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  1. This is a reboot of an rp I modded for a while back that I loved, but it didn't go too far. Hopefully now new people will be interested and this can go on for longer.

    Anyone is allowed to join ^^

    Cursing is fine
    Keep to the genre. I don't want to be seeing any vampires/werewolves/magic
    If you know some things about coding, you'll understand some of the terms I use. If you don't know what I'm saying in a post, ask me and I'll be happy to explain ^^
    Characters are to be ages 16+
    Romance is fine
    Please try to take it seriously, but have good, unique characters.

  2. Joined~ And more or less, my character's appearance will be based on Borderland's 'Mechromancer' character. Here's pic on how she looks (minus the gun):
  3. Looks good! I'll try to get in a reply today.
  4. Planning to have an outside hacker brick their systems, since you did mention about the possibility of Vira using what she knows against Emina's group. If you have other plans on where to take this one, though, it can just be Ty's unit failing on its own or Dizzy is just that terribly bad in handling computers.
  5. That sounds good ^^ go ahead!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.