This War of Ours: True Struggles

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    "This War of Mine" Spin-Off Presented by Shabriri
    You do NOT have to know the story to play.
    (Looking for Co-GM to Help Build)

    "This is NOT a fandom, everything is going to be my own story, however simple mechanics on how the game will be ran
    will be based off the Game. Thank You."

    "If there were a God, may He hear our prayers and save those who have been damned by war. There is not a single man in this city who is not affected by this war and any who are having a grand Ol' time are the horrible people in this world! Please, for the sake of this city, I ask every last one of you to come together and hold hands. You are not alone, and together, may we see the sunlight once again..."- Radio Transmission Signal Unknown
    This War of Ours: True Struggles, is a group RolePlay based on pure instincts and scavenging to survive in a time of war. This RolePlay is intended for a mature audience as realistic struggles come into play like; Starvation, Mental Breakdown, Suicides, Drug Use and General Death. There will be two Survival Groups, each with the ability to trade items between each other. These items can include; wood, food and water, medical supplies, weaponry and more. However, depending on how many people are interested and actually join, I may make this One Survival Group with an NPC Trader. No player is in perfect condition. The only enemy is your environment and enemy soldiers, though this does not exclude players who have gone insane attacking another.

    It all happened so quickly, no one imagined something like this would happen in our own city. At first came the sirens, though were quickly dismissed within the hour by planes dropping bombs on the station. Dark flames could be seen for miles where the nearby military base was located for the "protection" of our city. The flames lasted all through the night, screams could be heard afar from locals trying to escape whatever was coming. However, after the bombs blasted the military base, they ceased further bombing and some thought it would be the end of that. Most knew better and foresaw a further assault and they were not wrong. Tanks, Armed Soldiers, and Other enemy vehicles came strolling into the city like there was nothing stopping them. They just began murdering anyone on site, setting buildings on fire and blowing major building to pieces. It was already too late for our army to show up, our city was in ruins before a single 'hero' arrived let alone an army.
    Days passed since the start of this unfortunate war, and no one is sure how many survivors are left. We are still in the heat of the battle, food supplies are short and it seems days are growing colder. There is been no supply crates from the government as of yet, though we are thankful our military is holding off the main front while some can sneak off in search for food and supplies. We're scared, starving and many of us are in critical condition if not dead. A Pastor the goes by the name of 'Savior' has gotten hold of a radio transmission spreading hope, but a lot of us are beginning to doubt his words...
    (Basic Idea, Needs a Little Work)

    So this is the basic idea of what I am currently working on and there will be a map for use, Traders, Item Worth and more. Question is; Would anyone be interested? I would really like to find someone to help me build further into this, and be the Co-GM.

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  2. I'm in, this sounds interesting. If you need help with the military aspect of it, I can do that, I kinda live and breathe that stuff.
  3. Thank you so much.
    The story itself won't be focused around the military, but more of the survivors who are struggling to stay alive. There can be Ex-Military personnel who were in the beginning of the war, who are no longer partaking in the front line due to a number of reasons. However, I could use help figuring out what the war is about and who is partaking in the war since I have not decided yet.
  4. Oh my god, I loooove This War of Mine! I've only beat it once and doing so made me so depressed I stopped playing it, but I love that game. Are you going to have a base-building element to it too? Scavenging runs at night-time and possible bandit raids?

    Any mechanics or possible dice rolling for it? Statistics/attributes/skills, that sorta thing? Is it going to be turn-based or hour-based or wha? I'm so curious/excited! :D
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  5. Ooo mee lordzie, so many questions haha!

    I am in love with "This War of Mine" and it is indeed depression.

    Answer 1 (Base Building): Yes there will be, depending on how many people are interested there will be two bases with two survivor groups. There they can trade between each other. However, if not as many people sign up, no fear. There will be a single base that needs to be built to livable conditions. An NPC Trader will come by on occasions to trade a few selected items.

    Answer 2 (Night Runs/Raids): Duh, those are the best parts and the part that is a necessity. I have not decided how I am going to go about doing them, but I would imagine one or two people going at a time while the rest stay behind.

    Answer 3 (Dice Rolls): Another thing that I have not decided on but I would definitely like to add Dice Rolls to add to the struggle. Can't always be lucky, right?

    Answer 4 (Stats and Skills): Yes there will be the basic stats, different among all players and with restrictions. Since nobody will be in perfect shape, some may have injuries, illnesses (minor and serious), mental disorders/handicaps aka depression, and more. Everyone would get two skills a Major and Minor.

    Answer 5 (Turn/Hour Base): Not 100% sure what you mean by hour based, but it would more than likely have to be turned base since not everyone is going to be on at the same time. Each turn round would count for the quarter of the day, so once everyone posts four times; it's the end of the day/night.

    Hope I answered all of your questions!
  6. I really like this RP idea because it'd be so easy to manage new players and old players leaving/disappearing- it even happens in the game, with new survivors showing up or existing ones dying/losing their shit and running away. Or for before it gets to the point where they are definitely gone and they might return, just make their character get sick and be confined to bed until they come back. Nice!

    Let's see, good answers! I like the way you're thinking, on all accounts. :3

    Dice rolls can also come in handy when determining random events, like accidents or lucky breaks, loot opportunities and NPC encounters, etc.

    What I meant by 'hour-based' was, writing out what your character is doing for each hour ahead of time. Basically what you described as turn-based, only write things out in advance for each hour with the opportunity for GM interruptions or GM posts for results of uncertain actions. So a post might be:
    "8 AM - cooking/eating food
    9 AM - clearing out the basement
    10 AM - still clearing out the basement
    11 AM - opening up the locked chest in the basement"
    End of post, awaiting Shabriri's description of what was in said chest. Of course, could also do dice rolls in the OOC to see if the progress on clearing the basement or opening the chest goes slower or faster, which could be done ahead of time, before writing the post, and then the post gets written based on the results.

    Just kinda thinking out loud here, hope you don't mind. ^^;
  7. No you're totally fine. The hourly thing is not a bad idea however, that could also turn away a lot of people who may be interested in actually writing. Or have a paragraph per hour. Hmmm, I think I will do a vote to see what others will think and work on the idea a little more.

    EDIT: Another good thing is you don't necessary need a lot of people to start either.
  8. Oh good lord, I didn't mean to say that would be an entire post! >.<

    I don't know if everyone would be capable of writing a paragraph on just describing prying open a chest but at the very least I imagined a couple or trio of sentences detailing the effort and not just a bullet point like the bare bones outline example I provided. >.>
  9. Hehe
    Well that is reassuring. But like I said, I would have to work with the idea a little. Now if I can get assistance in actually developing the story, I won't mind starting a thread/sign-ups. I don't think what I have up there now would be very helpful.
  10. Oh, this is based off a fandom? In that case, I'm gonna withdraw. Without working knowledge I just don't feel comfortable playing this. Best of luck.
  11. It's not really a fandom, it's a whole different story doing nothing with the game (As the game didn't have a story) but the idea is drawn from the game. Idea: Surviving a War. That is why I stated above that nothing about the game had to be known. Thank you though.
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  13. It's just how I RP, I have to know how things work.
  14. That's fine.
  15. You started an RP based on a video game that isn't even out yet, so this comes across as supreme hypocrisy having hangups because you haven't played the game this RP's basic premise is based off of. Rather than taking ten minutes reading a wiki entry about it because the idea is so simple- and that's not mentioning the fact that Shabriri posted absolutely everything you'd need to know about this RP in this thread because she even said she's coming up with a custom world in her second post.
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  16. Insomnant, it's okay; Don't worry about it really.
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