'This Wasn't What I Wanted!'

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  1. Prologue
    (Vaguely based off of the intro to 'Fisheye Placebo')
    They had gathered there in the square, donned in their Guy Fawkes masks and bandanas wrapped around their faces. They stood at the military blockade, amongst friends and enemies both, their hearts beating against the insides of their chests as sweat slid down in drops down the sides of their faces.
    It was when the first shot rang out...
    ...that chaos erupted...
    ...and we realized...
    ...nothing would be the same again.
    Rory hadn't actually seen who shot the gun, whether or not is was one of them or not. He had heard it, but he'd really seen the aftermath. The throng of hackers, activists, and protesters that had come seethed, pushing forwards closer to the police with their riot shields, blood on the lips of those present.
    The voice of God boomed above their heads while a helicopter shone spotlights on them. "CEASE AND DESIST! DISPERSE IMMEDIATELY!"​
    The girl next to Rory, who couldn't have been more than seven or eight, shouted back, "Never!" and raised her fist in defiance.​
    Rory was pushed forwards by the group, closer and closer to the line of riot shields. Somewhere behind him, someone threw a Molotov over his head and those of the police, landing amidst a group of them. Shouts of anger and screams of pain were heard above the rage-filled yells of the protesters.​
    Locking eyes with one of his own, Rory brought up his arm, yelling into the microphone hidden inside the sleeve of his jacket. "Everyone, get back to base, now! Be back by 0600 in the morning or I'll assume they've caught you!" Turning off the mic and his earpiece, he tried to push his way through the crowd, knowing that if they stayed any longer, they would probably start dropping tear gas or worse.​
    More screams of agony were heard as the police directly in front of him began shooting blindly into the crowd. Those screams were backed by a bass line of fury, and the crowd surged forwards again. Rory brought up his arms, as if that would protect him if a bullet came his way, letting out a panicked shout.​
    The girl next to him let out a shrill scream; she had been hit by one of the bullets, in her lower stomach, and fell down, but Rory was unable to help her up without tripping himself. In the end, he had to leave her, pushing a man with a bandana wrapped around his face that said, "99%" on it, his breath coming in ragged and heavy. As a police cruiser's gas tank exploded, sending up smoke and flames, the crowd seemed to back up a bit, giving Rory just the space he needed to get through them and into an alleyway.​
    Beginning to make for his homebase, which also served as a home for him and his hacker crew, Rory quickly pulled his jacket and bandana off, hoping he could pass for a normal citizen.​
    "Gotta get home," he muttered to himself, letting that be his mantra until he could no longer hear the screams of the injured and the shouts of the angry.​
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  2. Everything happened so fast he was ready but wasn't ready for the blind siding of bullets his body jumping a bit to the first bullet and then the rioting, his body slowly back away in the crowd but then another spray of bullets hit the front. He had been forced to the floor by a boy's body who had been shot and was now bleeding to death, the boy screamed in his face and yelled for help but he couldn't do anything. He lifted the boy off him and used him a bit as a shield as more spray of bullets came, which definatly injected the boy but one stray bullet skidded past his arm. He looked down at his arm and noticed the scar were it hat broken through his shirt and ripped into his skin leaving a red mark. He tried to calm himself

    What could he do? run..running was his only option he shouted out loud as he got up from the floor bursting around through the crowd " My dirt bike! " He was rushing towards the walls and made it finally sprawling along them trying to push through people who were being dropped like flies.

    He put his hand on something metal it was the dirt bike his dirt bike which would help him get out of this chaos of a place.

    He hoped on it and turned the engine on reeving the engine hoping the gas would come to life quicker, He slammed his hand back and allowed the gas to flow better as he slid his helmet on. He took off and was shouting at people in the way who jumped out the way as he came through.

