Rory I replaced him.. you alright...(he looks up ) that gas will only last for a little while longer then the cops upstairs will be on us. " Chris sees a bike that has a green tint to it .. "I got this one .. " he throws his bag with extra supplies hoping it would land next to the bike. to his surprise the strap hooks around the handlebars. and he smiles.. "ill take him if he doesn't mind."
    he begins to walk him and Rory to the bike tieing his shoes and strapping his bags tightly to his body... "Hey angelo do we get helmets to like hide our faces or our we goin hoods up.
  13. Rory moaned softly as he was passed from Angelo to Chris. His vision was starting to clear a little, and he could make out shapes and colors more and more definitively. Hearing Chris, he shook his head. "I don't care...let's just get out of here." When he spoke again, it was Rory who replied, "No time, just hoods up." Reaching up with one hand, he pulled the hood to his sweater over his eyes, feeling like a drunk with the way his hands stumbled over themselves and shook when he didn't move them. "Let's go to that homeless shelter by the bay...they'll have WiFi and we'll be able to use our own computers..."
  14. He helps rRory on to the bike then gets on himself... he starts it up and revs the engine a few times... he pulls his hood up .. then him and Rory leave through the door taking a left. He wasn't taking the main roads yea it cut time by 4minuets but the cops will be on look out there .. they went down williams St then Adams Ave... running into the express way they followed it for the duration of the ride going 60mph the whole ride .. as the drove they passed by the spot where the riot was yesterday tons of guards and trucks were out there picking up dead bodies and cleaning blood of the streets.. "Hey Rory you good back there"
  15. Rory nodded against Chris's back, his eyes shut against the wind. Still, tears streamed from them, the wind stinging his eyes. He had never liked riding the bikes. It had always scared him, especially when he wasn't the one driving. He always felt like he was going to fall off or the driver was going to get in a wreck. Blinking away tears to see the place where the riot was, he tried to see if any of the bodies were Marcus's, but they were moving too fast to see anything. Closing his eyes again, he tried to focus on the sound of the bike and not the speed or the way the bike swayed when Chris turned it.
  16. I looked back to see if the others were following .. one of the police cars turns the corner I slows to the speed limit ... the sirens sound.. "shit this is it girt" for a moment I thought about hitting the gas but Rory was on the bike and we wouldn't go fast enough. .. I come to a conclusion of pulling over.... they step to our car after they pull over .

    "Uhh do you have a permit for this bike the plates came up stolen two towns over "
    I look at the man as if he were speaking another language....
    "Sorry officer you must have punched the wrong plate number in" the second motions us to get up as the other asks us to step off the bike
    I help Rory up and leaned in close " what do we do"
    The first officer looks a t Rory " hey you put your head up " he shines his light at him .. the second "license and registration please "
  17. As soon as the police cruiser's sirens went on, Rory felt like his heart stopped. Thinking, Shit, shit, shit, shit, we're gonna get arrested, Rory couldn't help but pale a little. Frowning when Chris pulled over, Rory couldn't keep from trembling a little, not used to riding on a bike or even being on the expressway in general. Getting up when Chris did, his vision still mostly blurry, he kept his head down, thankful for his hood. "Just go along with it...wait for the others..." he murmured while the first officer told him to look up.

    Following the command, he winced as the light was shined in his eyes. "I'm not stoned," Rory said, frowning. "I know my eyes are all red, and I needed my friend's help to stand, but I swear, I haven't had anything. I don't even think I'd be able to hold onto him if I was..." Blinking against the light, he hoped that Chris knew what he was doing. If that bike really was stolen, and Chris had no license or registration for it, they might be spending the night in jail. A whole night was long enough for the cops from earlier to report his description to the Wanted lists online, and then he would be taken in for real. Deciding that he absolutely did not want any more mace in his eyes, he didn't move or make any smart comments, figuring that it'd be best if he didn't get any more harmful substances in his eyes for a while, at least.
  18. He came slowly down the road on his bike and pulled up in front of the cops, He stepped off his bike and walked towards the cops. The cops shouted " STOP WERE YOU ARE! " he laughed and raised the papers in the air. " i have the license and registration for this bike, there my bikes which i legally Made i just never put the registration in and these young men left there ID's at my office down on 3rd street. The officers took the papers from him and scanned them over, luckily Angelo was thinking ahead of time to make sure that everything was in check to make it by the police

    He smirked as the officer's nodded and went back to there car scanning it and going over what they usually do, Angelo's fake worker ID came up as Marcus Wilhelm Bike expert and designer. They got out the car and came back and handed the licenses and registration back to the boys on the bike and then returned the ID of Angelo's back to him, The officer's then said " you guys have a safe night and don't go to fast " They return to there car and pull off before us. " Jesus why are you guys on the main roads? " Angelo said while going back to his bike and pulling his hood and bandanna back up. He reved his bike and took off down an alleyway into the dark.
  19. Rory was unbelievably thankful for Angelo's appearance. He had felt pretty sure that the officer checking his eyes was about to take him in, and he didn't like how he was checking him out like that. Flashing an apologetic smile at Angelo, and then at the officer, as if he was slightly embarrassed that his friend had to come save them, Rory waited for the officers went to the cruiser. When they returned, his hood was back up, and he had returned to his sullen state.

    When the cops had driven off, and Angelo spoke to them, Rory shrugged before gesturing to Chris. "He was driving...and you know how I can't stand riding the bikes...I was just pretty much holding on for dear life." Waving slightly as Angelo drove off, he turned to Chris. "We better get going..."
  20. ( i refuse to let this die! )

    Angelo came through the alleyway's with a smile on his face as people in the alleyways were jumping out the way or trying to hit him, He could feel the cool breeze of the bay smacking agaisnt his open hands and his open spots of his hoodie. He made a turn onto the main roads and skidded around the corner, he was right at the homeless shelter. He stretched as he parked the bike and locked it up his back was aching him from all this sitting and running and combat and stuff like that.

    He rubbed his neck and was waiting for the rest of them to come but he had no clue were Kosen was but he figured he was using his new configured skates that angelo made for him. Angelo fished in his pockets for a electric cig and put it in his mouth..this whole stop smoking thing was going through his head all the time.