    He was soaring down the road when he heard the sound of sirens behind him, his black hoodie that said '01000110011100100110010101100101011001000110111101101101 " which in binary code meant Freedom. the number were smaller on his hoodie so that it would fit. But he was soaring down the road swerving through cars and people running still, he put his foot on the ground as he made a very tight turn and swayed the back of his bike to turn better. He hit the gas giving him more speed and a better distance from the cops. He turned down an alleyway before they could make the turn and was flying past papers and and smoke in the air. He was rushing for the Base in his head he was saying " Gotta get there Angelo gotta gotta get there "
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  3. More than once, Rory almost got picked up by the police, but every time he would run through the narrowest of alleys so that they wouldn't be able to follow. At one point, he took out the microphone from his jacket sleeve and the earpiece around his left ear. Smashing it under the heel of his shoes, he continued on his way, walking now that his breath had ran out.

    God...so many people must have died--and were dying--back there, and what was Rory doing? Running. I'm not a fighter, he told himself, frowning as he checked himself for any wounds now that his adrenaline had leaked out of his system. I am a hacker, leader of the best group of hackers this city's ever seen. Frowning, knowing that the words were empty, he swung around a corner, to behold a large, derelict warehouse at the end of a dead-end street.

    "Home," Rory breathed, brushing back his black and dark blue hair, amazed. For some reason, he had half expected it to be in pieces now, after all that had happened.

    The warehouse, which Rory and his crew had taken to calling Base, was home to not only them but also a smattering of other squatters. No one had owned the building in many years, and now the homeless of all ages lived there. Rory had no doubt that the government knew about them, but they didn't care about those deemed 'lower class' as much as the other residents of their country.

    Climbing into the building through the shattered first-floor window that faced the dark, polluted river that ran through that part of the city, Rory strode over to the rusted stairs, careful not to step through the floor. At the top of the stairs, he turned down a catwalk to a grouping of offices that he and his crew lived in. Unlocking the front door with a key he had made, he stepped into the familiar room that he and his group spent their downtime in. A second door lay shut across the room, which led to the bedrooms, two offices, one for the boys and girls each, and a door beyond that would lead to the room where their business occurred.

    Rory was the first one back, and he immediately went to the business office, sitting at a dirty, six-year-old desk that held his twin-screen desktop. Powering up the computer, he sighed, holding his head in his hands as he heard the fans starting to whir.

    "God," he muttered. "How did it come to this?"
  4. He flew around another and noticed the warehouse, he smirked knowing he was home now but probably wasn't the only one here. Maybe there was officers there already waiting to spring a trap or maybe it was there leader..Rory...he trusted Rory with his life and anything he had. He believed Rory wouldn't let the uproar go unnoticed, He hits the gas and it revved letting anyone inside know who was back to the warehouse. His dirt bike kicking through a puddle and letting the water fly away from him into the walls.

    " Jesus " He said as he came closer and closer to the warehouse and put his foot to the floor as he turned the bike harshly letting it skid on the floor just before the warehouse. He hit the gas again and made a straight path riding right next to the wall of the warehouse, He then made another hard turn and flew into the loading bay of the warehouse. were he used his head to push past the noodle like plastic strand that covered the entrance to the conveyor belt. He rode up the conveyor belt to a ledge just next to the second flight of stairs, Were he stopped the bike and took the keys out of it. He removed his helmet and put it on the end of the bikes handle.

    " RORY! " he shouted as he made his run up the step he was out of breath and his arm was bleeding, He tripped up the steps violently and fell on the steps harshly making a loud metal banging noise. He grunted in pain and got up slowly climbing the steps again.

    Coming to the door he leaned on it knocking his head against it, hoping Rory was already in there he said " Please hurry Rory im dizzy " his breath heavy and his eyes opening and closing slowly he felt his consciousnesses slipping.

    This was a scary thing for Angelo to encounter...he never had felt like this...he just needed to lay down maybe...somebody needs to help him. he slowly said " So tired ".
  5. Hearing the shout, Rory quickly locked his computer, practically running to the door. Locking each of the two doors behind him, feeling unsafe and paranoid, he tried to be as quick as possible.

    After opening the last one, he yelled as Angelo fell onto him, catching him so that he wouldn't fall. "Shit," he muttered, carefully backstepping while trying to keep Angelo standing. "Come on," he told him, "let's get you to the bedroom..."

    When that idea became too grueling for Rory, who was in no way strong enough to carry, he just set him down on the couch in the commons area, helping him into a lying position. "Okay, uh..." he tried to not look at the blood, biting his bottom lip. "I'll go find some bandages or gauze or something." Digging through every drawer and box, anywhere a roll of gauze could hide, he cursed again as he nicked his hand on something inside a box.

    "Did those pieces of shit shoot you?" he asked Angelo, trying to keep him awake and talking to you. "Stay with me, man, you know I can't take you to a hospital." Finding an old washcloth, he prayed it didn't have anything bad on it before wrapping it around his wound. "You're gonna be fine, man," he said, trying to keep his breathing steady.

    Finding a yellowing roll of bandages, he frowned at them before figuring that he had no choice. "Shit," he cursed again as he saw that the bullet hadn't gone out of his arm. "Okay, okay, okay," he said, trying to calm down.

    "Angelo, this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker, so hopefully you won't pass out." Knowing that he might not have enough time, Rory stuck two fingers into the wound, reaching for the bullet. Paling when he felt a hard structure that could only be bone, Rory avoided it before he felt something metal. Quickly pulling it out, he found that his fingers were now stained completely red, but held a bullet in between them. "You'll be okay," Rory said, wrapping the gauze as quickly as he could.
  6. Ciara ran, leaping over the falling rebels and using other people for cover. She just needed to reach the warehouse, and she spotted an abandoned motorcycle idling on the side of the road. She took it, smiling when she saw the ASCII coding on the front- 070114101101100111109046032076105118101046032076111118101046, which meant Freedom. Live. Love. Hopefully Rory had made it to the warehouse, and the others of the group.

    Ciara was one of the specialized medics, excellent at treating wounds and determining whether someone had been poisoned or simply ill. She was an exceptional hacker and decoder. Her reddish hair trailed behind her as she pulled up to the warehouse, frowning at the droplets of blood just outside the door. She entered quickly to see Rory bent over someone on the couch, wrapping their arm.

    As she came closer, she realized it was Angelo, shot in the arm. From Rory's stained fingers, the bullet had been trapped in his arm. Ciara kneeled down beside the couch to take Angelo's pulse- it was slightly slower than normal, but stable. She let out a sigh of relief.

    "Anyone else?" she asked Rory, her Irish accent illuminating her words softly.
  7. Seeing Angelo hop on his bike he knew it was time to go from his spot on a building roof Chris could hear the gunshots he had been hiding under some boxes to stay out of sight from the helicopters.

    As Angelo hops on the bike Chris jumps up he runs over the rooftops doing a little Parkour from where he was he could see the antenna on top of the warehouse. he would have never thought the police would be up here. "shit they saw me" i had just jumped to this building there was about 50 yards to the door leading to the staircase and 15 feet between him and the cops who had been hiding on a alleyway ladder .. . "hey you stop" the closest cop yells as i reach in my bag .. nearing the door Chris drops a smoke bomb. .. The smoke fills up the area once in the stair well he jumps down the steps until he reached the basement panting he looks up . he doesn't see or hear the cops this being a close getaway he goes in.

    He walks up to the furthest wall and moves some boxes and then a poster revealing a door. He punches in some number and the door beeps a red light flashes and the door opens .

    Once up stairs he hears a scream making his way to the main corridor he see Rory wrapping Angelo's arm . "hey guys.. what happened" Chris looks surprised cause it didn't seem as though he was shot in his get away. "Angelo u OK ?"
  8. His eyes bursted open as he came back from his own deep self conscious, His eyes darted between Rory, Chris, and Ciara. He didn't now if he was in shock or if he was just beginning to panic, He pushed himself into the couch more. saying " What what happened! am i dead? " He thought to himself on how stupid he sounded, Angelo eyes frantically scanning everything in the room. his arm feeling a bit tighter than what he normally felt, He looked over at it.

    " I...i was shot... " His body beginning to calm down again. Angelo smiled a bit and chuckled to saying " Anyone else besides you guys make it back yet? " He looked up his eyes not as wide as they were before.

    His black hoodie had a cut through it and he frowned " Man i liked that hoodie " Angelo was having a hard time focusing on one thing, he seemed to be lost at the moment and was just trying to regain the actuality of what just happened.
  9. Rory felt more calm by the time the others got back. He had wiped the blood on his pants, and as he picked up the bloody bullet, he shoved it into his pocket, thinking it might be useful later. Pushing himself to his feet, he ignored Angelo's babbling, and instead focused on the others.

    To Ciara, he said, "Marcus isn't back yet," as he looked over the others. "I'm worried about him...Normally he's the quickest out of all of us." Wringing his hands, he took a deep breath. "Remember what I said earlier...If he's not back by six in the morning, then we assume the worst. Marcus'll be fine...he probably just didn't hear me."

    Flinching as he heard the rotors of a helicopter spinning overhead, he turned to Chris. "It was chaos back there...Christ, whoever shot first...I swear, if Marcus was taken in, we're getting him out." Crossing his arms over his chest, he said, "Look, I think we just need to spend the night on all the news sites, the underground ones and the mainstream ones. Find out what happened, see if we can find out what happened to Marcus. If he was taken in, he won't be processed until the morning, so we won't try hacking the city prison's database until then. At least two people should be awake at all times, just in case the police will raid us. In the morning, also, I want you to check if your faces were on the news, taken by photograph, anything like that, and take it out. I don't want any of us to be taken in."
  10. Ciara nodded. "I can take first watch," she offered. She really wasn't tired, and she would be needing to change Angelo's bandages every so often, anyway, to make sure it wouldn't become infected. Ciara stood and retrieved her first aid bag from a compartment in the wall, smirking at Rory's expression. "You should pay more attention to things, Rory. The bandages you used are clean, though, so they should be alright for now." She handed Angelo a small round pill. "It'll help keep your immune system up and promote faster healing," she explained. "It dissolves in your mouth."

    Ciara left to the girls' office to where her state-of-the-art stolen desktop sat idling. Powering it up, she quickly entered a few strings of code and cross-referenced her name and picture. A news article popped up with a picture of her running, but no name. Her fingers flew across the keyboard and replaced the picture with a city skyline. The others were capable of doing their own, so she left it at that and returned to the main room where everyone was gathered. Marcus was still missing, and it worried everyone.

    I hope he's not dead, she thought. Marcus was one of the kindest of the group, and a good friend.
  11. Putting the pill in his mouth he let it dissolve, he stood up slowly not wanting to sit. He was stubborn and would not let a bullet stop him from working, See Angelo was the one of the 6 or 7 people in the group that could fix computers and technology. But he was almost the only one who could work with tools to build not just computers but weapons and new technology, He helped make ear pieces and other tools they had used. He walked slowly to his office and let his body fall into his desk. He slummed a bit but continued on walking slow.

    He walked to the back of his office and out a door that lead into the back of the warehouse were his tools and items were. He hobbled down the steps and stepped onto the new built wooden plank flooring, He walked over to the bench and leaned on it sweating a bit. He ran his hand through his hair thinking " What to build...what to help me get this off my mind "
  12. "Yea it was chaos" Chris says as he looks up to Rory... " about Marcus i don't want to assume the worst but i think he said he was going to pick up a monitor for his office one of his broke or something like that. " he walks over to a table and pulls out a laptop his hands fly over the keyboard 6 windows pop up they display the video cameras around the perimeter and interior of the warehouse. each window alternates between 2 cameras totaling 12 he watches over them.. "im sure Marcus is fine but i can hop on it first thing in the morning unless you were..." Chris gets up and walks to his room and grabs his bag of chips then returns to the table.
  13. Rory nodded slowly, walking back to his computer. Quickly finding over twenty pictures and video clips containing all or part of him, Rory spent more than an hour Photoshopping and Googling, tempted to find any trace of Marcus on the web. He didn't though, knowing that if Marcus had access to the Internet, he already would have gotten rid of any trace of him there.

    All across the web, news sites, forums, blogs, and social medias were blowing up with word about the riot. Word had already reached the farthest corners of the Internet, and everyone thought they knew something about the riot, even if they hadn't been there. One corner thought it was all a conspiracy. Another believed that the police had shot first, while many others thought it was the exact opposite. And some even held to the story that the rioters deserved it for even being there.

    Sighing heavily, Rory shut down his computer, his eyelids heavy. "I'm going to sleep," he said. "Wake me up when it's my turn to watch."
  14. Chris waves his arm .. He minimizes the windows.. And searches for any sight of him on thw web.. Name face videos.anything.. He checks youtube google yahoonews ever site and database no sign of anything..
    After 2hours of searching he crosses a birds eyeview video .. I gotta show the guys in the morning he thinks to himself. What he saw amazed him... For a split second the rioters were shaped like an infinity symbol and at the same moment the gaurds a disfigured skull...what could this mean

    He probably is over thinking the whole think but its still kindof wierd .. seeing that its nearing 1am he pulls up the security cameras and kicks his feet up and thinks about his dead mother who died by government hands.. She was just like every other mom . Overprotective careing and very bossy..but why think of her now.. Her favorite quote.. "as long as time goes on good prevails" it made me think are we the good or the bad...
  15. A small boom was heard from his closed door and then a bit of laughter, He came through the door and said Eureka. He dusted some sut off of his face and realized he wasn't the only one awake. He noticed Chris sitting down on the sofa, He walked up to his computer and turned it on saying " Up late again Chris? " He had 2 screens as did most people, He was staring at the screens as he was scanning through systems of photos of him or maybe videos. He caught a video of him being chased by a police car, He went through the system slowly since he was a bit tired. but he finally got through and removed the video from the source, he followed that source and found every spot that the video was sent to. Sighing a bit he type a bit on the computer and allowed the system to do the rest. Leaning back into his chair putting one arm behind his head since the other arm was still hurting.
  16. Ciara nodded at Rory, making a mental note to wake him up when she was almost unable to stay awake. She paced the room for about an hour or so without really thinking; on autopilot, listening. She checked her watch and realized Angelo's bandages needed to be switched. She knocked on the door to the boy's office lightly, then cracked open the door and peeked in. "Angelo?" she called softly to him, who was reclining in his seat. "I need to switch your bandages, okay?"
  17. " Alright Ciara come on in " He pulled his hoodie off from over his head and flinched a bit in pain. He put the hoodie on the desk and had no shirt on under it, He looked at her an smiled saying " Thank you...for taking care of me...most people i know wouldn't of even cared..except you guys " He ran his hand through his hair and looked back at his computer sighing.
  18. Ciara carefully touched his arm and unwound his bandage, wincing when the blood bound to the wound and she had to peel it off. "I take care of you because I care about you," she replied softly in her lilting accent. "You are my family. Here, hold still." She was spraying the wound with a liquid that would dry and congeal the blood, making it easier for the wound to heal. Ciara wrapped a new, clean bandage around his forearm and handed him another red pill. "Done, " she said with the smallest of smiles.
  19. He clenched up a bit when the spray hit his arm, it was cold and it felt like it was stinging a bit. " Heh family... haven't heard that word in a while " he smiled and took this pill from her and dry swallows it. " Ciara have i ever told you that you are beautiful " He continued to look at the computer screen as he said this. He was still deleting videos of him from the web.
  20. "yea im gonna go to sleep just needed to clear myself first. " he says this in response to Angelo he gets up and gathers his things still eating the Chips he heads up stairs to his room.. he struggles to keep his eyes open on what seems to be a journey to nowhere.